Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We have mice again.

It seems like I have less and less time to post in here. Even now, I should not be hiding in my room because Mike has all three boys out there, and one of them is in the bathtub. Oh well. This is the first break I have had today, so I will not allow myself to feel too guilty about it.

It has been an interesting week. Yesterday I went over to the farm to see a bunch of my in-laws because all three of Mike's sisters were there, plus another sister-in-law, all with their many kids. Including my boys, there were sixteen kids there...actually, seventeen, because Mike's cousin also came over with her baby. Five of the seventeen were babies, and we were still missing three of the cousins. Crazy times.

Anyway, I spent an hour and a half packing up and preparing the boys in the morning, which was a blistering speed, by the way. Then I left Cody and Jamie in the house while I put the bags and Micah in the van. (We live in the middle of the bush out in the boonies, so I can do that. In the city I would not have the same freedom.) I asked Cody to help Jamie put on his sandals and then proceeded out the door with Micah. I placed Micah in the van in his car seat, and threw the bags across the front seat to the passenger side. I saw a mouse trap on the floor and made sure to keep the bags on the seat. As I leaned across, I saw another mouse trap on the floor. This one was occupied. Oh boy. Yes, there was a dead mouse in there. I know that probably sounds terrible and cruel, but we had to do something about the mice in there, which we discovered at the end of last week. Their poop can be dangerous or even fatal if it carries that disease...I can't remember what it is called. I had heard that putting bounce sheets in the vehicle will deter the mice, and we did that with our Matrix back last year. It seemed to work, so I tried the bounce sheets again this time around. Just to be safe, Mike set a few traps. So far, we have caught four mice. Oh joy. This is going to sound ridiculous, but I felt sorry for the little guy, and honestly I found him to be quite cute. I didn't think about it at the time, but looking back, the mouse's eyes were still open, so he didn't really look dead. Poor thing. However, due to paranoia about the disease that mice carry, I did not want to touch him. I had no gloves, and I knew I would be handling children, so I left him there and made a mental note to keep my feet away from him while driving. He was far enough over that it was not a problem. Still, I was disturbed by the situation.

I proceeded back to the house to retrieve the other two boys and as I approached I heard bawling. Visions of Cody smacking his brother or pushing him over backwards swirled in my head. I rolled my eyes and sighed, and kept climbing the steps. By the time I got to the door it was obvious that both boys were wailing. What in the world was going on? I entered the house and saw them, Cody sitting on the floor at Jamie's feet and Jamie standing in front of him. Both were crying. Jamie's feet were coming way past the front end of his sandals and I quickly determined that to be the cause of his distress. I sat down and he immediately sat on my lap to have the problem fixed. I asked Cody why he was crying. He howled, "Because Jamie said owww!" Haha. He felt bad for stressing out and hurting his brother. Sheesh.

I forgot to finish my post. I got interrupted by Cody, who wanted to read a story with me before bed. Now all three boys are sleeping and we are just finishing the diaper laundry so we can hang it to dry overnight. Hopefully Micah will wake up and eat again soon. He did not sleep that well last night, so I hope tonight will be better. I am going to end this here, even though I have a feeling I left out something I wanted to say. That happens all the time now. Goodnight.

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