Sunday, October 18, 2009

Final taste of summer.

We got a lot of snow last week. Frankly, it was rather depressing. I have no problem with snow, but before the middle of October? Usually it snows on or around Halloween. I know our September was unusually warm, but so much snow this early in October is ridiculous! The amazing thing is, today it is 20 degrees outside (celsius, of course) and absolutely beautiful! I am sitting on my bed right now with both my windows open and the breeze coming in is amazing. A final taste of summer before winter really charges in.

I have always loved the fall. It is my favorite season for several reasons. I love the smell of the decaying leaves and the crisp air. The sky seems to get deeper blue, and the bugs disappear, making the outdoors much more enjoyable in my opinion. The best part of fall is that the leaves turn the most amazing colors, and traditionally I always take my camera out for a walk around our property. We are on 80 acres here, and it is all trees, so it is incredibly beautiful in the fall. However, this year we got ripped off! I have never seen such an ugly autumn. I feel guilty saying that, but seriously, it is true. It was so warm in September that the leaves never had a chance to turn yellow, or any other vibrant color typical of the season. Instead, they were blind-sided with a huge dump of snow while they were still green. I guess that kind of ruined them because even though the snow all melted this weekend, the leaves are now a very dull greyish-brown, and not at all beautiful as they should be. I am completely uninspired to take any photos because it simply is not pretty. The scent of autumn is still rich in the air, and it feels wonderful outside, but there are no fantastic colors to admire this year. It is truly sad.

One bonus about the early snow is that it got me thinking about winter. I would like to start my Christmas shopping very soon, so I do not have to deal with the yucky winter roads later on.

Anyway, we are now in the middle of supper, and I am hiding in my room. Hm. What does that tell you? I can't handle the screaming anymore. It's Jamie. He is sick, and he is extremely grouchy as a result. He literally screams when he can't have what he wants. So, I'm back in my room and the breeze is now cool, the light dimmer. Time to sign off.

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