Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Making it one day at a time!

Okay. Well, I just sat down to type this post and already Micah is stirring, so this will probably be very short. It has been a typical morning here today. The boys started off well and by about 11 a.m. there was screaming, bawling, biting, I am exhausted! Poor Micah has been left to cry it out more than once today simply because I literally could not get to him because I was in the middle of helping Cody on the toilet, or changing Jamie's diaper, or trying to make sure that Cody did not maul his brother...etc. Micah is either going to feel neglected or develop the patience of a saint.

Yesterday we went to town at lunch time to pick up the new part for Cody's glasses. It was a new arm. I did not want to just send Mike to get it because I wanted them to adjust the glasses on Cody and make sure they were sitting straight, so I packed up all three boys and drove to town. Mike was working there yesterday, so we met him and he came downtown with us so I could go in the store with Cody and leave the boys in the van with Mike. I know it sounds like nothing, but I seriously doubt my ability to get all three of my boys safely from the van into the store and back again, even if I park right in front of it. There is too much traffic and I can only carry one boy at a time and hold one other hand, so, I am too chicken to do it alone. We went in, and they went in the back with his glasses to repair them. Meanwhile, Cody and I tried on frames. I discovered that I look pretty horrible in glasses. Even designer ones. This did not come as a shock to me. Cody, however, found several pairs that looked pretty cute on him. He really wants to get a red pair of glasses, but he is not ready for new frames yet. Maybe with the next prescription we will attempt a new frame. He will outgrow his one of these days, seeing he has had them since he was Jamie's age. No, younger! He was 20 months old exactly the day he got the glasses. Okay, the day after. He sure has grown since then!!!

Anyway, the woman came out with the glasses and informed me that while they were putting the new part on, it snapped in half. Wonderful. So, she put the temporary "loaner" arm back on and said she'd order a new one. She said she would make sure it was covered in the warranty because there was no way it should have broken like that. She called this morning to tell me that she went ahead and just ordered a whole new frame, and it is in today. So, Mike came home for lunch and took Cody's glasses with him to town (he is working there again today) and he will bring home the new frames this afternoon.

On my way home from town with the boys, we munched on McDonald's (yes I know, gross,) and Micah slept. About half way home there was a sudden and terrible metallic snapping sound which nearly made me jump out of my skin. I thought my cup holder had collapsed and my drink would be all over the floor. I leaned forward slightly to see what the issue was, and Mike's little plastic McDonald's gift card that he had left on the console had slid off onto the floor. Ah. That explains it. Oh, right. I should mention that it landed in a mouse trap, hence the terrible sound. Poor thing was caught in the trap, helpless to escape. I suppose it might make good bait if the mouse has a thing for the golden arches. Thank goodness it wasn't an actual mouse that set off the trap while I was driving. I probably would have hit the ditch.

Today, Jamie stole a box of lasagna noodles out of the pantry and dumped them on the floor in the living room. I did not even notice, though he was right in front of me, because I was reviewing a homework assignment that I just got back. When I did notice, I was dismayed. He had broken most of the noodles, and Cody, seeing my distress, decided to take it upon himself to discipline his brother. When his yelling did not accomplish anything, he took a noodle and slashed at Jamie's face with it. He got him on the forehead. I know it sounds tame, being attacked with a lasagna noodle, but these things were seriously sharp! Lucky for Jamie (and Cody) he did not get him badly on the forehead. He was sent to his room promptly and I picked up the rest of the weapons and got rid of them. I wondered exactly how I would explain in the emergency room if my child came in with a lasagna noodle protruding out of his body. I am warped that way. My imagination knows no bounds, which is sometimes not a good thing.

Anyway, Jamie is now napping...or he's in his crib anyway. Not sure whether he is actually sleeping yet or not. Micah is sleeping, but I'm not sure for how much longer, and Cody is playing nicely with his vehicles. I would love a nap, but it seems that is not on the agenda for today. I might just read for a while. So, that's the update on where things are at. Oh, and I am feeling a bit better. Still have a cold with a hint of a sore throat, but nothing too bad, and my back is still sore, but I'm not sure whether I believe that is a kidney issue or not. I guess time will tell. Or not. Who knows? For now, I am thankful that despite my fatigue I do have enough energy and strength to do what I need to do with the boys and the laundry too. Any extra cleaning will not likely happen today, but that's okay.

So, I am off for now. Hopefully things won't get too eventful this afternoon. If they do, I will post more later, or tomorrow!

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