Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Of Horses and Injured Crazy Kids

I'm still obsessing. Just doing a little preliminary research to see what it would cost me to have a horse here. I guess the worst part would be that we would have to put up a fence. I have no idea what that would cost. We'd have to fence off a fairly large area, but we have 80 acres to work with so space is not a problem. Shelter is not a problem either because we have so many trees here. We only have one open area other than our actual yard that would work, and we'd have to include some trees in the pasture as well. Ah! I really want to do this. I know I am dreaming, but I can't help it. Sounds like farrier expenses (hoof trimming, for anyone who does not know) would not be that bad at all, and vet bills shouldn't be either, unless something went wrong. Just regular shots and worming would not be that expensive at all. The main cost would be the fence, the tack (saddle and bridle...etc, again for anyone unfamiliar with horse lingo), and the horse itself. I should call and see if I can find out some more about her. Maybe I will. Hehehehe. Sorry Mike.

Mike is not on board with me here. He says we do not have the money. I think he is right. We don't really, but yet I cannot give up this dream so easily. Wow. I have wanted my own horse forever, and I have reached a point where I figured it truly would never happen again until heaven. (Yes, I do believe there will be horses there. Not in a new-agey sort of way. I really believe there are horses in heaven. I hope I am not wrong, but that is another subject entirely.) Anyway, I had given up, but now I am really considering that it might actually be possible. Why not? What is one really good reason why I cannot have a horse? Oh boy. I am really thinking about this way too much!

On a different note, Micah slept through the night last night. It was absolutely glorious! He ate at about 11:15 p.m. and did not wake up until just after 7 a.m. It was awesome. I just hope it will continue. I did not even feel grouchy getting up at 7 a.m. today because I had slept most of the night. (I actually did wake up at 1 a.m., but I did not stay awake because I did not have to feed Micah.) He is napping at the moment in his room, but I'm pretty sure that will not last very long. Everyone else is up. Dang. Hehe.

Today, Jamie did a front flip over my head when I was sitting on the floor trying to fold laundry. In fact, I have been folding the same batch of laundry (one basket worth) for the entire day. It is still not quite finished. Seriously. I was sitting in front of the chair and Jamie climbed on top of it and flipped over me, on purpose. He literally did a complete cartwheel in the air. Lucky for him, I grabbed his arm part way through and rescued him from certain disaster. Later, he and Cody decided to use their little brother as a weapon against each other. Micah was in his swing. Jamie was behind the swing and Cody was in front of it. They shoved him back and forth at each other and before I could intervene (other than hollering to stop it as I barreled towards them) Cody was crying from having received a swing right in the mouth. I can only roll my eyes. My baby is not safe anywhere. I cannot handle it.

Okay, that last paragraph was hours ago. After that, Cody injured himself while racing a fisher price train down the hallway in not-so-subtle protest at something I deprived him of. He somehow tripped and fell forward very fast and very hard and landed on his chest on the train. He screamed and wailed for a while and then sat on my lap. I felt that it was largely exaggerated in order to gain my sympathy. Jamie bawled in order to express his own genuine sympathy for his brother. They both ended up on my lap. Just before bath time, Cody screamed and started crying in that horrible way that leaves no doubt that there is a real injury. I ran to the living room and he was on the floor by our psycho rocking chair (no time for explanation here, but anyone reading this who knows me and has been here knows what chair I am referring to), and he had blood all over his mouth. He cried about his teeth and his lip. His lip was definitely bleeding but it didn't look bad. The tooth did not look bad and did not feel loose, so I hope it is not something that will show up damaged tomorrow. It took forever to calm him down. We found out that he had been jumping on the psycho chair, which is a very scary thing to do, trust me, and then he fell. So, when we stripped him down for his bath, he had a three inch long bright red scrape running diagonally down his chest. It honestly looked awful. I guessed that was what the train had done to him earlier. I then felt badly that I had brushed him off before. He is going to be sore tomorrow. Poor kid.

So, now it is getting close to bed time and I have been typing this post during the entire duration of the day. I must end it here. No further news about my horse. Goodnight.

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