Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh no. My dream horse?

Okay, so I'm a complete idiot to be up still, and even worse to be starting a post right now, but I can't help myself. Mike JUST got home or I probably would have been in bed by now. Actually, several things about my evening would have been different, but that's not why I'm posting in here.

Here's the thing...There's this website. I used to consider myself addicted to it, but I am not anymore. It is a local website and the part I was addicted to was the classifieds. Recently, I have been scanning them in two different categories. One, the baby and kids' stuff. Practical and logical, right? Well, then there's the other category. Horses. Yep, I have been looking for a horse. The question is, why? I don't believe I am in a position to buy one right now, but I decided I would start watching to see what was out there and what types of prices there were. Today, I found one. Okay, I have seen a few that I liked, but this one is different. I want her so badly. She is a Quarterhorse, and she is a buckskin, which I love. Plus she is a mare, obviously, and I am partial to mares. I guess I like a horse that can understand my mood swings. She is only five years old, and seems to have a good personality. Here's the clincher. She looks very much like my horse that I had from when I was ten til when I was 28, I believe. As far as I know, she is still out there, but we have recently lost track of her. This one does not have a blaze or a sock like Sunny did, but she is just beautiful, and suddenly I want her so badly. She is pricey though, in my opinion. The owner wants to sell her before the winter, so maybe her price is negotiable. Could I get a horse right now? I just don't know, honestly. The idea of being able to get on my horse and go for a ride by myself in the evening, even just for an hour, is so amazing. I miss riding so much, though I specifically miss Sunny. I would love to bond with a horse once again and have that special partnership. On the negative side, Radar would probably have a coronary if we brought a horse home, but we could probably work him through that. Could I keep her somewhere else for the winter and then get a fence ready for the spring? I just really want this horse. I am dreaming though. Odds are, this will pass and I will not get her. Part of me doubts I will ever have a horse again. It makes me sad. I hope I won't obsess over this for too long. I sure miss my Sunny.

I guess I just had to get that out of my system. Once in a while something comes up that I just HAVE to have. This is one of those things. More often than not I do not get the thing I want so badly and the feeling passes. Sometimes I do get it, and it is amazing, like my piano which I got last summer. Wow. That was really amazing. I can't even imagine getting my own horse after all these years. Sunny was my family's horse, so I have never had my very own horse, plus after I moved out of my parents' house, I did not get to ride Sunny that often, so I have not been able to ride much in the last several years. Man. I'm going to be thinking about this horse for a long time. I have to go now. Goodnight.

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