Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

So, I survived my weekend. Saturday we made it to the big city on time to go to a kids' boutique and buy three more size small FuzziBunz diapers for Micah. Wow, they are soft!!! Then we had supper at my parents' place and the boys played for a while before they went to bed. I was hoping against hope that Micah would sleep through there, but no such luck. Actually, he only made it to 1:20 a.m. before waking up and needing something. I don't remember what he needed. Probably a diaper change. It doesn't matter though. If he wakes up in the middle of the night, I have to too, and even if it's just for a diaper change I always feed him so that he can get back to sleep easily. I'm not sure whether that's wise or not, but for now he is only two months old so I figure it's okay. My other boys were sleeping through the night already by this age, so I'm not used to this. Cody also got up in the middle of the night, as did Jamie. Wow. It was not a restful night for me, or for Mike either.

Sunday, my sister Christine and her husband Greg and their three boys showed up at lunch time, and the fun times continued. The boys were thrilled to have cousins to play with, and my parents had purchased a Thomas the Train set for them to play with. Three sets, actually. Cody was elated. There were no fights and everyone was very well behaved, which was wonderful. They also played in the basement, which gave us a bit of a break upstairs. Well, not me I guess because I still had to deal with Micah. Jamie napped all afternoon, which was great. My other sister, Andrea and her husband Steve came later in the afternoon and then my Grandma also came, so it was a full house. Well, to us it was. Mike's side of the family is unbelievably big, so they probably would have found it quite small. Haha. We had a typical Thanksgiving meal, and by around 6 p.m. Mike bathed the boys and put them in their pajamas while I fed Micah and packed our stuff. Then we left on the long drive home.

Cody fell asleep within the first half hour. Micah was a different story. We had to stop and change his diaper before we even left the city. Then we had to pull over on the highway later on for another change. Wow. It is awkward changing a baby in a vehicle. Even a minivan. If it hadn't been so darn cold, I would have stood outside the van and changed him on the seat with the door open, but it was way too cold for that. Jamie also did not cooperate and sleep. We ended up giving him the portable dvd player and letting him watch Thomas the train. We've never done that with him before, but he loved it. Mostly he rewound it to the beginning over and over again just to hear the theme song, which elicited a violent celebratory dance each time. He did not succumb to sleep until the last twenty minutes or so of the ride. We got home just before 10 p.m. and even though it had been four hours since Micah last ate, we did not have to pull over for that on our way home, so I was very thankful.

Yesterday was the Thanksgiving celebration on the other side of the family, so we headed over to Mike's parents' place for some food and good times. I was not feeling well, however, so I did not stay terribly long. I seem to be having kidney trouble again, and was in pain all night last night. Micah did not sleep well once again and Cody was up at 6:30 a.m., sneaking into our room to find an ipod touch to watch videos on. Seriously, that's what he does. And when it dies, he sneaks back in and plugs it into its charger. He is so tired today that I had to put him down for a nap about half an hour ago. Judging by the dead silence and the fact that he has not emerged from his room, I'd say he is definitely asleep. That is a very rare occurrence. Jamie was a wreck at the farm last night too, so he came home early with me and Micah. He was in bed by 6:20 p.m. and went to sleep immediately.

So, that's the weekend update. Today will be an exercise in survival for me, with my very tired boys. Tired and over stimulated, I guess. Micah is also napping, which leaves me with just Jamie for the moment. Some time in the last three months or so, Jamie and Cody have switched roles. Cody is now my easier child, and Jamie is driving me nuts. Don't get me wrong. He is adorable and completely irresistible, but he is a maniac and is into everything. Literally every few seconds I have to take something from him, pull him out of a cupboard, or remove him from something high up. He is extremely busy, and crazy too. Cody was the same way when he was younger.

Oh no. I hear Cody. Dang!!! Does that mean he did not sleep at all?? Maybe he did and he just woke up. Dang. Now I will definitely not get to eat lunch. I will not have time. Micah will wake up very soon and want to eat, so I just have enough time to get some food ready for these two and then I'll have to sit and feed Micah. I just wanted to do a post in here seeing it has been several days. I better get going and take care of business here!

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