Saturday, October 17, 2009

Why are things always lost?????

Okay, this is going to sound like a bit of a vent because I am very angry and frustrated right now. Let me back up a bit to yesterday at bath time. Cody was in the bathroom and Jamie was already in the tub. Mike came in to help Cody and Cody said, "My screw is loose." Okay, normally that would be a funny quote. I guess it still kind of is. The problem is, when Mike looked at him, Cody was touching his glasses and one of the lenses was gone. Yep. Gone. It was not there at all. A lens falling out is definitely a problem, but I figured we'd do a quick sweep of the place and then put it aside to be taken back to the store to be fixed. After all, these are yet ANOTHER brand new frame. There is no way the lens should have fallen out so soon, or ever, for that matter. The real problem started when we could not find the lens. Seeing neither Mike or I had seen it fall out, we had no idea where to look for it. Cody was on the toilet when we found out about the lens, so we began to be paranoid that it had fallen in there. This was not good news for so many reasons. Fishing around in the toilet for a lens is nobody's idea of a good time, but he had also just used the toilet, and there was more than just liquid in there, if you catch my meaning. I felt sick. We looked everywhere. In the bathtub, in the toilet (just a visual search so far, no hands on stuff), the kitchen, the living room, all of his toy bins, we even flipped the lazy boy upside down and searched every crevice of it with a flashlight. We found a toy car and two quarters, but no lens. Equally frustrating was the fact that Cody would not give us a straight answer about what happened. He told several different stories about the glasses, and each one took place in a different location. It became clear that he was simply guessing, which only made me more angry. How could he not know where he was when the lens fell out? We searched the bedrooms, but we focused in the living room near the lazy boy because we had several reasons to believe it had occurred in that vicinity. I was reminded of the time not too long ago when my eye drops disappeared and we found them inside a toilet paper package. Great. In other words, when something goes missing in our house, it could be anywhere, and the search is overwhelming for that reason. I eventually ripped the whole couch apart and found the missing lens. I should have looked there sooner, but because it had disappeared some time between him finishing his supper and running to the bathroom for the bath time routine, I assumed he would not have been on the couch in that time. Wrong again. Wow. I am not good at this.

Today's missing item is a library book. I am supposed to be driving to the library to return all our books as soon as I am done feeding Micah. He should be ready any minute because it has been four hours since he has eaten. I called the library and confirmed that indeed we are missing a book, and found the title of that book. At first I did not recognize the title so I ran outside to see whether it had never even made it out of the van. It was not in the van. (There WAS a dead mouse in the van today, incidentally. That brings the tally up to seven so far.)

When I returned inside I remembered what book we were talking about, and indeed it had been in the house. We had read it several times and it was something of a favorite of Cody's. We have not read it in about a week, or maybe more, so that does nothing to encourage me. So far we have looked through the whole living room including under the furniture and in every table drawer, behind the TV, under the piano, in every toy box; in their bedroom behind and under every bed, in their clothing drawers, in the closet, under the dresser; in our room, in our night tables, behind our night tables, under our bed, under our cedar chest, in our closet, in our bathroom closet; in Micah's room, in his closet, under his furniture,; in the laundry room, in the closet, in the bin of coloring supplies; in the kitchen, in the pantry, in the burn bin, under and behind the fridge and oven, in the drawers....etc. Need I go on?? I am so mad. Where else could it possibly be???

I have now fed Micah but I am not going to the library. At least not yet. My stomach is sick again so I don't really want to go anywhere. If I'm feeling better soon I might still go, but it has already been almost an hour since I fed Micah, so if I do go I will probably have to take him along because Mike is supposed to be doing homework and if he has a desperate baby on his hands he will be hard pressed to get anything done. So, I guess I officially give up on finding the book right now. I think the whole thing is very weird. How can a book completely disappear? I am so angry about this.

I have some things that must get done now, so I better sign off. I had something completely different in mind for my post today, but it turned out a vent was necessary. Hopefully I will have a positive update on the situation later. This is absolutely ridiculous.


Sharlette said...

So sorry to hear about the bout with missing things! Maybe you need to go for a run down your lane by yourself - yell at the world and come home after a few minutes of fresh air ;) Might not find the book but might get your anger out without inflicting pain on the kids (always one of my struggles).

CAT said...

Still haven't found the library book, but have given up for the time being. I did go for a walk down the lane and even down the road a bit. Cody was with me, so it wasn't a break in the sense of being alone, but he was having fun riding his bike and so it was fun having him along. Sometimes he was way ahead of me and it gave me a chance to smell the beautiful forest scent that always comes in the fall and talk to God a bit too. It was nice. Wish the book would turn up though!

CAT said...

Ah! I found the book! It was in the boys' closet inside of a diaper box on the floor. Bah! Best guess is that Jamie put it there. I have found wooden spoons in the bunny's cage, toys in the pantry...yesterday I saw him try to stuff a ball into the central vac plug. Man. Anyway, I am very relieved. Didn't make it to the library though. Later this week, I guess!