Monday, November 2, 2009

By the Light of the Moon

Things are so busy around here that I didn't even realize I had not posted this weekend. It is already almost bed time, so I don't really have time to post much tonight anyway. I can tell you that though it is only the end of Monday, an hour or two ago I could have sworn it was Friday. That's not a great sign, but oh well!

The past two days (as in today and yesterday) my boys have kept me very busy and I have also done a lot of cleaning in this house. It has felt really good to get some stuff done and to do some organizing so it is easier to keep it clean in here. I keep wondering whether it is normal to feel completely exhausted but have an energy burst at the same time to get my cleaning done. I guess it is similar to being nine months pregnant, when your are physically at the end of your rope and then the nesting instinct kicks in. That never happened to me this last time around. Maybe the instinct kicked in, but there was no energy burst to allow me to apply it. So, my nesting is starting to gear up now. Better late than never, right?

Tonight I just got back from a short walk outside. I only went down the driveway (which is much longer than a city driveway and winds through the trees) and down the road a short way. My intention was to be gone only about five minutes and to get a shot of fresh air and exercise all in one. The thing is, I get pretty nervous outside in the darkness of night. I don't know which is worse: walking in the dark in the city, or walking in the dark surrounded by forest on either side. I took Radar along. He is a German Shepherd cross for anyone who didn't know. I took him on leash so he could not abandon me like a coward in the event of a run-in with any type of animal. I was still very nervous, though the moon was almost full and did a far better job of illuminating the road in front of me than my pathetic flashlight did. It was very still outside, and chilly too. I did not hear a peep except for the slight rustling of what leaves still remain on the trees. Radar did not bark or growl once, and barely even did the alert look, so that helped to ease my nerves a bit. Truly, I am a chicken and my imagination is far too active to allow me to just enjoy a night out, breathing the crisp air and the scent of fallen leaves under a beautiful full moon. As it happens, I lived to tell the tale, and without a single scary incident to justify my elevated levels of adrenaline.

Soon I will feed my sweet little baby and head to bed for the night. I have one more thing to do first and I will have to use my brain because it is an editing thing, so I must get to that before my brain shuts down completely for the night. My Mom is coming out on Wednesday and staying until the weekend, so I may be a little more scarce in here, but we'll see. For now, I am signing off. Goodnight.

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