Thursday, November 19, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!!!

Another crazy week has almost come to an end and I have barely had time to check my email, let alone post in here. As I type this, Micah is laying on his Daddy, drinking a bottle contentedly. We decided to try a bottle tonight to see whether he would take it, so I could go out if I needed to or wanted to. I fully expected a battle of at least half an hour consisting of a wailing baby and eventually a tearful mommy. However, he took it without so much as a tiny frown. Wow. What an easy baby!!! I guess that means I am officially free to go out whenever I want to as long as Mike is here to take the boys. Micah is now sleeping, having drained the entire bottle. So adorable.

Yesterday I took him in for his two month appointment, even though he is already three and a half months old. It turns out he is big for his age, as his brothers were. Specifically, he is tall. I was glad to get that done, and we spent the rest of the day with one of my sisters-in-law and her kids, so the boys were really happy. We were at her house the day before too, and had a blast. We all got to ride her horse. Cody was really scared, but I managed to get him to sit in the saddle for a few minutes. Jamie was in his element and had no fear. He loved it. As for me, I am a little out of practice after not having ridden in two or three years, but it felt so good to be on a horse again. I only walked him because he had no bridle on, just a halter and a rope, and I didn't want him doing anything silly when I had so little control over him, but I rode him for about 15 minutes and it felt great. On top of that it was about 15 degrees outside, and we barely even needed jackets. What a beautiful November.

Today was a very domestic day for me. I made biscuits for the first time ever. I was a little nervous, due to my less than outstanding track record in the kitchen, but it went quite smoothly and they turned out to be the best biscuits I have ever eaten. Seriously. They were so fluffy and moist. Wow. Good biscuits. Cody helped and was thrilled to cut them out with a glass and to lift them off with a knife and place them on the cookie sheet. Once we were done with those, we made Rice Krispie cake. That's when things got a little dicey. Okay, I didn't blow it entirely, but as I confessed to another sister-in-law today, I find Rice Krispie cake incredibly difficult to make. In fact, I do not remember having one successful attempt to make it. I do remember making it with my mom many years ago. Hers always turned out really well and had the perfect texture and consistency. Today, mine was not a total write off. Not all of it anyway. I did discover that making Rice Krispie cake takes an incredible amount of arm strength. I also discovered that I don't have any. I think I will be sore tomorrow. A good portion of the gooey concoction stuck to the bottom of the pot and was a write-off. How does anyone make good Rice Krispie cake? Oh well. In the end it still tasted good, and the boys really liked it. It was worth it just to hear Jamie trying to say Rice Krispie cake.

I guess that is all I did in the way of cooking today. Funny, I felt much more domestic than that sounds. My house is a mess, but I literally did not have time to clean it today. Why? Hm. I don't even know. I remember picking up many things off the floor with the intention of cleaning thoroughly later, but I never made it there. I did dishes, and no laundry yet which is not good. I better start that now. What in the world did I do all morning? I did talk on the phone, but I was doing stuff at the same time.

I do remember walking into Cody's room this morning in search of something and seeing something white on his bed. Upon closer inspection it turned out to be coconut. Lots of it. All over his sheets. That would explain why I saw the coconut canister on the island counter when I got out of bed this morning. I wonder whether that will be uncomfortable for him to sleep in tonight. I was not in his room again after that so I forgot about it. Mike tucked him into bed tonight while I was preparing Micah's bottle and when I got there I saw the offending coconut all over the carpet. I guess it got brushed off the bed. That must mean I will need to vacuum tomorrow.

Anyway, I could go on and on, but a cloth diapering mama never rests. It is time to do my laundry. Maybe I'll have a chance to post again tomorrow.

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