Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Colorful Morning

This is one of those mornings where I wonder whether all four of us will survive until Mike gets home. My hands are currently covered in marker and I have not done any coloring today. Cody took the liberty of turning Jamie's blue shirt red by coloring almost his entire back despite having been told very firmly that the markers would only be used on paper. Why is it that my three and a half year old is so brilliant that he seems closer to five, but he refuses to use markers as they were intended? It makes me very angry because he knows better and he does it on purpose. Even as he confessed to me that he had drawn all over Jamie's back, he stood with a marker and wrote on the wall. Right in front of me. Things went rapidly downhill from there. Please understand, it is not the fact that there are marks on all of my upholstered kitchen chairs, all over the table, all over their clothes and there are chalk drawings all over the closet doors that gets me really angry. Yes, it bothers me because I am not one of those moms who is good at being relaxed and not caring when things get ruined or even just messy. However, I am able to make a choice to not be so uptight and let my kids just be kids. The problem is, what Cody did was not done in the spirit of being a child. It was done in a spirit of deliberate disobedience and was followed by one of the rudest tantrums in which he assured me he would hide all the markers on me and I would not be allowed to take them away from him. I was sorely tempted to have a tantrum of my own and throw the whole bin of coloring supplies into the garbage right in front of him, but common sense prevailed and I decided to take the high road instead. Things have improved since then, but I am still on edge today. Was I cut out for this job? It doesn't feel like it.

I have to check on my baby. He is in the play pen, which is only two feet from where I'm sitting, but I can't see him from here and I have a feeling he has fallen asleep in there. I will move him into his crib in that case. He is doing well and would have slept through the night last night except for Cody, who has taken it upon himself to barge into our room a minimum of five times each morning between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m. Usually he does all of his barging in between 5:30 a.m. and 7:30 a.m., but I don't really care. It has gone on long enough and I really would like to start locking our door. He needs to be broken of the habit, and weeks have gone by without any improvement. He is actually in there to steal my ipod touch so he can watch videos on it of Lightning McQueen. It is ridiculous. I have not allowed him any such privilege for a number of weeks now and still he begs all day every day. Will he ever give up? At this point it seems doubtful, but I will continue to try. I must go now. I'm positive Micah must be asleep.

Oh, I guess I should mention that we have lost another significant item in our house. Our piano key has disappeared. I'm not talking about middle C here, or any other black or white key. I'm talking about the metal key that locks and unlocks the keyboard cover. Right now, the piano sits locked and can be played by nobody. I was so upset about this last night. Why do things keep disappearing around here??? The good news is, I found out this morning I can purchase another key for about $7 in town, but I shouldn't have to. I had two keys. One, my backup key, I can't remember where I stored it in the first place. Yes, that is useful, isn't it? The other one, I kept in the same place forever and then I moved it on top of the piano so it was convenient. Recently, I moved it to my room because of certain short individuals who enjoy climbing on my piano. That was where I really went wrong. The key is most certainly missing, and I have no idea where else to look for it. I can only shake my head at my unwise decision to put something small and important in my room. Now what? Well, I may have to go to town to buy another key. How ridiculous.

Anyway, I really must go. Micah IS asleep on his side in the play pen under a toy bar with toys hanging down from it. It's very cute. Bye for now.

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