Saturday, November 14, 2009

Eye problems.

When one is freaking out about some type of physical symptom in the body, it is probably not wise to Google that symptom. That's what I just did. Now I am on the verge of panic and even feel a bit queasy in my guts. My eye looks disgusting, and it is quite sore. Because of my history, I should probably go in and have it checked, but last time I did there was nothing there. That was a good thing, but the doctor told me to do this routine called "lid hygiene" which involves washing my face with a special tea tree oil facial soap twice a day. No problem, right? After I wash my face, I am supposed to soak a facecloth in really hot water and hold it against my closed eyes for ten minutes, reheating the cloth frequently to keep it as hot as possible without burning myself. Say what? You want me to close my eyes for ten whole minutes? With three boys in the house ages three and under? You must be kidding! The sad truth of it is, I was not really worried about it, so I never did it. I am normally an excellent patient and do whatever the doctor tells me, but this time I seriously could not fathom doing this when I am home alone with the boys.

That brings me to my current dilemma. My eye has been red for two weeks now, and sore for two days. It is at the point now where I am feeling scared, wondering whether I should go in right away. The problem is, we have ONE ophthalmologist, and he is busy. Very busy. If I go in there and waste his time and it turns out to be nothing, he will not be impressed when he finds out I have not been doing this lid hygiene like he asked me to. It will be my fault that my eye is bothering me, and my fault that I wasted his time. Additionally, he will not take me seriously the next time I have a problem. Me and this doctor already have issues. Part of me is tempted to make an emergency appointment with an optometrist instead, which I can do today but not tomorrow, but wouldn't you know it, I am home alone. Alone with the boys, that is. So, I cannot book an appointment until Mike gets home, and I don't know when that will be. So I am sitting here on my bed, hiding from all of my kids (though I hear Cody coming now...) feeling stressed out and a little angry. I did the lid hygiene routine this morning and will do it again tonight. I will probably just do that until Monday and go in that day if I still have a problem. The thing is, if it is uveitis again and I don't get it treated right away, it is extremely dangerous and can cause permanent damage in my eye. Do you see my dilemma? I wish I had an eye doctor that I trusted.

Other than my eyeball problems, I have homework to focus on today. I have done a lot of it, but still might need to spend a couple of hours at it. As usual, I am somewhat blank on topic ideas. I guess I should sign off for now. I should not be hiding in here. Cody and Jamie are each playing alone or I would not have gotten away with this for so long. Micah is in his playpen, safe. I don't know whether he is sleeping or not. I hear vocal sounds, but I can't tell whether they are coming from Micah or Jamie. I know that seems weird, but it is slightly muffled from here. Oh, the music just started up on his bouncy chair, so he is definitely awake. He is not crying though, so I am not going to rush in there.

Hehe. Jamie just climbed up behind me and he has his hands on my back like he is going to massage me. I'll take anything I can get! Oh wait, he's going to rip my hair out with a hair clip instead. How wonderful. And now Micah is crying, so I have to go. I suppose I'll keep the eyeball situation updated, if there's anything to update. I hope there maybe my eye clearing up on its own in the next two days. Bye for now.

P.S. My horse is still not sold. Hehe. Maybe I'll still be able to buy her!


Jo said...

So what is this homework you talk of? Also, the eye thing I can understand. Gregg had bad eye problems when he worked at the hospital. He tried so many different drops, etc but was supposed to do the eye lid care. I really don't like water in my eyes, so I never pushed him to do it. They told him to wipe the inside of his lids...yuck in my opinion. The soaking of your eyes is a good thing, and I guess if it comes down to seeing or not seeing that well, i'd take the soaking! Hope your day goes better! Oh, and I figured out the link thing finally...I just pressed every button!

CAT said...

Jo, I am taking a writing course. It is an apprenticeship and is a two year course. I have homework due on the first and the fifteenth of every month. And speaking of that, it's time for me to finish my assignment that is due tomorrow!