Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nudity and Spectacles

Again I have skipped a few days in here due to the incredible insanity in this household. This morning, I am preparing to have company after lunch. Gotta go break up a fight. Wow. So I got two whole sentences out before the boys started fighting. More accurately, Cody hit his brother on the head. How is a person supposed to get anything done under these circumstances???

Earlier I was in the kitchen loading the dishwasher when Jamie came in, half-naked. Guess which half? The good half, of course. Why would a boy bother to be naked from the waist up when he could be naked from the waist down? He seems to have no trouble removing his pants and his diaper. I found myself uttering a phrase that has become very familiar to me. "Why are you naked??" I didn't have time to pursue that angle before I noticed what was in his hands. A glasses lens. Great. Now he had to have been in my purse where I have Cody's old lenses from his past prescriptions. I took it from him and demanded repeatedly, "Where did you get this?" while heading out of the kitchen to find my purse. Then it occurred to me. I don't use my purse anymore. I have a giant diaper bag, so I don't bother with the purse. I just keep my wallet in my diaper bag so I don't have to carry so much around. That's when I knew the lens was not an old one. I rushed to the boys' room and sure enough, there were Cody's glasses laying twisted on the floor, one lens missing. I nearly cried. How many times will this happen?? I gave Cody a lecture about wearing his glasses. He knows he is supposed to put them on first thing in the morning. I can't really fully blame him, because he is only three and a half, but I have told him MANY times that he must keep his glasses away from Jamie.

Sometime during that last paragraph I had to comfort Jamie, who has another bad cold by the way, because he snapped and elastic on his wrist. He was basically inconsolable to the point that it was obvious he needed a nap. He said no when I offered to put him in his crib. He then said "bed?" all excited and ran to the end of the hall. Problem is, he turned to MY room instead of his. He wanted to lay on my bed. It was really sad. He got so upset when I said no, and I decided to put him in his crib against his will. He immediately lay down with his stuffed bear and stuffed dog. I suspect he is asleep already. That leaves me with only Cody. Wow. This is a rare happening for a morning.

I suppose I will have to move on now and continue getting ready. Oh, but first I should mention that I have solved my piano key dilemma. (If I already mentioned this, please forgive my brain. My memory is only slightly better than Dory's, from Finding Nemo.) On Friday evening Mike and I went for a "date", which was actually errands followed by a very late supper at Applebee's. Before we started our errands we went to the piano shop at the university, where Mike's cousin works restoring pianos. He had told us he probably could find a key for us. To make a long story short, he got us a Kawaii key that looked like it would work, even though our piano is a Yamaha. Sure enough, the key worked. Two days later I found my key. It was in my room, as I had suspected, under my night table. Sounds obvious enough, like we should have found it sooner. The truth is, it was in a weird place. My night table goes right to the floor, so nothing can get under it unless it falls out of a drawer. If something falls out of the front of the drawer, it ends up on the floor in front of the night table. If it falls out of the back of the drawer, it lands under the table at the back. The key was under the table at the very front. I removed the drawer and cleaned out the whole thing with the intention of finding the key. It worked, but I had to lean right in to see it.

So, another mystery solved. We are still missing one very important item in our house, but that is another story. I guess it is time for me to face reality and continue cleaning this house. It is not bad at all in here, but there is definitely some work to do. Bye for now.

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