Monday, November 23, 2009

Peace and quiet? Wow.

It has been a relatively uneventful Monday so far. Right now Jamie is sleeping and Cody is watching a bit of TV. He was outside for a while, which is good, but wanted to come in for a while. Micah is in his swing, chewing on a rattle happily between huge pukes. I thought this might be my only opportunity to blog a bit. Ironically, there is not a huge amount to say...probably because the day has been so uneventful. I don't mind though. I have a very clean kitchen and a mostly clean living room which is very inspiring. It makes me more excited about doing housework. Even my laundry room is quite clean right now so doing laundry feels more fun.

Micah is squawking at me from his swing with a smile on his precious face. I do mean squawking. I think he has a cold and his voice sounds very scratchy. We did not have a good night last night. Ironically, last night between 6:30 and midnight I fed him four times but today since 8:30 this morning I have only fed him three times. He is not doing well at night recently and I'm pretty sure it's because his little throat is sore. Last night we finally decided to let him cry it out a bit after trying Tylenol, nursing, changing a wet diaper, changing wet clothes...etc. It took thirteen long minutes, but he finally settled himself. I never had to let my other two boys cry that long. I know, I know. That's nothing, right? Well, it feels like something. I'm not one to let a young baby cry and cry, but seriously it came to the point last night where it was either that or I'd have to hold him all night. I couldn't do that knowing I'd be alone all day today with Mike at work. I hope tonight is better. Now he is rubbing his eyes, so it looks like he's ready for another nap now. Woo hoo! That means I'll be down to one boy for a while, which may give me an opportunity to do some homework.

Other than my usual daily routines, the only thing on my brain is horses. Yes, that's right. I am like a twelve-year-old girl who desperately wants a pony for her birthday. I don't know whether I'll ever get one, but for now I can dream.

I better go. It is silent in the house again. Cody is up, but the other two are sleeping. Cody and I just did a couple of laps up and down the driveway and then did a workout with my virtual personal trainer, Maya. She didn't say anything about how long it has been since she has seen me. In truth, she had actually forgotten my existence. That's probably a bad sign. Anyway, I'm off for now.

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