Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Sad Bunny Story

Interesting day so far. As usual, the morning was rough with Cody. I'm not sure why mornings are frequently bad for him, but they are. It was so bad that after lunch I put all three boys to bed. That is a rare occurrence indeed! Cody didn't sleep, which is probably good, but he did stay in there for a while. I took that opportunity to do another workout. Wow. That's three days in a row. It was only fifteen minutes, but I needed to shower before Micah needed me again. Ironically, he is still sleeping so I could have done a longer one, but that's okay. It is always a gamble to try a longer workout with a baby around.

After my shower you can imagine my delight when I discovered that our latest item to go missing is my hair brush. Don't I have another hair brush? Why yes, yes I do. It is also missing. As it turns out, both of my combs are gone as well. Make that all three. Now I know Jamie is really into his hair and often hauls brushes or combs around, but I always get them back into my bathroom. I guess I am not on the ball this time. It is probably in his room or Micah's, but seeing they are both sleeping I am not going in there.

I was also horrified after my workout when I glanced out the window and saw Radar, (our German Shepherd cross) trotting proudly around the house with a white rabbit dangling limply out of his mouth. I could not believe it. I've seen him chase rabbits through the bush before, but I honestly didn't think he could catch one. It's kind of disturbing seeing we have a rabbit that lives in the kitchen where Radar sleeps at night. I was very sad to see it. I don't like to see animals die, but it's even worse when they are really cute ones like rabbits. It was sort of amusing to see how proud he was of himself as he carted the rabbit around, but it is sad all the same.

It is hours later now and the rabbit is still laying in our yard. I had a feeling he wouldn't eat it. So that rabbit went to waste. Maybe he found it already dead. Do dogs kill for sport? I don't really know. It was a good lesson for Cody about death. Anyway, I have to sign off now because it is 8:34 p.m. and I want to spend some time with Mike before this day is completely over!

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