Friday, November 13, 2009

Up to My Eyeballs

Hm. Not feeling so good this afternoon. I'm glad it's Friday so I will have back-up for the next two days. It has been one of those roller coaster days. Difficult morning, pretty decent afternoon. Why? Jamie is now in bed so I only have one "big boy" to deal with at a time. Cody had some serious attitude issues this morning and Jamie has a bad cold again, so he is grumpy. He has two of his two-year molars coming in and I suspect the other two are not far behind. He always gets a cold when he is teething, and though we have been told by our dentist friend that teething does not cause colds I believe it does make them more susceptible.

As for myself, I have a problem with one of my eyes. This is a recurring theme in my life in the last five and a half years. My eye has been horribly red for the last two weeks, but I have not thought too much of it because it was not at all sore. I figured I probably burst a blood vessel or something (eeewwww!!!) though I have no idea how. In case I have not mentioned it, I have major eyeball issues. Psychological ones, that is. I can't even eat grapes because of their shape and texture, if that gives you an indication. In the movie Conspiracy Theory, I was the only one laughing hysterically during the torture scene because his eyes were taped open and I was so disturbed that something inside of me snapped and brought on a completely inappropriate reaction. It was quite embarrassing, as a matter of fact. I hope nobody knew it was me laughing. So, with this debilitating psychological issue, I am not good at handling eye own or anyone else's. I have cut people off rather rudely when they are describing their lasik eye surgery and spent several minutes squeezing my own eyes shut afterward, as though that could actually shut down my vivid imagination. Maybe that's why this recurring eye ailment freaks me out so badly.

In typical fashion, this entry has taken me the entire day, so I have to sign off. I'm pretty sure I had more to say, but it has disintegrated like Lot's wife and there is little hope that it will ever return. I am cooking supper in "Girl Land". Mike is patrolling the boys and keeping them out of the kitchen. I see them and I hear them, but I do not have to trip over them or discipline them for now. It feels good. Bye for now.

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