Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Workouts and relaxation

I don't know that I'd call today quiet, but it is going all right. The morning was difficult as I was butting heads with Cody all morning. I had to fly out of my bed when I heard a loud bang and then hysterical crying from Jamie. He had hit his chin on the night table in their room, though I found out a little later that Cody had pushed him into it. His chin is now purple and a bit puffy. Poor kid. While I was in there I discovered a whole bag of Lays dill pickle chips on Cody's bed, crumbs everywhere. I wish him all the best when he tries to sleep in that later tonight. Haha.

This afternoon, Cody and I did a workout together, which was productive, yet amusing. He is much like his dad when he tries to do aerobic moves. This is the second day in a row we have done a workout together, so maybe I have myself a little partner here. I hope so. I need someone to keep me on track. Micah watched us from his swing and later from his exersaucer. He was probably studying our graceful moves for future use. Now he is laying on the floor complaining. I'm not sure what the problem is, but I think he may need to go back to bed. He has been up for two hours now, so it is probably time for a short nap. Maybe I'll just cuddle him for a while.

I am being a bit of a slacker today as far as housework goes. I haven't done any. Well, I have laundry going, and I have prepared meals for the boys, but I have not done any dishes or any other type of cleaning. For some reason I am extra tired today. Micah slept through last night for the first time in five days, and it was great, but for some reason I am feeling drained today. That's okay though. It is relatively clean in here so today will be a more relaxing day for me. I'm trying to avoid the kitchen because I want to stay away from any unnecessary temptations in there. I've decided it is time to get back in shape for real. I don't know how on earth I am going to do it, but I just have to do something. I have lost eight pounds in the last two months, but that is very slow, especially considering how far I have to go. Maybe I'll report my progress in here now and again.

Anyway, Micah's complaints are getting very adamant, so I must rescue him from the floor. Bye for now.

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