Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yay! My Mom is here.

My Mom is here and it has been nice. My house looks mostly clean other than a bit of clutter on the kitchen counter and other than my bedroom. It is nice to have backup when dealing with Cody, and it has been good for him and Jamie to have someone else to interact with other than me during the day. We have all been outside every day, a habit that I have been trying to establish for myself for the last week or so. Of course, it doesn't hurt that a week into November we are still without snow and tomorrow it is even supposed to go up to 16 degrees. (Celsius, of course.) My Mom has offered us a night off tomorrow, so Mike and I will be going to town. Micah will accompany us, as usual, and we are not even entirely certain as to the nature of our outing at this point. Will it be a date? I don't know. Does Christmas shopping and clothes shopping classify as a date? I'm thinking not really, but it is still an opportunity to leave the house together without all three boys in tow. We will likely either go out for supper or go out for appetizers or dessert after our errands are done. We'll see how we do.

Anyway, despite a plethora of Jamie-related incidents that have occurred during the last 48 hours, I am just too wiped out to continue this post. Maybe I will catch up a bit tomorrow afternoon. For now, I am going to read a bit in my room while I wait for the ideal time to feed Micah before we hit the hay. Mike is out playing hockey tonight and I doubt I'll see him home before 1 a.m. Crazy, eh? Goodnight.

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