Thursday, December 10, 2009

Domestic Diva

It is nearly midnight and I type this in Michael Jackson fashion, with one gloved hand. My eczema has flared up again recently and today I handled a lot of flour, so my hands got really dry and cracked. I had to put vaseline on one of them so now I'm wearing a glove. I look a bit ridiculous, but there is nobody here to see me, so who cares?

I had a busy day today, and I must say I was impressively domestic. Okay, maybe it wasn't that impressive, but true to my word, I did make a batch of sugar cookie dough last night and this afternoon I got up the nerve to bake the cookies. Sounds like no big deal but trust me, this is not a recipe for the faint of heart. All I did today for this batch was to roll the dough, cut the cookies, place them on pans and bake them, but it took over three hours. I haven't even iced them yet because it turns out we don't have the right sprinkles at home so we will have to buy some. Cody "helped", which was part of the reason it took a while, but these cookies are very time-consuming. I made 131 cookies. Crazy, eh? For me it is crazy. It will be worth it though, because these are the best cookies ever. Trust me. I might even post a picture of them once I get them iced and sprinkled.

Then this evening I got up the nerve to try a sewing project. Mike and I decided to try a gDiapers starter kit for Jamie. For anyone who doesn't know what gDiapers are, check them out at They are super cute, but they are very expensive if you go the disposable route. So, I made an insert to try out tonight. It is pink, which is odd seeing I don't have any girls, but that was all the fabric I had available, so that's how it's going to be. So be it. It is inside the diaper anyway where no one can see it. I will probably do a post some time about the gDiapers and how they are working for us. Here is the link to the site I used to make the insert, in case anyone else is interested in trying it. I hope that works. I am not good at posting links.

Sick. I was hoping to post this tonight but I see it is one minute after midnight, so it will show as Friday morning. Maybe not, depending on what time zone this is based in. Okay, I better sign off for now. Very tired and not too brilliant to be up still. Mike is out playing hockey, so I'm holding down the fort. All three boys are sleeping, thankfully. Hopefully Micah will sleep through the night tonight. He often does, but not always. He is my most unpredictable child so far. Anyway, I'm off to bed. Goodnight.

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