Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Morning snacks anyone?

A few days ago I decided to leave a muffin out for Cody on the table overnight so that when he awoke he would not feel the need to raid the pantry. I told him my plan, and he made sure I wrapped it so it wouldn't get "old". He quickly embraced the concept. In fact, he approved to such an extent that yesterday he gave me a lecture for not leaving any food out for him. Later, he told Mike that he had raided the pantry because I had not left him anything at the table. So, last night we diligently made a peanut butter and jam sandwich on fresh bread, cut it, placed it on a plate, covered it with plastic wrap and left it at his spot at the table. I then put his sippy cup in the fridge full of water. (Yes, he still uses sippy cups in situations where I am concerned about spillage.)

When he gingerly opened our bedroom door at 6:45 this morning, I whispered his name loudly so I could tell him about the snack we had prepared for him. I was already awake because MIcah had gotten me up an hour earlier and I had not been able to fall back asleep as of yet. However, Cody closed the door again and disappeared. Given my strong desire to stay in bed, I did not pursue him and simply hoped he would catch on when he saw the sandwich at the table. Much later, after Mike left for work, Cody came in my room and told me about the sandwich I had left him. I was happy he had found it and I happily acknowledged that yes, I had left a sandwich for him. He proceeded to point out that I had not cut off the crusts. Okay. I guess the food critic was not completely satisfied with our exemplary parental efforts. Fine. I pictured the crusts strewn about on the plate and the table, a culinary crime scene. I was okay with that. At least he had not taken out the brown sugar or the syrup again like yesterday.

When I emerged into the kitchen shortly thereafter, I saw the sandwich. Untouched. Unwrapped. Immediately I turned to Cody and said, "You didn't eat your sandwich!" It was then that I noticed his face was covered in chocolate. I asked him, "What DID you eat?" He said, "Chocolate chips." Obviously. I asked him why he ate chocolate chips and not is sandwich. He told me he was hungry for chocolate chips. Then he said he just wanted to eat something unhealthy. Yes, he actually said that.

We are now all in the living room, and it is fairly peaceful in here. Cody has built a tiny train track in a circle that is about a foot in diameter and one of his trains is circling it repeatedly. Jamie is laying under the table beside Cricket, sucking his thumb. Micah is in his swing, watching his brothers in wide-eyed wonder and amusement. And I am sitting in a chair enjoying the calm of the moment. I hope the rest of the day goes this well. I have to go to town tonight to have my eyes looked at again. I will probably leave as soon as Mike gets home and hopefully finish my Christmas shopping for him at the same time. We'll see. I'm not sure what I'm doing yet and I am not a spontaneous Christmas shopper. If I have a solid plan in place by the end of the afternoon I will go. If not, I will simply go to my appointment and do my shopping another day. Perhaps on the weekend? I really am not fond of Christmas shopping...especially in December when the rush really hits. That's why I want to get done as soon as possible. I do not look forward to driving in now that winter has hit with a vengeance. It is not extremely cold yet, but the roads are not good in these parts and I am a chicken about winter roads. I am doubly chicken about winter roads in the dark, and that is what I will be navigating this evening. Hopefully it will go well. I will be leaving Micah behind now that he takes a bottle. I'll miss the little guy, but I'll feel better not having him along when the roads may be dicy.

So, I guess I should go. I had an unproductive day yesterday and I should make an extra effort today to make up for it. I'm off for now.

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