Monday, December 14, 2009

Uh oh...yucky Monday?

Monday morning dawned early, but not bright for me this morning. Micah awoke at 5 a.m. and I got up to feed him. As I was almost done, I noticed a pain in my stomach, and it gave me an uneasy feeling. I wondered whether it would dissipate without any trouble, or whether I was going to be down and out with the stomach flu today. When I carried Micah back to his room to put him back to bed, I felt somewhat barfy. Oh great. For any of you who don't know me, I have barf issues. More specifically, I am terrified of throwing up. The last time I threw up was in January of 2004. Prior to that, I had not barfed in twelve years. That's right. Twelve years. So now, it has been almost six since my last incident, and it is my ever-present goal to beat my last record. Even when I have been pregnant, I have never thrown up, a fact for which I am eternally grateful. (I felt like it, but never did.)

So this morning I was faced with one of my biggest fears. I returned to my bed to attempt to ignore it, but it only got worse. I decided to loiter in the bathroom for a while, but that did not help either. So, I returned to bed once again and lay there in pain. I wondered how I would deal with my three crazies all day when I did not even want to move at all. Mike got them up and I stayed in bed, even after he left. They came in and had several fights on the bed which involved pushing, hitting, screaming...etc. It was so peaceful and enjoyable. Just the way you want to spend your day when you may have the stomach flu.

The good news is, I feel okay right now. I do feel hints of that same pain intermittently, but it is not constant, so I am not bedridden. I have mostly ignored my older boys today, and they have been pretty good. I have spent the morning in my room where I folded and put away two large baskets of laundry and made my bed, all while watching Micah bounce happily in the Jolly Jumper in my doorway. Once he started looking a little limp I took him out and put him to bed. He is still sleeping. I should probably prepare some kind of lunch for the boys while Micah is not needing me. Not sure what to give them because they both had sandwiches for breakfast. I'm not very imaginative with meal preparation.

Hm. I just heard Cody tell Jamie that Playdoh is not a good snack, and to just ask Mommy. I wonder what's going on out there. Should I check? Probably. Sigh. Still hearing big brother tell little brother "Don't eat it, kay Jamie? Don't put it in your mou--NO! Because you'll get sick from it, and I don't want you to get sick." I think he just confiscated it and put it away. He told Jamie that once he is bigger he can have it. He's quite the little Mr. Mom. I better go. Hopefully Monday remains uneventful and I don't wreck my streak of non-barfing.

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