Saturday, December 19, 2009

Under the Weather

I'm not doing so great today. I took the last of my eye drops this morning and now I am on antibiotics for something else. I feel lousy, and just want to go to bed, but Mike needs me to be in charge of the boys because he has his final assignment due tomorrow and he still has quite a bit of work left to do on it. I am freezing cold, which is unusual for me, and I am discouraged. On the up side, it was a beautiful day today and I actually left the house. I had to, to go into town to a walk-in clinic.

I don't have much else to say today. Here's hoping I improve by the end of the day (though so far I am just getting worse) so I can finish shopping and baking on Monday. I will be doing venatarta. I know, I spelled it wrong, but that's just how I picture it spelled. The internet can't seem to agree on the correct spelling anyway, so I'll spell it my own way. You probably have never heard of it. It's a family tradition. It is Icelandic, even though we are not. It is a lot of work to make but it is worth the effort. That is on the agenda for early next week. I have one stocking stuffer left to buy and part of one gift and then we're done. I just can't wait to wrap the final gift so I can relax.

I know this has been a dull entry, but I must end it here. I just feel too gross to be doing this today.


Heidi said...

Get better sis! I'll be praying for you. You are amazing! YOUR Venatara was what kept me alive last Christmas when I was nausiated. I loved it!!! Looking forward to seeing you!

CAT said...

Thanks Heidi. I am improving and praying that we will all be in good health this Christmas. We look forward to it too. See you then!