Saturday, January 30, 2010

An Ordinary Saturday

Saturday is here and we are all doing all right. Cody and I both have colds and it seems that Micah does too as of this morning. As it turns out, we did go for our date on Thursday evening. The boys did well with a babysitter, even though they did not know her. Micah came with us. We enjoyed a nice supper at The Keg in town, but I must say I felt pretty old when we arrived back home by 8:30 p.m. That would have been bad enough had we lived in the city, but we had a 45 minute drive to get back home and we were still here that early. It was better for Micah to come home so he could enjoy some crawl time on the floor. There wasn't much else we could have done in town in the freezing weather with a baby in tow, so we came home and relaxed instead. It was nice to get out of the house. I especially needed to get away from this place and from my older boys, just to clear my head and have a break from the incessant chaos. My kids are at difficult stages right now, but I really feel that the time of year is also adding to the difficulty. I really look forward to spring when we can all hang out together outside without worrying about frostbite. The boys are fine outside with their winter attire, but I really have nothing to wear outside that is warm enough for this weather.

Yesterday was worlds better than Thursday and Wednesday were. Cody was somewhat subdued because his cold was so bad when he woke up in the morning. Mike had the day off so he took all the boys for most of the day while I literally locked myself in our bedroom and worked on my homework. My assignment was a really difficult one, so I really needed some space and some quiet to be able to focus on it. I am happy to report that I got it finished by the evening and I handed it in even though it is not due until Monday. Now I can relax for the whole weekend. I'm a little worried I may have done it wrong, but I will find out when I get it back!

Today is dump day, a most exciting event. Seeing we have missed it the last two weeks in a row, we have three weeks of garbage to haul today. I doubt I will participate in the joyous occasion, but I will certainly revel in some quieter time at home if Mike will take even one of the boys along with him. I'm about to find out whether he will do that or not. The rest of the day will consist of housework. I know, that sounds kind of like a disappointing way to spend a Saturday, but for some bizarre reason I don't really feel that way. Mike is going to do some work on our basement and I think I'd like to do some cleaning and organizing in our room. If I get too tired, maybe I'll even have a nap. I am also considering doing some writing. I really do want to do some work in our room though. I'd love to do some baking, but we are trying to avoid a lot of goodies right now.

So, again I apologize for my previous post. I was at the end of my rope. I have not had a moment like that since then and for that I am very thankful. I feel relieved to have my homework done and not to have any plans for the whole day today. I am off to get going. I have to start collecting some of the garbage to help Mike out.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

About to blow up.

Mere words cannot describe the kind of day I'm having, nor the one I had yesterday. So much for breakthroughs. So much for positive times with Cody. I am supposed to be going on a date tonight. I don't want to go. Actually, I would like to go away for the whole weekend with just Micah. It isn't that I want to get away from Mike, it's just that if he comes too we have to bring the kids and I desperately need to get away from them. I feel like an utter failure as a mother. I have been the worst kind of example for my kids. I have to wonder what Micah thinks of all the yelling. It probably scares him. Maybe a whole week off would be good. Maybe two. I don't know. All I know is the Supernanny must have left something out of her show, because what I'm doing is not working. Nothing is working. I am at my wits' end, and feeling like a total loser. Sorry for the negative rant. I am just trying to get this out so I don't blow up. I better go. Somehow I still have to cook supper before Mike brings his co-worker home to babysit. I didn't know it was happening tonight until last night, so I have been in a panic all day trying to get everything cleaned and ready. I called Mike a while ago to cancel, but he didn't answer. I better try again. I'm off.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spanking and other discipline...

Mercifully, we had a snow day yesterday, amid our wonderful January blizzard. It wasn't really a blizzard yesterday, but the road conditions were so bad I was relieved that Mike did not have to travel on them. In addition, I was thankful for the back-up that I had for the day. We had gone to our in-laws' for supper on Sunday evening, a rather absurd thing to do considering the traveling conditions. We got stuck several times just trying to get out of our own driveway, which Mike had plowed the day before. Again leaving their place in the evening we got stuck multiple times trying to get out of their driveway, which was very slippery and we were on an upward incline. We made it home, despite the highway looking like an NHL arena, but travel hazards aside, we broke the cardinal rule and had our boys out past their bedtime on a Sunday evening. Okay, past their bedtime on any evening is bad news, but for me, Sunday is particularly bad because there will be nobody but me left to deal with the repercussions the next few days at home. And there have been repercussions. With my kids, there always are. They really need their sleep and if they stay up late, they do NOT sleep in.

The nice thing is, I have been watching the odd episode of the Supernanny. I know, some people think it is pathetic that my generation needs shows like the Supernanny to see how it's done. I believe in generations past, spanking was the acceptable and common practice for discipline, and I can certainly say that for me, grounding was also quite prevalent. However, grounding is not effective on three year olds and younger, so that is not even a consideration. There are now a lot of confusing messages out there for us inexperienced parents and I believe that is one of the reasons we sometimes falter and look to experts for help. The spanking is no longer considered the tried-and-true method, and is even a major faux-pas. Parents are afraid to spank, even if they believe it is the best method, because they are afraid of being accused of abuse. This is not a post about pro-spanking or anti-spanking. I am simply stating that parents are looking for alternative ways of disciplining their children, and that is why shows like the Supernanny are popular. As an aside, there is a good possibility that the decline of spanking is also the reason why shows like the Supernanny are necessary, and why kids are so out of control. It all depends on which stance you take, and also on whether you want your discipline to be primarily a punishment or a learning tool. Personally, I would like a balance. Something that is undesirable to the child, but also teaches them to choose the right thing because they WANT to do the right thing, not just out of fear of punishment.

So, having said that, I have to admit that when it comes to time outs, I have not been terribly consistent with my methods. After seeing a few episodes of Supernanny, I decided to give her method a go. I saw a show where she was enforcing this time-out style with a seven-year-old, and I was encouraged to see that the poor mother, even doing everything right, had to fight with this boy for a full hour before she was able to enforce an entire seven minute time-out. Wow. I suppose it encouraged me because my three-and-a-half-year-old rarely responds on the first try. It is nice to see something carried out and to know that eventually a child will give in. I started employing this method with Cody on Saturday, I think. Maybe it was Sunday. I don't remember. All I know is, I believe it is working, and I intend to stick with it. Somehow, even though there is a battle involved, I feel more confident in the outcome, and Cody is responding well. I especially like that it really gives me a chance to communicate with him before and after administering it, which seems to help him not to remain in that irrational, out-of-control, preschool rage-mode. It is also nice to have him on a chair in the kitchen instead of continually banishing him to his room whenever he does something bad.

Mike was home yesterday because of the roads, but today he will not be home at all until late. Probably 10:30 or 11 p.m., so I am truly on my own. I'm kind of dreading the next three hours, but then again, at least it's only another three hours. Micah is sleeping right now, and the other two are currently watching Dora. I hope I am not making an error letting them watch TV, but I thought they would both enjoy a little break. As usual, I have diaper laundry going in the background, and two other clean loads that are not folded yet. I will be really stretching my culinary skills tonight and cooking Kraft Dinner for the crew. I figured if Mike wouldn't be here anyway there was no sense in busting my butt to make an elaborate meal. I'll just have a sandwich or something. Maybe a smoothie?

In other news, Oreo appears to have gone blind in one eye. Oreo is our mini-lop rabbit, for anyone who doesn't know. He is turning nine years old on April 10th, and apparently rabbits live anywhere from eight to fifteen years, so he is in the senior years. I just noticed his eye a few nights ago when I was checking to make sure he had food before we went to bed. His pupil, which is quite large on a rabbit, was kind of a milky-grey color, and looks really gross. Of course I have eyeball issues, so I can hardly handle looking at it, but it is not improving, and it really looks as though he is blind. I feel terrible about it, and I find it very depressing. I'm not sure whether to take him to a vet, or whether there is any point. What can they do about it anyway? I might call and talk to a vet to see whether it is even necessary. I have always loved pets, but it is really difficult when they hit this stage in life.

Uh-oh! I forgot to send Mike a grocery list. I better do that right now. Hopefully I make it through this evening without disaster!! Bye for now.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Snow storms and domestic bliss.

After the most incredibly mild January, or at least half of it, we are now in the middle of a winter storm. It is still quite warm out, sitting at zero right now, but we are getting a lot of snow, and by Monday the temperatures will drop significantly. It was so nice while it lasted, but it looks like winter is about to start all over again. Currently, we are snowed in. Silly, because we have a tractor here which Mike used to plow the driveway today, but the road has not been cleared and it is quite deep, so we missed our dump run. I suppose it wouldn't be so bad to miss our weekly excursion, except that we also missed it last weekend. There was a time when I relied on the dump run to get me out of the house. Now I rely on it to get Cody out of the house. If Jamie goes too, so much the better. There is nothing like having some peace and quiet during the morning. That never happens on weekdays, so Saturdays are special that way.

We had plans today, but they got cancelled. Surprisingly, not due to the weather, but the weather may well thwart our plans for tomorrow. We will have to wait and see whether the plow comes by or not, and whether the highways are passable tomorrow.

On a different note, I learned something yesterday that should be added to the Domestic Diva's Handbook. Okay, so there is no such handbook, but there should be. As I puttered around the kitchen yesterday, cleaning and organizing, I pondered the state of my oven mitts. Yes, it was a profound moment in my history as a housewife. My oven mitts were dirty. It isn't that I have never noticed that before, but I usually just considered them to be seasoned, like a good stoneware dish from the Pampered Chef. I sort of confined to my subconscious the fact that I was somewhat grossed out every time I stuck my hands inside of the mitts, and that I would never let anything else that dirty anywhere near my food. Yesterday it finally dawned on me that I should wash them, and so I gathered the rest of the kitchen laundry and started a load in the washer. I am very diligent to read laundering instructions on anything that I have never laundered before, so I had a look at the instructions. The washing instructions were nothing surprising to me, but the drying instructions threw me off a bit. Oven mitts, which are designed to be able to pick things up right out of the oven, no matter how hot, cannot be dried on high heat in the dryer. Maybe it's just me, but I'm pretty sure my dryer does not surpass the temperatures of my oven. Either way, I decided to play it safe and follow the instructions to the letter. Oven mitts take a while to dry. It turns out that not only can they not handle the high heat setting on a dryer, they also do not fare very well on the low heat setting. When I took them out later they resembled a perfect mouse habitat. They looked about three times as thick as they used to be and all their stuffing, or whatever you want to call it, was fluffing out all over the place. It was as though they had imploded. We are now in the market for a new pair of oven mitts.

And on that note, I have a fussy baby who wants to eat. I'm off for now.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Update on the last few days!

The last time I posted in here I was busy trying to complete my last homework assignment while simultaneously trying to keep my household from imploding. We're still here, and I got my work done, so I guess that can be considered a victory. The weekend was busy, though I confess, I have no memory of Saturday. That's weird. Oh wait, we had unexpected company. No wonder I felt like it was busy. We found out of their impending arrival about an hour and a half ahead of time, so we spent that time organizing our house as best we could. Sadly, we missed out on dump day, one of our usual highlights. Perhaps our only usual highlight. No matter. We will have a doubly big dump run this coming Saturday to make up for it. It was a busy day, and somewhat chaotic, but we did have a nice visit with our friends.

Sunday was the day I had been looking forward to. We drove to town and met up with my sister and her husband. From there we drove out to her co-worker's farm and looked at a horse that is for sale. She is a black and white paint mare and she has very striking markings. In truth, I have never seen a horse like her. She has spots like a dalmatian on a lot of her white patches. She turned out to be the most friendly horse I have ever encountered and we really liked her. We are not sure yet whether we'll buy her, but she is really nice. We won't be buying anything for a while now, if we do at all. I don't think it is set in stone that we will buy a horse this year, but it sure is fun to look. I was thrilled, and the more I think about her, the more I like her. There is a good chance that she is pregnant, so that is either a really good thing, or not so good. It depends on what we want. Genetically, she is guaranteed to throw color, so her baby would have paint markings for sure.

Anyway, I'm like a bad tetris addict who can't close her eyes without seeing various blocky shapes falling steadily from the sky, only for me it is horses that I see whenever I close my eyes. Silly, but fun. I'm sure I'll keep this blog up to date. As if I could stop myself.

As for everything else in life, Monday was busy too. I spent the day doing laundry of all kinds and packing for a trip to the big city. We left at supper time that day, Mike included, and headed off to my parents' place for the night. Yesterday morning, Mike and I took Cody to his Ophthalmologist appointment, which went well. No change for his eyes this time around, which is actually a good thing at this point. We go back at the end of May for a more detailed follow-up. We got home yesterday between 3 and 4 p.m., so the munchkins were overtired and cranky, but we survived the ordeal.

Last night I woke up at around 3:30 a.m. and wouldn't you know it, the light was on in the hall. This is becoming a daily (or nightly) occurrence, and I find it very distressing. I peeked in the boys' room, and they were both sleeping so I flicked the light off and returned to bed. In the morning I found an entire package of applesauces on Cody's night table, two of which were opened and eaten, a spoon resting in one of them. I have tried talking to him about getting up in the middle of the night to eat. I even gave him a snack last night just after 7 p.m. What on earth am I supposed to do? He is three, not 15, and I shudder at the thought of how much food is going to get consumed in this household when these boys hit their teens. Is it normal for a kid this young to get up in the middle of the night to eat? I have no idea. I'm going to guess "No". I don't know whether to just give up and put a mini-bar in their room, or whether to lock the pantry until he gives up on sneaking food. I guess I'll just have to wait this one out. At least he doesn't wake anyone else up on his middle-of-the-night pantry raiding expeditions. Still, no wonder he is so grouchy all day. Wow.

Today will be another busy one because I have to go back to the ophthalmologist myself this afternoon. I do not look forward to it, but it has to be done. Maybe then I will not have to be on eye drops every hour anymore. I am tired of hearing my alarm go off every hour. I guess I'll find out today when I see the doctor. Micah will be coming with me, and the other two will be spending some time with a couple of their cousins. They'll enjoy that. My appointment is late in the day so I'm guessing I'll have to wait quite a while there. I do not look forward to that with a baby in tow. Hopefully it will not be too disastrous!

That's the update. I must run, as Jamie is waiting for me to read a story with him. I will try to be more consistent for the rest of the week! I'm off for now.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The dog is dead??

It has been quite the week around here. Yesterday morning I woke up at 6:50 a.m. and saw light shining under my door. This meant that Cody was up, as usual. I was frustrated, but tried to go back to sleep. Within twenty minutes of that, Cody came into our room and said, "There's something wrong with Radar." My eyes opened and I made a vocal sound, hoping that Mike would check it out, seeing his alarm was about to go off anyway. He did not. Cody said again, "There's something wrong with Radar. His mouth is weird." (Radar is our dog, if anyone doesn't know.) I said, "What do you mean, Cody? What's wrong with him?" He said, "His mouth is all black and weird." I was getting concerned at this time. Then I said, "Well is he moving??" Cody said, "No. He's not moving. He's dead." I threw the covers off and ran to the kitchen, where a very alive Radar was enjoying the comfort of the carpet, where he is not allowed to sleep. I had a close look at his mouth, which looked completely normal. Sheesh. I wondered if he had gotten a mouthful of Cricket's black hair, because she had run away when I came out, but I didn't see anything unusual.

The thing is, when you have kids like mine, you don't need to drink coffee for a buzz in the mornings. Waking up to major adrenaline rushes usually does the trick for me. Whatever possessed him to tell us that the dog was dead is beyond me.

Today I'm battling with Cody yet again. Earlier, he actually bit Jamie. Hard, I think, because Jamie's cry was not the usual "he hurt me" kind of cry. It was more intense and more desperate. Right now things are fine because Jamie is sleeping. Cody is playing nicely, but Micah just got it in his head that he wants to eat right NOW! He is due, so I guess I'll be ending this here. I have homework due tomorrow, so I likely won't have time to write any more today. I better go. My baby is desperate!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Out of touch!

Phew. Crazy times, these are. I have been more absent than I even realized. A lot of stuff happened last week that I can't get into in here, but I guess I was pretty distracted from this blog. Today, Mike got hit kind of hard with some kind of cold/cough and sore throat deal. He stayed home from work, which is pretty rare for him, but he is doing better now. I am hoping I will not get it.

Other than Mike being home today, we had a pretty normal day. The boys played hard and fought hard, and Jamie slept hard too. Hehe. He had two naps today due to excessive grumpiness. It sounds like they are both asleep now, even though it is only 7:36 p.m. I made roast beef and mashed potatoes for supper tonight with our new oven. Yes, it arrived last Thursday. I was sad to move the other one downstairs, but in truth, I think I am liking this one better anyway. Too bad we didn't just buy it in the first place. The only things I don't like about it are the absence of a fluorescent light (or any light) on the control panel, and the absence of any electrical outlets along the top. Other than that, I'm perfectly content with it, though it has less features than the other one did. It warms up way quicker, inside and on the top elements, and I also like that the surface is white. The other oven was white but the glass-top was black, which I never did like. So, what's done is done and we have a brand new oven. I do not worry that this one will break. It will be good.

I have spent much of the last several days looking at horse classifieds to the point where I dream about horses every night. There is one I would really love, but she lives over three hours away from us and I don't think we'll be making the trip to check her out and then going back with a horse trailer. Too bad though. She is almost everything I want in a horse, including my ideal color, height, gender and age. The price is right too. The only down side to her is that she needs refreshing because she has barely been ridden in the last few years due to her owner's health. I'm telling you, if she were in Brandon, I think I'd snatch her up right now. She's beautiful. Sigh. I'm still dreaming, I think. Part of me does not believe I will ever get a horse. Time will tell.

Anyway, this is not really much of an update, but I wanted to at least post a bit because I have been completely silent the last five days. I'll try to be more consistent this week. I'm off to do some homework now. Goodnight.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Backwards babies and toddler vocabulary...

Made it through another day. Micah is "crawling" on the floor again. His crawl only has one gear: reverse. He goes on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth like a chameleon, and gets really frustrated when he continually gets further from his goal rather than closer. He's talking as he does it too, which makes it even more cute. I looked at him today and had that familiar sad feeling. It's the one that comes when I look at someone so perfect and sweet and know that one day I will be fighting with him like I do with Cody and like Jamie is starting to do, and it saddens me. I know it is a healthy part of growing up. The struggle for independence, learning boundaries...etc. Still, it is heartbreaking to look into those huge eyes that are full of light and to know that in this life they are likely to get cloudier rather than brighter. It happens to all of us as we are tainted by the world. I believe the light can be returned to our eyes, but I still hate the thought of my children going through the pain that they will inevitably face in this world.

On a different note, I attempted Dance Dance Revolution this evening. I have not pulled out that game in well over a year. Maybe it will help me to get back into shape again. I certainly need the help, that's for sure. I'm going to try to do a little bit every day. I only did half an hour this evening, but that's half an hour that I would have normally vegged out, so I guess that makes it progress.

As for amusing anecdotes, here are some vocabulary lessons that I learned from Cody and Jamie this week. Yesterday I asked Jamie what he wanted for lunch. I offered him a sandwich but he said no. I decided to ask an open-ended question, though I have been told that is a bad idea when it pertains to a menu. Regardless, I thought it would be fun to see what he came up with. His answer was, "Mup-mitts." The only thing I could think of that sounded close to that was muffins, but I did not see where he would have come up with this request, so I continued asking for clarification. Finally I asked him whether he meant muffins. He said yes, and then said, "Hot. Hot. Hot." Well okay then. I made muffins for the boys for lunch.

Then there's Cody's word. He has this game he plays with his cars where he does a specific type of race. He calls it a "diarreka race". I don't know how else to spell that word. My Mom guessed maybe it was a race to the bathroom. I have asked him many times to explain it to me, but the explanation is lost on me. Today he told me he got the word from my sister Christine's place. Christine? Any insights here??

Anyway, I have to sign off now. I just found something very discouraging on the floor. It is part of a book. The book is very special to me. It is a pop-up book that we loved in our childhood based on the poem "The Night Before Christmas". We lost the book, but a couple of years ago, Mike found it for me on eBay. We paid an exorbitant amount of money for it, but I wanted it for my kids, along with the Hallmark pop-up book with the true Christmas story in it. We got both. I keep them out of reach because I do not want them ruined. Today I found them both on the floor. They had been on top of my piano, which is a very tall piano. It was obvious to me that Jamie had climbed the piano and taken the books. (After all, he had been requesting them earlier.) At the time, I quickly confiscated them and put them in the top of the closet, but did not have time to scan them to see whether they were intact. Micah just found out the answer for me. I found him with a piece of one of the pages. Actually, he gagged on it. It was one of the special parts of the book that was supposed to be pulled to do something cool to the page. Don't worry if you have no idea what I am talking about. Some people probably don't remember pop-up books. Anyway, I have now shed a few tears about my special book. Is nothing sacred anymore? Okay, not that the book was sacred, per se, but I just hate that everything in this house is fair game to be destroyed. It is frustrating and upsetting to me. Anyone who knows me knows how much I value books. I don't know, I guess I'm kind of dumb about the whole thing, but I don't like it when things get ruined. That's why I don't keep those particular books on the book shelf where they can access them normally.

Okay. That was my little vent for the evening. I guess I'm off for now. I will watch Micah scoot backwards across the floor faster than a speeding sloth. Goodnight.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Today was not a great day. Cody and I battled for much of the morning, and more of the afternoon. It was hard on both of us and left me feeling like a bit of a loser-mom. He and Jamie are both sleeping now, and I am feeling drained and a little discouraged. Tomorrow we start again. I just feel like I am getting grouchier and grouchier. Maybe I am just stir crazy. Maybe I need to get out of this house. I don't know what I need.

Other than my kids, all I can think about these days is horses. It's like I'm a teenage girl or something. Or a ten year old who wants a pony for her birthday. My favorite horse disappeared off the classifieds today, so I can only assume he got sold. He was a really good one. It's frustrating, but I am not really in a position to buy one just yet. However, we are going to look at a mare on Sunday. Yes, crazy, but we're just looking. If she's awesome, we might buy her. If not, we'll let things stand and see what happens in the spring. Maybe I should stop looking. I just don't know. All day I check kijiji to see whether any new horses have been listed. Maybe I should take a break for a few days. I just can't help but be excited at the possibility of having a horse to ride in the spring.

Micah is rolling around on the floor. It's pretty adorable. He is trying so hard to crawl. He is getting close, but he's not quite there yet.

Phew. I'm hungry. I didn't really eat supper. Guess I should go get a snack of some sort. I'm off for now. Oh, and for the record, I really don't like this Beattles song "All You Need is Love", and I'm sick of hearing it on every commercial and in movies too. Just had to vent that out. I'm not a Beattles fan. Sorry if that offends anyone. I just never really liked their style other than a few songs. Gold medal hockey game is on tonight, so I guess I will not be having any exciting plans. Maybe I'll finish my book. The one I'm reading, that is, not the one I'm writing. Pretty discouraged in that area today too. I'm off for now.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to normal

Is this really the first post I have done this year? I guess things have still been a little crazy around here. Today is our first day back into our normal routine. Mike is at work and I am holding down the fort with three boys. Two thirds of those boys are very grouchy and instigating a lot of trouble today. The other one is just working the cuteness, as usual. I am exhausted from yet another morning of getting up at around 6 a.m. to intervene before Cody wakes the entire household. Mike and I have discussed it and we have finally admitted to ourselves that we simply cannot expect to have any kind of a life right now. We need to start going to bed at around 9 p.m. regardless of whether or not we have had any kind of evening or any kind of fun, relaxation, or even any quality time together. Of course, I am powerless to go to bed that early on a consistent basis right now because my bed time depends entirely on when Micah goes to bed. I have no desire to get up before 7 a.m. when I am "not working" (haha, yeah right!), but Cody leaves me no choice. I am seriously considering moving Jamie out of Cody's room and possibly have Cody and Micah share instead. Not sure.

Today I have done dishes and that's it. Well, I have been keeping Cody and Jamie from destroying each other and the house, and I have fed and changed Micah, but other than that I have just been sitting around. I did make my bed too. Yay me. I was considering making Kraft Dinner for the boys for lunch, but I am quite nervous about using our stove. You see, amid all our illness this Christmas, we also smashed our glass-top stove and it is now useless to us. That's right, a heavy dish got dropped out of the microwave onto the oven and the glass-top shattered. It will cost between $300-$500 just to get a new top for the stove, so we ordered a new oven. We got a good Boxing Day deal and it is a coil-top, so we will never have to worry about smashing it again. Still, it was incredibly discouraging to have this happen to our almost brand new oven. We have had it less than a year. One of the back elements does not have a crack in the glass and Mike has been using it anyway, but it makes me nervous. What if it shatters while I am using it? I don't know. I might go ahead and use it. The boys haven't had Kraft Dinner in a long time, but Jamie doesn't really like it that much anyway, so perhaps it is not worth the effort.

My exciting news is that Mike was finally able to do some more work on the basement. He was hoping to do a week's worth over Christmas, but obviously we were all way too sick to be doing that kind of stuff. The walls are now all framed other than a small one by the stairs, and he started the wiring yesterday. Now I have hope that it will actually be done by spring. Let me rephrase. The basement will not be done by spring because we can't afford to do the whole thing right now. What will be done is our basement will have walls that are painted and working lights. We will also have a bathroom with a toilet and sink that work. Other than that, we will have to save up some more. Flooring is just too expensive at this point in time. Even still, we will have a play area for the boys and that will be great. I can't wait to get some of these toys out of the living room and into the basement. I also look forward to having a huge bookshelf down there where I can organize and display all of my books.

So, dry as this post is, it's all I can manage for the time being. If I type anymore I will end up talking about horses, and it's probably best if I keep my mind off them for now.

Happy 2010 everyone.