Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to normal

Is this really the first post I have done this year? I guess things have still been a little crazy around here. Today is our first day back into our normal routine. Mike is at work and I am holding down the fort with three boys. Two thirds of those boys are very grouchy and instigating a lot of trouble today. The other one is just working the cuteness, as usual. I am exhausted from yet another morning of getting up at around 6 a.m. to intervene before Cody wakes the entire household. Mike and I have discussed it and we have finally admitted to ourselves that we simply cannot expect to have any kind of a life right now. We need to start going to bed at around 9 p.m. regardless of whether or not we have had any kind of evening or any kind of fun, relaxation, or even any quality time together. Of course, I am powerless to go to bed that early on a consistent basis right now because my bed time depends entirely on when Micah goes to bed. I have no desire to get up before 7 a.m. when I am "not working" (haha, yeah right!), but Cody leaves me no choice. I am seriously considering moving Jamie out of Cody's room and possibly have Cody and Micah share instead. Not sure.

Today I have done dishes and that's it. Well, I have been keeping Cody and Jamie from destroying each other and the house, and I have fed and changed Micah, but other than that I have just been sitting around. I did make my bed too. Yay me. I was considering making Kraft Dinner for the boys for lunch, but I am quite nervous about using our stove. You see, amid all our illness this Christmas, we also smashed our glass-top stove and it is now useless to us. That's right, a heavy dish got dropped out of the microwave onto the oven and the glass-top shattered. It will cost between $300-$500 just to get a new top for the stove, so we ordered a new oven. We got a good Boxing Day deal and it is a coil-top, so we will never have to worry about smashing it again. Still, it was incredibly discouraging to have this happen to our almost brand new oven. We have had it less than a year. One of the back elements does not have a crack in the glass and Mike has been using it anyway, but it makes me nervous. What if it shatters while I am using it? I don't know. I might go ahead and use it. The boys haven't had Kraft Dinner in a long time, but Jamie doesn't really like it that much anyway, so perhaps it is not worth the effort.

My exciting news is that Mike was finally able to do some more work on the basement. He was hoping to do a week's worth over Christmas, but obviously we were all way too sick to be doing that kind of stuff. The walls are now all framed other than a small one by the stairs, and he started the wiring yesterday. Now I have hope that it will actually be done by spring. Let me rephrase. The basement will not be done by spring because we can't afford to do the whole thing right now. What will be done is our basement will have walls that are painted and working lights. We will also have a bathroom with a toilet and sink that work. Other than that, we will have to save up some more. Flooring is just too expensive at this point in time. Even still, we will have a play area for the boys and that will be great. I can't wait to get some of these toys out of the living room and into the basement. I also look forward to having a huge bookshelf down there where I can organize and display all of my books.

So, dry as this post is, it's all I can manage for the time being. If I type anymore I will end up talking about horses, and it's probably best if I keep my mind off them for now.

Happy 2010 everyone.

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