Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Backwards babies and toddler vocabulary...

Made it through another day. Micah is "crawling" on the floor again. His crawl only has one gear: reverse. He goes on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth like a chameleon, and gets really frustrated when he continually gets further from his goal rather than closer. He's talking as he does it too, which makes it even more cute. I looked at him today and had that familiar sad feeling. It's the one that comes when I look at someone so perfect and sweet and know that one day I will be fighting with him like I do with Cody and like Jamie is starting to do, and it saddens me. I know it is a healthy part of growing up. The struggle for independence, learning boundaries...etc. Still, it is heartbreaking to look into those huge eyes that are full of light and to know that in this life they are likely to get cloudier rather than brighter. It happens to all of us as we are tainted by the world. I believe the light can be returned to our eyes, but I still hate the thought of my children going through the pain that they will inevitably face in this world.

On a different note, I attempted Dance Dance Revolution this evening. I have not pulled out that game in well over a year. Maybe it will help me to get back into shape again. I certainly need the help, that's for sure. I'm going to try to do a little bit every day. I only did half an hour this evening, but that's half an hour that I would have normally vegged out, so I guess that makes it progress.

As for amusing anecdotes, here are some vocabulary lessons that I learned from Cody and Jamie this week. Yesterday I asked Jamie what he wanted for lunch. I offered him a sandwich but he said no. I decided to ask an open-ended question, though I have been told that is a bad idea when it pertains to a menu. Regardless, I thought it would be fun to see what he came up with. His answer was, "Mup-mitts." The only thing I could think of that sounded close to that was muffins, but I did not see where he would have come up with this request, so I continued asking for clarification. Finally I asked him whether he meant muffins. He said yes, and then said, "Hot. Hot. Hot." Well okay then. I made muffins for the boys for lunch.

Then there's Cody's word. He has this game he plays with his cars where he does a specific type of race. He calls it a "diarreka race". I don't know how else to spell that word. My Mom guessed maybe it was a race to the bathroom. I have asked him many times to explain it to me, but the explanation is lost on me. Today he told me he got the word from my sister Christine's place. Christine? Any insights here??

Anyway, I have to sign off now. I just found something very discouraging on the floor. It is part of a book. The book is very special to me. It is a pop-up book that we loved in our childhood based on the poem "The Night Before Christmas". We lost the book, but a couple of years ago, Mike found it for me on eBay. We paid an exorbitant amount of money for it, but I wanted it for my kids, along with the Hallmark pop-up book with the true Christmas story in it. We got both. I keep them out of reach because I do not want them ruined. Today I found them both on the floor. They had been on top of my piano, which is a very tall piano. It was obvious to me that Jamie had climbed the piano and taken the books. (After all, he had been requesting them earlier.) At the time, I quickly confiscated them and put them in the top of the closet, but did not have time to scan them to see whether they were intact. Micah just found out the answer for me. I found him with a piece of one of the pages. Actually, he gagged on it. It was one of the special parts of the book that was supposed to be pulled to do something cool to the page. Don't worry if you have no idea what I am talking about. Some people probably don't remember pop-up books. Anyway, I have now shed a few tears about my special book. Is nothing sacred anymore? Okay, not that the book was sacred, per se, but I just hate that everything in this house is fair game to be destroyed. It is frustrating and upsetting to me. Anyone who knows me knows how much I value books. I don't know, I guess I'm kind of dumb about the whole thing, but I don't like it when things get ruined. That's why I don't keep those particular books on the book shelf where they can access them normally.

Okay. That was my little vent for the evening. I guess I'm off for now. I will watch Micah scoot backwards across the floor faster than a speeding sloth. Goodnight.

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