Saturday, January 30, 2010

An Ordinary Saturday

Saturday is here and we are all doing all right. Cody and I both have colds and it seems that Micah does too as of this morning. As it turns out, we did go for our date on Thursday evening. The boys did well with a babysitter, even though they did not know her. Micah came with us. We enjoyed a nice supper at The Keg in town, but I must say I felt pretty old when we arrived back home by 8:30 p.m. That would have been bad enough had we lived in the city, but we had a 45 minute drive to get back home and we were still here that early. It was better for Micah to come home so he could enjoy some crawl time on the floor. There wasn't much else we could have done in town in the freezing weather with a baby in tow, so we came home and relaxed instead. It was nice to get out of the house. I especially needed to get away from this place and from my older boys, just to clear my head and have a break from the incessant chaos. My kids are at difficult stages right now, but I really feel that the time of year is also adding to the difficulty. I really look forward to spring when we can all hang out together outside without worrying about frostbite. The boys are fine outside with their winter attire, but I really have nothing to wear outside that is warm enough for this weather.

Yesterday was worlds better than Thursday and Wednesday were. Cody was somewhat subdued because his cold was so bad when he woke up in the morning. Mike had the day off so he took all the boys for most of the day while I literally locked myself in our bedroom and worked on my homework. My assignment was a really difficult one, so I really needed some space and some quiet to be able to focus on it. I am happy to report that I got it finished by the evening and I handed it in even though it is not due until Monday. Now I can relax for the whole weekend. I'm a little worried I may have done it wrong, but I will find out when I get it back!

Today is dump day, a most exciting event. Seeing we have missed it the last two weeks in a row, we have three weeks of garbage to haul today. I doubt I will participate in the joyous occasion, but I will certainly revel in some quieter time at home if Mike will take even one of the boys along with him. I'm about to find out whether he will do that or not. The rest of the day will consist of housework. I know, that sounds kind of like a disappointing way to spend a Saturday, but for some bizarre reason I don't really feel that way. Mike is going to do some work on our basement and I think I'd like to do some cleaning and organizing in our room. If I get too tired, maybe I'll even have a nap. I am also considering doing some writing. I really do want to do some work in our room though. I'd love to do some baking, but we are trying to avoid a lot of goodies right now.

So, again I apologize for my previous post. I was at the end of my rope. I have not had a moment like that since then and for that I am very thankful. I feel relieved to have my homework done and not to have any plans for the whole day today. I am off to get going. I have to start collecting some of the garbage to help Mike out.


Jo said...

Don't apologize for having a human mommy moment Cheryl! We understand and have been there. I don't know much about boys, but there are some books out there about raising them...maybe it's all hog wash. I remember so many days when my goal was to just get ONE thing done a day. Sometimes it was making spaghetti and canned sauce for supper, or a load of laundry. That was it. Keep trucking along and keep hugging all your boys/man and know that spring will come. God promised!

CAT said...

Thanks Jo. I hear you about the goal of just one thing in a single day. Feels pathetic, but sometimes it is all that is possible. Some days I get a lot done, others feel like nothing at all. I am definitely looking forward to spring.