Monday, January 11, 2010

Out of touch!

Phew. Crazy times, these are. I have been more absent than I even realized. A lot of stuff happened last week that I can't get into in here, but I guess I was pretty distracted from this blog. Today, Mike got hit kind of hard with some kind of cold/cough and sore throat deal. He stayed home from work, which is pretty rare for him, but he is doing better now. I am hoping I will not get it.

Other than Mike being home today, we had a pretty normal day. The boys played hard and fought hard, and Jamie slept hard too. Hehe. He had two naps today due to excessive grumpiness. It sounds like they are both asleep now, even though it is only 7:36 p.m. I made roast beef and mashed potatoes for supper tonight with our new oven. Yes, it arrived last Thursday. I was sad to move the other one downstairs, but in truth, I think I am liking this one better anyway. Too bad we didn't just buy it in the first place. The only things I don't like about it are the absence of a fluorescent light (or any light) on the control panel, and the absence of any electrical outlets along the top. Other than that, I'm perfectly content with it, though it has less features than the other one did. It warms up way quicker, inside and on the top elements, and I also like that the surface is white. The other oven was white but the glass-top was black, which I never did like. So, what's done is done and we have a brand new oven. I do not worry that this one will break. It will be good.

I have spent much of the last several days looking at horse classifieds to the point where I dream about horses every night. There is one I would really love, but she lives over three hours away from us and I don't think we'll be making the trip to check her out and then going back with a horse trailer. Too bad though. She is almost everything I want in a horse, including my ideal color, height, gender and age. The price is right too. The only down side to her is that she needs refreshing because she has barely been ridden in the last few years due to her owner's health. I'm telling you, if she were in Brandon, I think I'd snatch her up right now. She's beautiful. Sigh. I'm still dreaming, I think. Part of me does not believe I will ever get a horse. Time will tell.

Anyway, this is not really much of an update, but I wanted to at least post a bit because I have been completely silent the last five days. I'll try to be more consistent this week. I'm off to do some homework now. Goodnight.

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