Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Update on the last few days!

The last time I posted in here I was busy trying to complete my last homework assignment while simultaneously trying to keep my household from imploding. We're still here, and I got my work done, so I guess that can be considered a victory. The weekend was busy, though I confess, I have no memory of Saturday. That's weird. Oh wait, we had unexpected company. No wonder I felt like it was busy. We found out of their impending arrival about an hour and a half ahead of time, so we spent that time organizing our house as best we could. Sadly, we missed out on dump day, one of our usual highlights. Perhaps our only usual highlight. No matter. We will have a doubly big dump run this coming Saturday to make up for it. It was a busy day, and somewhat chaotic, but we did have a nice visit with our friends.

Sunday was the day I had been looking forward to. We drove to town and met up with my sister and her husband. From there we drove out to her co-worker's farm and looked at a horse that is for sale. She is a black and white paint mare and she has very striking markings. In truth, I have never seen a horse like her. She has spots like a dalmatian on a lot of her white patches. She turned out to be the most friendly horse I have ever encountered and we really liked her. We are not sure yet whether we'll buy her, but she is really nice. We won't be buying anything for a while now, if we do at all. I don't think it is set in stone that we will buy a horse this year, but it sure is fun to look. I was thrilled, and the more I think about her, the more I like her. There is a good chance that she is pregnant, so that is either a really good thing, or not so good. It depends on what we want. Genetically, she is guaranteed to throw color, so her baby would have paint markings for sure.

Anyway, I'm like a bad tetris addict who can't close her eyes without seeing various blocky shapes falling steadily from the sky, only for me it is horses that I see whenever I close my eyes. Silly, but fun. I'm sure I'll keep this blog up to date. As if I could stop myself.

As for everything else in life, Monday was busy too. I spent the day doing laundry of all kinds and packing for a trip to the big city. We left at supper time that day, Mike included, and headed off to my parents' place for the night. Yesterday morning, Mike and I took Cody to his Ophthalmologist appointment, which went well. No change for his eyes this time around, which is actually a good thing at this point. We go back at the end of May for a more detailed follow-up. We got home yesterday between 3 and 4 p.m., so the munchkins were overtired and cranky, but we survived the ordeal.

Last night I woke up at around 3:30 a.m. and wouldn't you know it, the light was on in the hall. This is becoming a daily (or nightly) occurrence, and I find it very distressing. I peeked in the boys' room, and they were both sleeping so I flicked the light off and returned to bed. In the morning I found an entire package of applesauces on Cody's night table, two of which were opened and eaten, a spoon resting in one of them. I have tried talking to him about getting up in the middle of the night to eat. I even gave him a snack last night just after 7 p.m. What on earth am I supposed to do? He is three, not 15, and I shudder at the thought of how much food is going to get consumed in this household when these boys hit their teens. Is it normal for a kid this young to get up in the middle of the night to eat? I have no idea. I'm going to guess "No". I don't know whether to just give up and put a mini-bar in their room, or whether to lock the pantry until he gives up on sneaking food. I guess I'll just have to wait this one out. At least he doesn't wake anyone else up on his middle-of-the-night pantry raiding expeditions. Still, no wonder he is so grouchy all day. Wow.

Today will be another busy one because I have to go back to the ophthalmologist myself this afternoon. I do not look forward to it, but it has to be done. Maybe then I will not have to be on eye drops every hour anymore. I am tired of hearing my alarm go off every hour. I guess I'll find out today when I see the doctor. Micah will be coming with me, and the other two will be spending some time with a couple of their cousins. They'll enjoy that. My appointment is late in the day so I'm guessing I'll have to wait quite a while there. I do not look forward to that with a baby in tow. Hopefully it will not be too disastrous!

That's the update. I must run, as Jamie is waiting for me to read a story with him. I will try to be more consistent for the rest of the week! I'm off for now.


Jo said...

Sounds like a more fun week, with some distractions from regular boring, keeping children alive routine. Does Cody perhaps have low blood sugars? Waking up to eat ... grouchiness, busyness and aggression at all? Could just be a little growing boy though too.
Hope you have a great rest of this week too. Dad says he could give you a horse, but it's in BC...road trip?

CAT said...

I don't know what the deal is with Cody. We need to start doing a bed time snack I guess. I'm at my wits' end on this one.

What kind of horse have you got for me?? Hehe. Probably a bit too long a road trip for that purpose...especially seeing I do not have a trailer. One of these days we'll do a road trip regardless. Maybe this summer? Who knows?!

Jo said...

Our girls are only now not always needing a bedtime snack. They would often have yogurt, toast or something before bed or they would be up to. Their stomachs are small and they use it up so fast!