Friday, February 26, 2010

Holey Sheet!

Wow. Today has been...interesting. This morning, I caught Cody with a sharp knife from the knife block, trying to break the seal on a giant bottle of chocolate syrup, you know, the kind for making chocolate milk. This was wrong for so many reasons. First there is the matter of the sharp knife. What the heck was he thinking? Cody is almost four, and I know that is young but he is VERY aware that he is not to touch sharp knives. He had to move a chair to the counter to access this one, and that alone made it a sneaky, deliberate move. Next, this bottle was in the cupboard, and was unopened because (you guessed it) we have another one the same in the fridge. Now our fridge door is at risk of falling off because it has about a hundred pounds of chocolate syrup on its shelf. Should I even mention the fact that it was breakfast time and we do not drink chocolate milk with breakfast? Then there is the fact that Cody, (yes, Cody), had already emptied the milk jug and there was none left, which means his intention was to indulge in pure, unadulterated chocolate syrup. Who needs chocolate milk when you can just drink chocolate? While I do appreciate the merits of this philosophy, it was not really working for me this morning.

In truth, I don't even remember what Jamie was doing at the time. I do remember that it was also not good. Funny that it has already disappeared from my memory. Oh wait, it has come back. He was on a chair by the cupboard where he had dumped the remainder of a container of sprinkles on the counter and was consuming them. My eyes widened slightly, but at least it had not been very full. I vaguely wondered how his face got so smeared with chocolate from a bunch of sprinkles. Then I saw the large bag of smarties. I confiscated them and listened to a very impassioned protest, but I did not back down. I briefly considered moving our entire dining room set into the basement until Cody pointed out that we would not be able to eat.

Shortly afterward, I caught Jamie helping himself to the dog food, though I did not determine whether he was in fact eating it, or whether he was selflessly offering it to the dog. Radar was appreciative either way, as he got to clean the mess up off the floor. Later, Cody pulled the play dough out of the fridge and gave half to Jamie and kept half for himself. Okay, I am learning to live with the evils of play dough. The problem is, Jamie will not keep it at the table. He takes it under the table and breaks it into little pieces until it is impossible to pick it all up. Wonderful. Did I mention that it is bright blue?

The kitchen floor is impossibly crumby, thanks mostly to the incredible amounts of mini-wheats that these boys have consumed in the last 48 hours. Those mini-wheats have also produced other undesirable side effects which I will mercifully refrain from describing in this blog.

Later, I called my Grandma because I have not talked to her in a couple of weeks and she is feeling under the weather. We were having a nice chat when Cody came in and announced to me that Jamie had ripped his (Cody's) sheets. Okay, I already knew that Jamie was tearing holes in the fitted sheet on Cody's bed. I saw them yesterday, and Cody had explained to me that Jamie was putting his fingers in the tiny holes and ripping them bigger. Later I even witnessed one such incident. Thanks Jamie. The biggest hole was about 1.5 square inches. Not good, but Cody didn't seem to care so I determined not to care either. This is an old sheet, solid white, and is only a spare, after all. Still, with little kids it is nice, and even necessary, to have extra sheets on hand. You know what I am talking about. So, when Cody announced the latest hole in the sheet, I didn't concern myself too much. Then he said that it was big. He brought the sheet out to me. A big hole in a bed sheet would be something I could put my fist through. This was big enough for me to crawl through. I groaned and apprised my Grandma of the situation. I elicited boatloads of sympathy. Then I saw Cody bunch up the sheet and carry it away. I told him to leave it, but he announced that he was throwing it in the garbage. I hollered for him to stop because I could still use it. Certainly not as a bed sheet, but most definitely for rags.

That was only a portion of my morning, but the holey sheet was most certainly the highlight of my morning. I'm hoping to avoid any more highlights for the rest of the day. I only have about 45 minutes left to endure before Mike returns home. Soon, Micah will be awake and wanting to eat, leaving the boys unattended for a good ten to twenty minutes once again.

If only there were an adequate way to describe in here how many interruptions I get in each post chasing boys or breaking up fights or moving furniture back where it belongs or cleaning up diapers...etc. Phew. So, that's all I will say for today. Tonight I will be spending time with a dear sister/friend and I look forward to it. Micah will accompany me, I think, but still it will be a night out. Oh my goodness, Mike is home! Bye for now!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Uh-oh...rough Tuesday.

Today is going very badly so far. Cody is fighting me on everything, and I am trying to administer time-outs while I nurse a baby and chase after a very busy two year old. The boys had a fun but long day yesterday, and sure enough, I am paying the price today. I knew it would be that way, but I chose to go ahead anyway. We had a fun time at my sister-in-law's house and the boys got haircuts while they were there. Micah had about two naps all day, about half an hour each. Wow. So not enough for a six month old. He is back in bed now this morning, thank goodness. That leaves me with only a third of the insanity to handle. I was in the middle of trying to keep Cody in a time out this morning when I saw the rocking chair moving in the living room from my limited vantage point. I left Cody for a minute and found Jamie on the Lazy-boy squeezing toothpaste onto a toothbrush and then eating it, like a little snack. I'm telling you, this is the busiest kid I have had yet. Maybe I just don't remember, but Cody was slightly tamer than Jamie at this stage. Far crazier as a baby though.

Wow. The grumpiness continues. Jamie is sitting on the floor beside me doing tantrums to attract my attention. Snarling, whining...oh my goodness. I can't wait to put these boys to bed today. I might make an early lunch to make that possible. How will I make it through this day?! I have to do a workout somehow, and Mike has a course tonight, so I will not have any help then. I vaguely remember him telling me that he has to go to town today for work, so now I wonder whether he intends to bother coming home in between or not. Oh wow, I sure hope so. Even just an hour of a break would make a big difference in my night. I am just as tired as these boys, and though I am not as grumpy yet, I may be by the time this day is over. I'd like to nap right now. I can see that Jamie would too, but I don't dare put him down early because it will make the rest of the day so much worse. I guess I better go. Hopefully we make it through this day relatively unscathed.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A brief post...

I am having some issues with my eyes these days, hence the lack of posts in here. Even now my eyes are tired and a bit blurry. In truth, I would like to go to bed, but I can't do that until Micah is ready and unfortunately, we are way off with our timing this evening.

Mike is watching the hockey game between Canada and the U.S. and I can hardly stand to watch. I don't like the tension, plus it is hard on my eyes right now. Of course, so is this laptop, but whatever. I have to do something to entertain myself, and my other option is reading, which is nearly as bad.

My mom came out on Thursday and stayed until yesterday late morning. It was nice to have her here. We did a little baking, though I must say the recipe that we tried did NOT turn out well. We did something wrong, though I'm not sure what. Either way, it was fun to have her, and the boys enjoyed it too. She even went tobogganing with Cody, which was a huge thrill for him.

I did have fun looking at horses the night of my last post. I saw some real beauties, but not sure whether I'll be going for any of them. There were two in particular that caught my eye, but one was the most expensive one that she showed me (it was still in my price range but is only a two year old, not a trained horse) and the other one was only turning one this spring. The yearling filly was really pretty and is going to be big and beautiful, but if we go that route, we will not be riding her until late summer of 2011. Not sure whether to buy a horse or two that are currently not ridable, or whether to wait for a fully trained one to come along. There are not many horses for sale right now in my area. I don't even know whether we will get one for sure or not. I hope we will though. I am really excited about it.

Sheesh. I don't like hockey. I am getting mad. I get too emotionally involved. I just wanted to post briefly in here because it has been so long. Tomorrow we are off to get the boys haircuts because they are shaggy like you wouldn't believe right now! My eyes are done. Goodnight.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Busy, but good day so far.

I am doing fairly well today. It is just after 1:30 in the afternoon, and I have two boys in bed. Cody is playing nicely by himself in the living room and I am sort of watching the olympics. I say sort-of because they are currently covering curling. I have never been able to tolerate watching curling on TV, but somehow I have watched a bit today. After all, this is the Canadian men playing and of course I want them to win.

By some miracle, I managed to get my workout done before 10:30 a.m. today. It didn't go that well because Cody and Jamie were both up and they fought and annoyed me the whole time. At the end, I was supposed to do tricep pushups, which are NOT my forte. My goal was to complete one. Yes, one. I got all the way down and Jamie, yes, my two-year-old, shoved my head down to the floor and I couldn't get up. If that is not pathetic, I don't know what is. Maybe the fact that it made me cry. I don't know. I was discouraged. In all honesty, I am not yet at the point where I enjoy working out, but I do expect that it should be MY time, and that was taken away from me today. I did not feel elated, rejuvenated or even relieved when I was done. I felt more like someone with severe PMS (which I don't have, by the way), who was more tense and stressed out than before the workout. But, I got it done, and for now that is victory enough for me.

This afternoon I am going to look at some horses with one of my sisters-in-law. It should be fun. I hope it is fun. I am leaving all of my boys behind, so maybe that will be a good break for me. On the other hand, she is bringing all three of her kids along, but I will not have to worry about them so that should not add any stress for me. I just want to be able to focus on the horses and take some pictures. I would find that very difficult with all of my kids in tow. No wait, I would find that impossible. For now, I am fairly relaxed because I got the stuff done that I needed done for the day.

Tomorrow will be another challenge. I have to take Micah for his needles at noon, which means leaving the house before 11 a.m. to drop the boys off at my sister-in-law's and make the drive in to town to the doctor. That means my whole morning will be rushed and busy, so there will be no time for working out. Somehow I have to get it done in the afternoon, once I get home from town with all of my boys. I am trying so hard not to miss any workouts, and so far I have not. My mom is coming out on Thursday though, I think, and that might make it tough on Friday. I might be able to get it done on Thursday morning before she arrives, but Friday I may have to do it while she is here. No big deal, I guess, but I find it very embarrassing to work out in front of people.

Wow. Curling takes a ridiculously long time. The weird part is, apparently they just won, but the score is now lower than it was before. Oh wait...maybe it isn't. I don't understand this game. I am hard-pressed to call it a sport. Sorry, to any of you who curl. I am the first to admit, I simply do not understand how it works. I'm not saying it looks easy. It does not. But it does not look very exciting to me either. Haha. Way to go Canada.

I better go. I have some laundry to fold and I only have an hour left to get ready to go out. I have do a few more things before then. I'm off for now!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Getting ready to start a new week.

I see I have not posted in here for quite some time. Last week was a bit crazy, full of workouts and a big trip. I spent all of Friday running around trying to pack, feed kids, clean house, do laundry and work out. It was a crazy day, but by some miracle we made it out pretty much on time. The drive was a bit treacherous for the middle half, but we made it somehow. Not without incident in the van, but I probably should not describe it in here. Let's just say it involved a very smelly mess and a very cold, half-naked boy in the open van at a yucky gas station part way there. Yikes. It was not pretty. At any rate, we survived it and we made it back the next day on time to get the boys to bed fairly close to their bed times. Even still, there is a lot of grouchiness in the air, and I'm not looking forward to tomorrow when Mike returns to work.

Even now, in the evening, I have so many interruptions that I can't seem to get much down in this blog. Cody has had insomnia tonight for some reason, but I think he has finally fallen asleep. Mike and I are just watching the olympics. I kind of wish I were there. Mild weather, exciting action...sounds like fun. I'm going to have to sign off here. Before I do, for the record, I did not miss a single workout last week and yesterday I started a new week. Today was my day off, but tomorrow I am back in the swing of things. No tangible progress to report yet, other than the fact that I have been able to do my workout every day, despite migraines at the beginning of last week. I'm going to sign off. Goodnight.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Out of Whack...

It is day four of Chalean Extreme, and somehow I managed to get in the 45 minute interval training workout. I am exhausted. I still have to do a ten minute ab workout sometime today, and somehow I have to get my homework done today. We are all out of whack here today, so I don't know how the afternoon is going to go. Jamie napped this morning so it is doubtful that he will go down this afternoon. That means I will not be doing homework today, in all likelihood.

I have to peel a bunch of potatoes at some point because I am roasting a chicken today. I used to think that sounded complicated. Now I have discovered you don't even have to thaw it first. Crazy. Well, unless there is a plastic bag full of body parts stuffed inside. Then it's probably a good idea to thaw it first and empty it out. Fortunately for me, these chickens are empty shells of their former selves. They are quite delicious too. The potatoes will be a lot more work than the chicken. We will probably have brussels sprouts with it too. I know it's warped, but I really like them!

So, I am now faced with an afternoon with Cody and Jamie together the whole time. If that sounds harmless, it is not. They are good boys, but when they fight it is very difficult to get anything done and to deal with them. I just built them a fort out of the couch and the cushions. I wonder how long til the whole thing collapses? Probably not long. Micah is now awake. That is unfortunate because I have a bad stomach ache! Oh well. I will get by. This could be a very wild afternoon. I hope it does not get too violent! I suppose there is not much else to report for the time being. Hopefully that will still be the case a couple of hours from now!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Workouts and report of Micah's appointment

Today is day three of what I previously referred to as boot camp. The only thing is, it doesn't feel like boot camp just yet. We did the first workout on Sunday, and it was good. I am definitely sore, though not as bad as I thought I would be. However, yesterday was a scheduled rest day, so I don't feel like I have gotten into it yet. Today will be a workout day again, so it will be interesting to see what Chalene has in store for me today.

Okay, I don't remember when I started this post. I have no recollection of typing it whatsoever. It is now 3:35 p.m. and I completed my second workout a couple of hours ago. Wow. It was hard. I was worried about it because last time I made it through without too much trouble. I think I was not using heavy enough weights. I am still shaking from today's workout. Hopefully that means it will be effective.

Other than that we are having a fairly quiet day. I must mention that on Friday when I took Micah for his appointment on Friday he was too sick to get his needles. I was both annoyed and relieved by this. Nobody likes getting needles for their baby, but I did not want to drive all that way for nothing. So, I requested that we at least measure and weigh him. The doctor agreed and I went to see the nurse. When she found out he was six months old she said he had to be stripped to nothing to weigh him, which I was glad of because I thought his cloth diaper might add more weight than a disposable. (Unless it was wet...then it would be the other way around!) Anyway, he was wet, so I took the diaper off and all the rest of his clothes. So there he was, buck naked, and enjoying it. I stood him on the table facing me and got ready to transfer him to the scale. He broke into a big, irresistible, gummy grin, so I grinned back and told him just how cute he was. That's when I looked down and saw that he was peeing all over me. Yes, he soaked my shirt. Really. Soaked. I was somewhat horrified. I had no change of clothes along. I was 45 minutes away from home, but that didn't even matter because I needed to pick up my other boys from my sister-in-laws before going home. In fact, I was planning to stay there for a visit. Lucky for me, I was in and out of there so fast I left town at 11:12 a.m. and my appointment had been at 11 a.m. So, I called my sister-in-law and told her I would be heading home first to change my clothes and feed Micah, and then I would be over there. She did not mind, so it worked out well. Well, other than the fact that my shirt was soaked in pee, and my pants got some transferred to them too. Funny how the thought of that is awful and yet I was not even angry at my little sweetheart. I wasn't even that grossed out. Just uncomfortable.

It turns out that my huge baby has shrunk, which came as a bit of a surprise. Okay, that sounds a little crazy. He didn't shrink exactly. He just shrunk as far as percentiles go. He is now in the 68th percentile for height instead of the 90th, where he was a mere two months ago. His weight, rather than being somewhere around average (I think?) is now in the 38th percentile. I don't remember his head size either time. It was close to average too. So, I was surprised, but I guess Cody will remain my largest child.

Anyway, I have homework to do, and not much time til Micah wakes up to eat again. In fact, he is already overdue. I better sign off now. I can't believe it is already 3:45 p.m.! Where did the day go??? I am home alone tonight so very likely will not have a chance to do homework because Micah will need me, but I will do what I can. I better go. Bye for now!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Boot Camp starts today!

We are half way through the weekend, and we are doing all right despite Cody having a very late night on Friday. Mike took him skating in town with some cousins and he had a blast, but he did not get home until after 9 p.m., much to my dismay! He was pretty grumpy yesterday, but is doing quite well today so far. I am doing all right. I too, am less grumpy today, which is nice. Micah slept very well last night, which likely helped me even though we messed up with our diaper laundry timing and were up until after midnight to finish it. Oops!

Today is when things are really going to get interesting around here. I don't even know how wise I am to broadcast this in here, but today we (Mike and I) are going to start a workout program called Chalean Extreme. Some of you have probably heard of it, but for those of you who have not, suffice it to say it is a very intense program based on muscle building. There is cardio too, which I hear is quite intense. It is apparently okay for beginners as well as advanced because you can customize it by using less weight, doing fewer reps...etc. Either way, I am quite scared about it. Sounds silly, I suppose, because I can always shut it down if it is too hard, but that is what scares me the most. I am not afraid of the pain. Okay, I'm a little afraid of the pain. What scares me the most is that I will quit. This is a three month program. Well, technically 12 weeks. It is three sections of 28 days each. So, I thought I would report in here that I am starting today and then I will (hopefully) be more likely to stick with it, seeing you all know about it now. I will report in here about my progress. I know I am in terrible shape right now, but I sure look forward to feeling strong once again. I just hope I can do this. In some ways, it is harder that I will be doing it with Mike because we will have to coordinate a time when we can both do it and the boys are somehow occupied...etc. I don't really want to do it in the evenings for fear of being kept awake at night, but I also don't want to do it first thing in the morning because I thought I had heard it is not best to do it when you first wake up because your body will not be able to give 100%. Ideally, I would do it in the afternoons when Jamie is sleeping and Micah is too, and Cody can just ignore me or participate...whatever he chooses. But I can't do that if I am waiting for Mike. We'll see. We'll have to work out some kind of a plan for week days.

So, that's all I'll say for now. I am nervous, excited...a little stressed, but I hope this will be good. I am not exactly brimming with energy these days, so it will probably be hard to motivate myself to do this every day, but I believe if I can force myself I will probably get my energy back. I have taken all my measurements, which I will most definitely not be sharing in here, and I will check in every week to see whether I have made any measurable progress. Maybe this will help me to pull out of my depression a bit. I have to get strong so I can handle a horse in the spring! Not to mention my own boys! Right now I can barely lift Cody. He is big for his age, but I would still like to be able to lift him without such a struggle. I better get going. Soon we'll need to prepare lunch for the boys and we still have a lot to do today because we are having company later. Sheesh. I forgot about that. I should be cleaning right now! I'm off!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Who won today? I think it was a tie...

Oh boy. Oh boys, I guess, is more like it. Today was not good. Really it was quite horrible, actually. I am hiding in my room for now, and letting Mike have a shift. I knew it would be a tough day because all of us are sick (not badly, but enough to inhibit proper sleep and to make us all grouchy) and Cody was up at 6 a.m. He had every light in the house on and was dragging a chair across the kitchen in order to climb up and access a pair of scissors. Why? Well, to open a package of Fiber One to add to his bowl of yogurt, which he was about to dish out. I was not impressed. Micah was already up crying, and Jamie was awake, thanks to the racket of both of his brothers. The day only went downhill from there. I will not waste any energy reliving it in here. Suffice it to say, I didn't win any parenting awards today, and Cody did his best to be as bratty as possible. We didn't really have any heart-warming moments today.

Tomorrow I have to take the boys to their cousins' place and drop off Thing One and Thing Two. Thing Three, Micah, is coming with me to town for his four month check-up. Okay, so he is six months old. We are running a little late because he was sick at two months old and skipped his first appointment. We were unable to reschedule until he was nearly four months old. Now, ironically, he is sick again and I highly doubt they will give him his immunizations, but they advised me to go anyway so the doc can weigh him, measure him and check to make sure he does not have an ear infection or anything with this current sickness. I doubt that he does because he has not had any fever, but he is definitely not feeling well, so I guess it will be good to have him checked. The only thing is, it makes for a long day when I have to take the boys to my sister-in-law's place and then drive all the way to town, only to have to repeat this process again when he is feeling better. I'm telling you, I am so very tired of medical appointments, and I am somewhat desperate to have them all over with, but that's what it's like when I am the one who takes all three of them and myself to the doctor. Not complaining about that, just explaining why the incredible number of appointments. I guess it doesn't help that Cody and I have both been seeing eye specialists, and of course when I was pregnant the number of appointments was bordering on the ridiculous. Maybe he will be well enough tomorrow to get vaccinated. We'll see what the doctor says. At least it is Friday tomorrow. That brings some relief.

Tonight I will be home alone, but not until a little later. I don't look forward to it, but it is what it is. I might watch Mama Mia or something. Maybe there will be a feel good movie on tv. I really think that February has got us all down. Not enough time outside, too much time stuck together in close quarters. Our house is not small, but with three boys and me all day, usually all in the same room, it gets to be too much. Hence the reason I am hiding in my room right now, and may I say, it is absolutely delightful in here. Cricket is sleeping peacefully on my bed, and somehow I am not hearing any screaming, crying, yelling, or even much talking out there. They are eating, I think. Snacks, that is. I fed them an early supper. Soon they will bath, and shortly after that they will get a story and go to bed. I haven't even had supper yet, but I think I might skip it tonight and have some popcorn later instead. Probably a bad idea, and definitely inspired by the fact that I will be alone here.

Anyway, I suppose I should end this here. It seems like I have been something of a downer for the last several entries. There has not been a ton of comic relief during this last few weeks of battles, so I haven't had much good stuff to post. I don't even have anything exciting to share in the equine department, unfortunately! Maybe I'll post a few pictures of the horses I have looked at some time. We'll see.

Ah! There it is...the screaming. Yep, it is back in full force. Cody is playing Parent, and Jamie is bawling. The bath is running too, so that's good. I will likely be needed to take care of Micah for a while. Tomorrow I will try to post Micah's results from his appointment. I always find it fun to find out what percentiles he is in as far as weight, height and head size go. Well, specifically height and weight. Hm. Those two words look like they should rhyme, but they don't. Deep thoughts.

I must go. Perhaps I will be back tomorrow around the same time. Good evening to all.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The battle rages on!

February is finally here, and though it brings with it more of the cold winter weather we are used to, it also brings the hope of spring. For some reason, February is a more hopeful month than January. January is a time to hunker down in a warm cozy spot and hide there for as long as possible before spring shows up. I am not done hunkering, but I am certainly looking forward to March. February feels to me like one deep inhalation of fresh, crisp air.

Weather aside, my week is going all right. Despite my disastrous two days in the middle of last week, we seem to be back on track with Cody and his time-outs. Every day we have battles, and sometimes long ones. Today I administered a time-out, Supernanny style, and it took probably close to 45 minutes before he finally submitted. I did have to break form a couple of times in there and up the ante by telling him if he didn't get it right he would not be getting any cookies for lunch. We do not normally have cookies around here anymore, but this week we do, and I have found that they add a certain extra motivation for him to submit to a time-out. Today, he lost all cookie privileges for the whole day. Bummer. In the end, I had to go to the living room and disassemble his entire geo-trax set-up and put it all back in he --

Oh the irony that my sentence was interrupted by the necessity to administer yet another time out. That was hours ago. I just finished another one. Phew. It is hard work. In fact, the time-out is much harder on the parent than it is on the child, I am convinced of it. Miraculously, today I did not lose my cool. I barely even yelled during the whole day. That sounds terrible, doesn't it? It is very hard not to lose it when your kids are so good at pressing all your buttons. Today, during Cody's time-out, he actually grinned and ran away giggling into the living room. The first time, I walked after him and carried him back to his chair. The second time I stood like a statue and employed The Look. I did not move, but stood there with my finger on the button of the timer. It took a few minutes, but eventually, a sheepish Cody, still laughing but clearly not enjoying himself anymore, slunk back to the kitchen and crawled into the chair. I continued drilling him with the iron stare until he was sitting nicely and making no sound. I then pressed the button and the time-out continued. I definitely broke protocol a couple of times today, but I think it was in a way that worked for Cody. I am getting better about maintaining silence and a stone-cold facial expression. Inside I am trying not to laugh. Not because I find it funny, but the kind of laugh that comes out in frustration and makes you look and feel very weak. I was not about to allow that to escape or he would know he had won. Even though I went through several battles with this discipline today, I know it was so much better than the kind of battles we were having before trying this type of time-out. If I had sent him to his room and forced him to stay there instead, he would have been a raging volcano for a LONG time today. Instead, we battled it out in the kitchen, but I remained very calm (at least on the outside) and ---

Oops, another one. This one went much more smoothly and I didn't have to reset the timer at all. I hope it is not fluke, and that it will continue to work and to get better and better. If it does I really think it will benefit him as well as us. I am trying to teach him that he has the power to control how long his time-out lasts, or even whether he gets one in the first place, by his own behavior and attitude. He is not yet four, so it is understandable that it will take a while for him to really get that. But at least he will start to learn now.

Okay, we just tucked the boys in, and I would say this was a good day. Yes, there was disobedience. Yes, there were fights between brothers. Yes, there were consequences. But there was victory, and the battles were won by the parental team rather than the shrimps. Woo hoo!

In other news, I went and met another horse last night. She was pretty, but she had a ton of bad habits and I was not impressed with her behavior or her personality. So, cross one buckskin off the list. Too bad. She was very pretty, and apparently really smooth and comfortable to ride. The search continues, with one beautiful black and white paint named Flash stuck in my head day and night. I better sign off. This post has taken close to four hours to complete. Good night.