Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Busy, but good day so far.

I am doing fairly well today. It is just after 1:30 in the afternoon, and I have two boys in bed. Cody is playing nicely by himself in the living room and I am sort of watching the olympics. I say sort-of because they are currently covering curling. I have never been able to tolerate watching curling on TV, but somehow I have watched a bit today. After all, this is the Canadian men playing and of course I want them to win.

By some miracle, I managed to get my workout done before 10:30 a.m. today. It didn't go that well because Cody and Jamie were both up and they fought and annoyed me the whole time. At the end, I was supposed to do tricep pushups, which are NOT my forte. My goal was to complete one. Yes, one. I got all the way down and Jamie, yes, my two-year-old, shoved my head down to the floor and I couldn't get up. If that is not pathetic, I don't know what is. Maybe the fact that it made me cry. I don't know. I was discouraged. In all honesty, I am not yet at the point where I enjoy working out, but I do expect that it should be MY time, and that was taken away from me today. I did not feel elated, rejuvenated or even relieved when I was done. I felt more like someone with severe PMS (which I don't have, by the way), who was more tense and stressed out than before the workout. But, I got it done, and for now that is victory enough for me.

This afternoon I am going to look at some horses with one of my sisters-in-law. It should be fun. I hope it is fun. I am leaving all of my boys behind, so maybe that will be a good break for me. On the other hand, she is bringing all three of her kids along, but I will not have to worry about them so that should not add any stress for me. I just want to be able to focus on the horses and take some pictures. I would find that very difficult with all of my kids in tow. No wait, I would find that impossible. For now, I am fairly relaxed because I got the stuff done that I needed done for the day.

Tomorrow will be another challenge. I have to take Micah for his needles at noon, which means leaving the house before 11 a.m. to drop the boys off at my sister-in-law's and make the drive in to town to the doctor. That means my whole morning will be rushed and busy, so there will be no time for working out. Somehow I have to get it done in the afternoon, once I get home from town with all of my boys. I am trying so hard not to miss any workouts, and so far I have not. My mom is coming out on Thursday though, I think, and that might make it tough on Friday. I might be able to get it done on Thursday morning before she arrives, but Friday I may have to do it while she is here. No big deal, I guess, but I find it very embarrassing to work out in front of people.

Wow. Curling takes a ridiculously long time. The weird part is, apparently they just won, but the score is now lower than it was before. Oh wait...maybe it isn't. I don't understand this game. I am hard-pressed to call it a sport. Sorry, to any of you who curl. I am the first to admit, I simply do not understand how it works. I'm not saying it looks easy. It does not. But it does not look very exciting to me either. Haha. Way to go Canada.

I better go. I have some laundry to fold and I only have an hour left to get ready to go out. I have do a few more things before then. I'm off for now!

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Jo said...

Did you have a good time looking at the horse?
Gab has a good workout that is in 10 minute segments. I do a 10 minute cardio then any of the other ones and have already noticed a difference. I have more energy, flexibility and am actually a little happier. I detest longer workouts, because even though my girls are older, they do interrupt and want to try too. Maybe it is the length or difficulty that is making you angry. I know I get angry sometimes.
Enjoy your day!