Friday, February 26, 2010

Holey Sheet!

Wow. Today has been...interesting. This morning, I caught Cody with a sharp knife from the knife block, trying to break the seal on a giant bottle of chocolate syrup, you know, the kind for making chocolate milk. This was wrong for so many reasons. First there is the matter of the sharp knife. What the heck was he thinking? Cody is almost four, and I know that is young but he is VERY aware that he is not to touch sharp knives. He had to move a chair to the counter to access this one, and that alone made it a sneaky, deliberate move. Next, this bottle was in the cupboard, and was unopened because (you guessed it) we have another one the same in the fridge. Now our fridge door is at risk of falling off because it has about a hundred pounds of chocolate syrup on its shelf. Should I even mention the fact that it was breakfast time and we do not drink chocolate milk with breakfast? Then there is the fact that Cody, (yes, Cody), had already emptied the milk jug and there was none left, which means his intention was to indulge in pure, unadulterated chocolate syrup. Who needs chocolate milk when you can just drink chocolate? While I do appreciate the merits of this philosophy, it was not really working for me this morning.

In truth, I don't even remember what Jamie was doing at the time. I do remember that it was also not good. Funny that it has already disappeared from my memory. Oh wait, it has come back. He was on a chair by the cupboard where he had dumped the remainder of a container of sprinkles on the counter and was consuming them. My eyes widened slightly, but at least it had not been very full. I vaguely wondered how his face got so smeared with chocolate from a bunch of sprinkles. Then I saw the large bag of smarties. I confiscated them and listened to a very impassioned protest, but I did not back down. I briefly considered moving our entire dining room set into the basement until Cody pointed out that we would not be able to eat.

Shortly afterward, I caught Jamie helping himself to the dog food, though I did not determine whether he was in fact eating it, or whether he was selflessly offering it to the dog. Radar was appreciative either way, as he got to clean the mess up off the floor. Later, Cody pulled the play dough out of the fridge and gave half to Jamie and kept half for himself. Okay, I am learning to live with the evils of play dough. The problem is, Jamie will not keep it at the table. He takes it under the table and breaks it into little pieces until it is impossible to pick it all up. Wonderful. Did I mention that it is bright blue?

The kitchen floor is impossibly crumby, thanks mostly to the incredible amounts of mini-wheats that these boys have consumed in the last 48 hours. Those mini-wheats have also produced other undesirable side effects which I will mercifully refrain from describing in this blog.

Later, I called my Grandma because I have not talked to her in a couple of weeks and she is feeling under the weather. We were having a nice chat when Cody came in and announced to me that Jamie had ripped his (Cody's) sheets. Okay, I already knew that Jamie was tearing holes in the fitted sheet on Cody's bed. I saw them yesterday, and Cody had explained to me that Jamie was putting his fingers in the tiny holes and ripping them bigger. Later I even witnessed one such incident. Thanks Jamie. The biggest hole was about 1.5 square inches. Not good, but Cody didn't seem to care so I determined not to care either. This is an old sheet, solid white, and is only a spare, after all. Still, with little kids it is nice, and even necessary, to have extra sheets on hand. You know what I am talking about. So, when Cody announced the latest hole in the sheet, I didn't concern myself too much. Then he said that it was big. He brought the sheet out to me. A big hole in a bed sheet would be something I could put my fist through. This was big enough for me to crawl through. I groaned and apprised my Grandma of the situation. I elicited boatloads of sympathy. Then I saw Cody bunch up the sheet and carry it away. I told him to leave it, but he announced that he was throwing it in the garbage. I hollered for him to stop because I could still use it. Certainly not as a bed sheet, but most definitely for rags.

That was only a portion of my morning, but the holey sheet was most certainly the highlight of my morning. I'm hoping to avoid any more highlights for the rest of the day. I only have about 45 minutes left to endure before Mike returns home. Soon, Micah will be awake and wanting to eat, leaving the boys unattended for a good ten to twenty minutes once again.

If only there were an adequate way to describe in here how many interruptions I get in each post chasing boys or breaking up fights or moving furniture back where it belongs or cleaning up diapers...etc. Phew. So, that's all I will say for today. Tonight I will be spending time with a dear sister/friend and I look forward to it. Micah will accompany me, I think, but still it will be a night out. Oh my goodness, Mike is home! Bye for now!

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Bonnie said...

hahaha! That's funny! I'd love to take time to read on, since I haven't had time to read your blog in weeks, But my own sheet ripping, mini-wheat eating critters are presently lurking about and I must tend to them. For now, I'll have to hope for more reading time later so that I can catch up on your little world. Oh, I must add that the comment about mini-wheats producing unhappy results also has me laughing! Groaning actually. And I still haven't invested in a diaper sprayer!!! ACK! Well, I must go since this little comment has become like a short essay!!! With very bad grammar and punctuation.