Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Out of Whack...

It is day four of Chalean Extreme, and somehow I managed to get in the 45 minute interval training workout. I am exhausted. I still have to do a ten minute ab workout sometime today, and somehow I have to get my homework done today. We are all out of whack here today, so I don't know how the afternoon is going to go. Jamie napped this morning so it is doubtful that he will go down this afternoon. That means I will not be doing homework today, in all likelihood.

I have to peel a bunch of potatoes at some point because I am roasting a chicken today. I used to think that sounded complicated. Now I have discovered you don't even have to thaw it first. Crazy. Well, unless there is a plastic bag full of body parts stuffed inside. Then it's probably a good idea to thaw it first and empty it out. Fortunately for me, these chickens are empty shells of their former selves. They are quite delicious too. The potatoes will be a lot more work than the chicken. We will probably have brussels sprouts with it too. I know it's warped, but I really like them!

So, I am now faced with an afternoon with Cody and Jamie together the whole time. If that sounds harmless, it is not. They are good boys, but when they fight it is very difficult to get anything done and to deal with them. I just built them a fort out of the couch and the cushions. I wonder how long til the whole thing collapses? Probably not long. Micah is now awake. That is unfortunate because I have a bad stomach ache! Oh well. I will get by. This could be a very wild afternoon. I hope it does not get too violent! I suppose there is not much else to report for the time being. Hopefully that will still be the case a couple of hours from now!

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