Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Uh-oh...rough Tuesday.

Today is going very badly so far. Cody is fighting me on everything, and I am trying to administer time-outs while I nurse a baby and chase after a very busy two year old. The boys had a fun but long day yesterday, and sure enough, I am paying the price today. I knew it would be that way, but I chose to go ahead anyway. We had a fun time at my sister-in-law's house and the boys got haircuts while they were there. Micah had about two naps all day, about half an hour each. Wow. So not enough for a six month old. He is back in bed now this morning, thank goodness. That leaves me with only a third of the insanity to handle. I was in the middle of trying to keep Cody in a time out this morning when I saw the rocking chair moving in the living room from my limited vantage point. I left Cody for a minute and found Jamie on the Lazy-boy squeezing toothpaste onto a toothbrush and then eating it, like a little snack. I'm telling you, this is the busiest kid I have had yet. Maybe I just don't remember, but Cody was slightly tamer than Jamie at this stage. Far crazier as a baby though.

Wow. The grumpiness continues. Jamie is sitting on the floor beside me doing tantrums to attract my attention. Snarling, whining...oh my goodness. I can't wait to put these boys to bed today. I might make an early lunch to make that possible. How will I make it through this day?! I have to do a workout somehow, and Mike has a course tonight, so I will not have any help then. I vaguely remember him telling me that he has to go to town today for work, so now I wonder whether he intends to bother coming home in between or not. Oh wow, I sure hope so. Even just an hour of a break would make a big difference in my night. I am just as tired as these boys, and though I am not as grumpy yet, I may be by the time this day is over. I'd like to nap right now. I can see that Jamie would too, but I don't dare put him down early because it will make the rest of the day so much worse. I guess I better go. Hopefully we make it through this day relatively unscathed.

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