Thursday, February 4, 2010

Who won today? I think it was a tie...

Oh boy. Oh boys, I guess, is more like it. Today was not good. Really it was quite horrible, actually. I am hiding in my room for now, and letting Mike have a shift. I knew it would be a tough day because all of us are sick (not badly, but enough to inhibit proper sleep and to make us all grouchy) and Cody was up at 6 a.m. He had every light in the house on and was dragging a chair across the kitchen in order to climb up and access a pair of scissors. Why? Well, to open a package of Fiber One to add to his bowl of yogurt, which he was about to dish out. I was not impressed. Micah was already up crying, and Jamie was awake, thanks to the racket of both of his brothers. The day only went downhill from there. I will not waste any energy reliving it in here. Suffice it to say, I didn't win any parenting awards today, and Cody did his best to be as bratty as possible. We didn't really have any heart-warming moments today.

Tomorrow I have to take the boys to their cousins' place and drop off Thing One and Thing Two. Thing Three, Micah, is coming with me to town for his four month check-up. Okay, so he is six months old. We are running a little late because he was sick at two months old and skipped his first appointment. We were unable to reschedule until he was nearly four months old. Now, ironically, he is sick again and I highly doubt they will give him his immunizations, but they advised me to go anyway so the doc can weigh him, measure him and check to make sure he does not have an ear infection or anything with this current sickness. I doubt that he does because he has not had any fever, but he is definitely not feeling well, so I guess it will be good to have him checked. The only thing is, it makes for a long day when I have to take the boys to my sister-in-law's place and then drive all the way to town, only to have to repeat this process again when he is feeling better. I'm telling you, I am so very tired of medical appointments, and I am somewhat desperate to have them all over with, but that's what it's like when I am the one who takes all three of them and myself to the doctor. Not complaining about that, just explaining why the incredible number of appointments. I guess it doesn't help that Cody and I have both been seeing eye specialists, and of course when I was pregnant the number of appointments was bordering on the ridiculous. Maybe he will be well enough tomorrow to get vaccinated. We'll see what the doctor says. At least it is Friday tomorrow. That brings some relief.

Tonight I will be home alone, but not until a little later. I don't look forward to it, but it is what it is. I might watch Mama Mia or something. Maybe there will be a feel good movie on tv. I really think that February has got us all down. Not enough time outside, too much time stuck together in close quarters. Our house is not small, but with three boys and me all day, usually all in the same room, it gets to be too much. Hence the reason I am hiding in my room right now, and may I say, it is absolutely delightful in here. Cricket is sleeping peacefully on my bed, and somehow I am not hearing any screaming, crying, yelling, or even much talking out there. They are eating, I think. Snacks, that is. I fed them an early supper. Soon they will bath, and shortly after that they will get a story and go to bed. I haven't even had supper yet, but I think I might skip it tonight and have some popcorn later instead. Probably a bad idea, and definitely inspired by the fact that I will be alone here.

Anyway, I suppose I should end this here. It seems like I have been something of a downer for the last several entries. There has not been a ton of comic relief during this last few weeks of battles, so I haven't had much good stuff to post. I don't even have anything exciting to share in the equine department, unfortunately! Maybe I'll post a few pictures of the horses I have looked at some time. We'll see.

Ah! There it is...the screaming. Yep, it is back in full force. Cody is playing Parent, and Jamie is bawling. The bath is running too, so that's good. I will likely be needed to take care of Micah for a while. Tomorrow I will try to post Micah's results from his appointment. I always find it fun to find out what percentiles he is in as far as weight, height and head size go. Well, specifically height and weight. Hm. Those two words look like they should rhyme, but they don't. Deep thoughts.

I must go. Perhaps I will be back tomorrow around the same time. Good evening to all.

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Jo said...

One positive: you get to claim a lot of medical expenses, travel, etc on your income tax...ha ha.
Sorry that's all I could come up with! Tomorrow will be wonderful!