Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring break approaches!

I am sitting in my living room listening to the theme from "Bob the Builder" blasting out of my computer speakers. Woo hoo. At least it is a good song. This arrangement is catchy anyway. Micah is sleeping and the other two are acting kind of bored. They went outside this morning, but they both kept getting hurt and I decided to bring them in for once and for all. We are still reeling from this blasted time change. I can't sleep at night and the boys are all very tired during the day. Okay, so am I. I'm thinking in another two weeks or so I will be better.

This coming week is spring break, so we will get to have some fun family time. I'm looking forward to that. Anyone who knows me knows that every year in spring break I get very excited about the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair. I plan to go at least once, but possibly twice. We want to take the whole family, which makes me a bit nervous. We will have two in diapers to worry about, and one who is scared of public bathrooms. Combine that with a two year old who will miss his afternoon nap and a baby who will be confined all day when all he wants to do is crawl and stand up. Then there's the fun of trying to feed a baby in public. Yes, I mean nursing a baby. Not my idea of a good time, but I think I will make a new nursing cape for the occasion. We'll see how things go. It will be a challenge, but I hope the boys will have fun. We will miss the evening show, which is my favorite part, and that is why I want to go by myself another night. We'll see how things go. I have only missed the fair once since I was a little girl, and that was in 1999 when I went to California with six other girls. Even though we did a ton of fun stuff there that we could never do here I was still slightly sad to have missed the fair. Even when I was overdue with Cody I still spent a whole day at the fair.

Anyway, I hope that will happen and that it will be fun. Jamie just hit his head on the book shelf and then came over giggling. He said, "Funny. Je bonk ze head!" His language is hilarious.

Cody turns four in a week too, so that's cool. We have to arrange a day for a birthday party for him. I can't believe he is going to be four. I always said that four was my favorite age for kids. We'll see whether I still feel that way!

I was hoping to go see a horse in spring break too, but I think we have decided not to look at that one. He is beautiful, and has been taken care of very well. He has good breeding, and is a good price. However, he is only a yearling and we are now leaning towards getting something older. So, I'm probably going to have to avoid meeting him because from the sounds of it, I would probably fall in love with him if I met him. We have two others in mind that will probably suit our family better, but we'll see what happens. Part of me still wonders whether we will ever get one at all. I'm starting to feel like maybe it won't happen after all. I was so excited to go to the fair and see all the horses knowing that I will soon have my own too. I don't know.

Oh great. I'm being beckoned because "something is wrong with the toilet". Fantastic. I hope Jamie didn't stuff something down there. I just heard him say, "Oh man. Flush it? A yucky one?" Sheesh. Something to look forward to. I guess I better go check it out. Hopefully the day won't get too eventful now.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Time Change Backlash

Okay, so I'm a bit behind in here. I had a busy weekend, including a night out with the girls on Saturday. It was my sister's birthday, and we had a fun time. I actually stayed out just past midnight, but then had to go home because I was so tired and was not sure how the 40-45 minute drive would be in terms of staying awake. I left Micah behind, even though my trial run earlier in the week was not a success. Once again, he refused the bottle. Mike fed him 3.5 ounces of milk but had to use a dropper instead of a bottle. I felt bad, but it is not like he starved or anything. I don't know why he doesn't like bottles anymore. He used to take them no problem. He ended up waking up shortly after I got home, around 1 a.m. some time, maybe slightly later, so I fed him and then he went back to sleep. Sadly, I had trouble falling asleep. As a result, I am overtired and somewhat grouchy this week.

For some reason, I am having trouble sleeping at night lately. I don't know if it's because my brain is too busy, or just because my body is rejecting the time change. I hope I adjust soon because I am feeling exhausted all the time, and it is annoying. Right now, I should be cleaning my kitchen, but I just feel like I have to rest for a while. Just under and hour ago I attempted a nap, but as soon as I lay down, Micah woke up and wanted to eat. So much for that. It was my own fault for not thinking of it sooner. Now it is too late because once he goes down again, Jamie will be awake. I would have to be completely out of my mind to sleep while Jamie roams freely in this house.

This morning, Micah cut himself on one of our return air vents. Those things are so darn sharp! What is up with that? This is only a four year old house, so it's not like these are old and gross vents. His finger was bleeding so badly that he got blood all over the carpet as he crawled to me. He then crawled through my clean laundry and to my lap. I didn't notice the cut until I saw blood smeared all over my hand where he had touched me. I squeezed kleenex over it for a long time, but it just wouldn't stop bleeding! I took him to my room and tried to put a band aid on him. That was fun. He dripped blood on my bed sheets, which are now in the laundry, and on his sleeper too. Once the band aid was on, he chewed on it non stop. I was worried that he would get it off and then choke on it. I didn't want to put him down for a nap with no band aid, but I was afraid if I put him down with it on he would choke, as I said, so I didn't know what to do. He made my decision for me when he finally got the darn thing off. His finger had stopped bleeding, so I did put him down for a nap. When I went in to get him up again, (right after I foolishly attempted my own nap), there was blood on the crib rails and a tiny bit on his freshly cleaned crib sheet. I couldn't believe it. It seems to be okay now, but I don't know what to do about those vents. Do we now have to buy all new vents for the whole house?? That would be four to replace on the main floor. I don't know how much they cost, but it seems like a waste to throw away perfectly functional and nice looking vents. All of my boys have done this. Cody used to do it on purpose to make me feel sorry for him if he was mad at me, and then he would smear it all over his wall. Unbelievable.

Tonight will be a tough night because Mike has his course in town, so I'll be on my own. Should be interesting considering my level of fatigue. Last night I went for a brief trek through our bush to check out the area that we are considering fencing. Unfortunately, I went alone, so I don't really know what Mike's opinion will be. I think we're going to have to take out some trees, which makes me sad. It's kind of irrational though, because we have 80 acres of trees. It's not like we don't have any to spare. I just really like trees and hate to cut any down. I wish I could get someone in here with an opinion on how to set things up here. I have so much to think about in terms of horses and expenses that I don't even know whether to get one or not. The other problem is, I want several. Hahaha. I found another one for sale nearby that is very tempting for me. Now there are three that I really want, and two others that tempt me almost as badly. I mean, it's okay if there are several that I like. What is not good is when I feel like I will be really upset if I can't have them. That's how I am beginning to feel about three of them. I will probably be going to see one in spring break, which begins on Saturday. Yay! Well, it's yay for me because Mike is a teacher so he will be home with us. That is great. He will probably be doing some work on finishing our basement, which will go a long way towards restoring my sanity. I need to get rid of more of these toys.

I guess I better stop writing in here. I'm falling asleep as I type, and I have boys to watch and supper to plan. Have I ever mentioned how much I do not like cooking? How about how much I go blank when it comes to planning meals? Yeah. It's pretty pathetic, actually, but oh well. I really better go. I'll try to post a little more often.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Quiet afternoon, preparing for a trip to town.

It is quiet in here right now, except for the irritating electronic sound of the Thomas the Tank Engine theme song repeating over and over again on my ipod. Cody is watching videos on my iPod and as a result he is very quiet and content. The other two are sleeping. I wish I were sleeping. For some reason I feel very sleepy today. Perhaps it is partially due to the lack of sunshine today. It is cloudy and extremely windy, which makes it look quite cold outside. It probably is cold, but I have not been out yet.

As soon as Mike gets home today we will all be heading in to town. We have to go get Cody's glasses fixed again. Nobody bent them in half or popped a lens out this time. He just wore the little gel covers off his nose pads and now they leave major marks on his nose and they hurt him. While we are at it, I will be heading to the Christian book store to (finally) spend my gift certificate that I got for my birthday back in early September. I have a book on hold that I really want. It is called Whirlwind, and is written by Robert Liparulo. It is part of a series that is technically a youth series, but the guy is such a good writer that I am loving them. I have his adult books too and they are very good. He writes suspense. I think he has a new one of those coming out too, but I don't remember when. So, I'm excited about that. I hope to pick up something for my sister too, as it is her birthday on Saturday and a few of us girls are going out together. The question for me is, will Micah let that happen?

Micah took a bottle at about three months, and it was given as an experiment, not out of necessity. I keep a supply of milk in the freezer for him so that I can go out when I need to, or want to, or in case of emergency. He has been the most incredibly easy baby in that way, and the first time we ever offered him a bottle he devoured it happily with barely a second thought. That was even with me in sight. He has had a few chances since then to be left for an evening with Mike and has taken the bottle no problem. Then about a month and a half ago he went on strike and decided not to take the bottle anymore. I went out last night to get my hair done and it was supposed to be the dress rehearsal for Saturday, and wouldn't you know it, he still would not take the bottle. I'm a little bit upset about it, but Mike told me I should go anyway on Saturday and leave Micah behind. So, I guess I will. It is hard not to feel guilty though, leaving him knowing that he likely will refuse to eat.

Hm. I'm going to go do the dishes now and clean the kitchen. Unfortunately, I have a very sore eye right now, and I'm not sure whether I should be worried or not. I hate eye problems, and I have had a ton of them in the last year and a half. I'm not sure what to do now. Do I call and go in for that? Or do I wait to see if it gets better? Now I am feeling extremely stressed and discouraged. Will this never end??? I'm going to go. Maybe I'll have a fun update to give tomorrow.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Daylight Savings rant, and a confession...

Does anyone know how annoying it is when a three (almost four) year old says in a somewhat whiney voice, "Can I watch TV Mama? Can I watch TV? Can I watch TeeeVeee? Mama, can I watch TV?" and it goes on for a good 20 minutes even after I have said no about a thousand times?! I am about to scream or break something. I have now resorted to silence, having told him that this conversation is over and I will not be changing my answer.

Whoever thought it would be a good idea to go along with these time changes was completely out of his mind. I KNOW it was not a mother, and very likely not a woman at all who agreed to implement it. Less than 48 hours into this wonderful time change, my boys are already completely messed up. Okay, maybe not completely. Yesterday was ridiculous with the grumpiness and the attitudes, not to mention the boys still being awake at almost 9:30 p.m. Yep. Ridiculous. Today has been all right, I guess, but Micah is a bit off. I can't complain about him though, because he is sleeping like... well, like a baby. He has been down for about three hours now and if I didn't have a monitor with a motion sensor I would be getting worried. By the time he gets up it is going to be time for his afternoon medicine.

Anyway, now that I've gotten that out, it is time for a confession. A while ago...probably about a month ago, I did a post about boot camp. It was about the 12 week program I was starting that was going to whip me into shape. Well, never mind the fact that my workout partner quit after one day...yes, one day, I have now officially fallen off the wagon too. Okay, that statement is not entirely accurate because it makes it sound like I have just now fallen off, when in fact I saw the tail end of the wagon disappear over the horizon about three weeks ago. So, I did a week and a half of workouts and then had a really busy week. I missed three days of workouts in that week, but on Sunday I started up again. I did one or two more days the next week and then had more busyness that made it very difficult to work out. Then I got discouraged, and as the story goes, I stopped altogether. Anyone who has been through this cycle before knows that once you stop it is very difficult to start again. The truth is, I am so exhausted I can hardly stand the idea of doing a workout. Right now, I am trying very hard to eat well and I'm trying not to be too concerned with the workouts, but I really am upset that I quit so soon. This may be hard to believe, but I am not the type to start something like that and quit. Not the exercise part. For some reason, I have been pretty good in the past about committing to the exercise part, but not as good at sticking with healthy eating. I would have been half way done my 12 weeks by now, but now if I do that program I will have to start all over again. I just don't know if I can. It does not feel like I can.

However, the good news is that one of my pairs of jeans fits now. Well, that is I can get them on and they don't make me nearly faint. I can even sit for long periods of time in them which is an improvement over last week. I got lots of exercise this weekend walking around looking at some more horses and also playing my sister's new Wii game called "Just Dance". It's kind of like DDR, but the movements you have to do are mainly arm movements. You are supposed to move your feet too, but it does not score you on that part. It's pretty hilarious.

Anyway, Micah just finally woke up after about three and a half hours, so I better go get him. He'll be very hungry. I hope I will have positive news soon about the workouts. And as I end this post, let me state for the record that Cody is still saying, "Mom, can I watch TV?" and I have been doing this for at least half an hour. My brain feels like it might explode. I'm going to go now.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

An update on my week.

It has been a long week since my last post. Micah got sick that day with a bad cough and cold. I don't remember whether I mentioned that in here or not. Anyway, he is still quite sick, but I think he is finally on the mend. On Sunday I drove to town and bought a vaporizer for his bedroom, which we have been running non-stop whenever he is napping or down for the night. By Tuesday morning we were still very worried about him because he was so congested in his chest and he was coughing so hard that he was projectile vomiting afterwards. I called my clinic and his doctor just happened to be on walk-in that morning, so I dropped the boys off at their cousins' place and took Micah in. The doctor said he was concerned that Micah was going to get pneumonia so he prescribed antibiotics. Micah has never been on antibiotics as far as I can remember. I really think he has improved but he is still undeniably sick. He cut his first tooth last Thursday and his second one last night. The front bottom two teeth. So, soon his smile will be a more toothy grin instead of a gummy one. He is in a remarkable mood despite his terrible sickness and amazingly, he has also slept very well for the last few nights. I thought I would be up all night with him on Sunday night, but he has been sleeping right through.

Anyway, other than a sick baby, we are all fairly well in this house. My grandma has been very sick though, and even hospitalized, which is highly unusual for her. She is turning 96 this summer and is the most amazing woman. She lives alone and travels for probably 6 months out of every year. She is hardly ever home, even when she is not traveling, so for her to be sick enough to be in the hospital is a shock for us and obviously we have been very concerned. She is out now and staying with my parents and feeling quite well, but they still don't know what is wrong with her so she is going to have to have some further testing done. It has been an upsetting week in that regard. I'm thankful that she is feeling well now, and I am praying that it will remain so.

My favorite horse that I really want also got injured last week, so I'm really sad about that. She is swollen in one of her legs, so that may mean she is never going to be a good riding horse. It is hard to say at this point in time. This weekend my sister and I are going to another place quite close to here to look at some more horses. They breed paints, so it will be fun to see all the different colors. I'm really excited to go. Hopefully we'll have a good time. I even get a thrill out of just being around horses these days because it has been so long. I am having withdrawal symptoms, I guess.

As for my house-mom activities, my week has been both an adventure and a success. Well, not entirely a success. I guess what I mean about that is that yesterday I cleaned the house AND I made a chicken dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy. Okay, so Mike made the gravy, but by then I was busy feeding Micah so I could not finish what I had started. Mike also made the brussels sprouts. But, I also made an apple crisp for dessert. I really felt like "the man". Uh, "the woman". Whatever. So today I made a few more mashed potatoes and creamed them in with the leftover ones. Then I spread them into the bottom of a casserole dish and poured gravy over them. Then I cut up a bunch of leftover chicken and spread it over the top of that and poured the rest of the gravy over it. Then I cubed two buns that were going to go stale and coated them with melted butter and spread them over the top of the casserole. As a bit of a risky move, I sprinkled garlic powder over the bread cubes to make them more like garlic bread once they cook. Now I have a casserole in the fridge just waiting to bake, and it is my own original recipe. For some of you, that may sound very simple, but for me it is a daring endeavor. I'm not sure how the garlic bread top is going to turn out, but what the heck? It is an experiment. That will make two consecutive days that I have made meals for the family for supper. I know, that's pathetic. The truth of the matter is, I really don't like cooking. I will take it a step further and admit that cooking kind of intimidates me. I have no imagination when it comes to food. I also need a plan. If I have no plan at the beginning of the day, I freeze up and don't do anything. See? I am not very good at this domestic thing. But I'm trying. So I am inspired to do my best to keep it as clean in here as humanly possible, and to prepare meals at the same time. Phew.

As for the other aspect of my job here, let me just say that Jamie is getting scarier by the minute. Today I watched as he unlocked our patio door. Sounds harmless, right? Well, it is not. We have no deck as of yet, so if he gets that door open, he can fall and the drop is about six or seven feet. Maybe even eight, I'm not sure. No, I don't think eight. Either way, it is easily enough height to break a bone in the event of a fall. Maybe even the neck. So now I don't know what to do. I can't explain how the door is set up, but beyond the lock that Jamie penetrated today, there is no further way to keep that door safe. I hope he gets past this stage very soon. It's a miracle we have not been to the emergency room with him yet.

So, speaking of Jamie, he is now awake, thanks in part to his big brother barging into his room to see whether he was awake. He probably was already, but I was still not thrilled. I must go now, because when Jamie is up, there is no resting of any kind...physical...mental...I'm getting exhausted already just thinking about the next few hours. Hopefully Mike will get home on time tonight. If he does, I only have to endure another hour and three quarters. Bye for now.

Friday, March 5, 2010

The funny farm.

Friday has arrived, and not a moment too soon. Yesterday's events were so insane that I question the wisdom of posting them. On the other hand, this blog is all about the desperation of a housebound mommy of three very young boys. How much fun would it be if I did not describe the goings-on of day to day life around here?

Yesterday morning began with a power failure. When I looked at Mike's clock I assumed Jamie had unplugged it, but before long I figured out that we had no power. This was frustrating to me on so many levels. For one thing, my baby monitor was not working so I don't know how long Micah had been awake at that point. I was also upset because I was anxious to see whether my mentor had marked my latest assignment, and our internet was not accessible without the power. So, I got up and fed Micah. That is always the first order of business, unless he sleeps late, that is. The other two had been on the loose for a short time, since Mike had left for work.

Please understand that while I am feeding Micah, I have to resign myself to the fact that I am somewhat powerless to deal with the other two, so I tend to go into a voluntary and much welcome state of denial. Sort-of a "I'll deal with it later" kind of mentality. I know, this is not wise in my current circumstances, but sometimes I don't know how else to get my baby fed. If I had a straight jacket for each of them and a padded room, I might be better off, but so far I have nothing of the sort.

So, I finished feeding him and emerged from my room, carrying him. The first thing I noticed were dark brown, roundish-things all over the floor. My first thought was that they were bunny turds, but poor Oreo is living downstairs for the time-being, so I knew that was not it. Next thought...chocolate chips? I kicked one tentatively. It didn't roll like a chocolate chip. I kept walking to Micah's room. Ah. Raisins. Of course. I changed Micah and then carried him down the hall toward the kitchen and living room. Did I say raisins? I meant a whole bag of raisins. At first they were scattered like Hansel and Gretel's trail of bread crumbs in the forest, but soon they were distributed in piles, all over the carpet and also the kitchen floor. The open bag was sitting on the floor as well. I was upset, of course. Not surprised, but definitely upset. After all, raisins cost money and here they all were, mostly inedible.

When I rounded the corner toward the shoe area at the front door my heart nearly stopped. Suddenly the raisins did not seem like a big deal at all. The boys were sitting with a sugar bowl between them, eating white sugar out of it. Okay, that doesn't sound so bad, right? The problem was not that they were going to ruin their teeth or even their appetites. The problem was that they were using extremely sharp, serrated knives to dip in the sugar and they were eating off of them. I shouted some things that I shouldn't have said, but I could not stop myself. I did not spare them the description of the possibility of them cutting off their tongues. Normally I try not to tell them the worst case scenarios in case I traumatize them or give them nightmares. This time I kind of hoped to inspire the same amount of horror at the situation that I was feeling. Maybe then these types of incidents would cease to happen. Of course, Cody assured me that it was Jamie who had acquired the knives. He was right, and I knew it. There was a chair pushed to the counter by the knife blocks, and I felt like screaming. Is nothing sacred in this house??? Okay, I forgot to mention that Cody also had chocolate all over his face. That was from the chocolate chips that he stole out of a very high cupboard and ate in his bed, which was subsequently covered in chocolate smears. Lovely. I chose not to launder the sheets. I thought perhaps I should let him stew in his chocolatey blankets. In a way, I was almost jealous. Okay, maybe not. I would much rather eat chocolate than sleep in it. Either way, it was only about 8:30 in the morning and already I was at the end of my rope.

Jamie was enjoying a game consisting of opening the front door and running outside in his pajamas and bare feet. I know the weather is getting milder, but it is still below zero out there. I then specifically told both boys not to open the door anymore because we had no heat due to the power outage. Immediately Jamie opened the door and shot me a devious grin, then ran outside. I was livid. He is terribly cute, but I cannot describe him as innocent anymore. Not even close, really. He had many lengthy time outs in his crib yesterday and by lunch time I was a bear. Maybe I was a bear as soon as I saw the knives, I don't know. I was so angry I was tempted to toss all of our baking goods out the patio doors because I can't think of a way to stop the boys from invading them. I don't even know what to do about the knife blocks. I really think the only solution is to lock the kitchen chairs in my bedroom at all times except for meal times. Maybe that would help. And the high chair too, I guess. This morning Jamie had moved one into the bathroom while I was feeding Micah and he took two bottles of bubble stuff and emptied both of them on Micah's carpet. I also found a spray bottle of Mr. Clean on the floor. So, yes, I know that makes me a horrible mother. Honestly, I had that stuff so high in the bathroom I really didn't think it would ever be an issue. Obviously it will have to come out of that bathroom altogether. There were only a few drops left in that bottle, thankfully, but it still freaked me out.

Too Much Information Warning: Probably the highlight of my day (sarcasm here) was when I was in the middle of dealing with a gross toddler diaper. My regular readers know I use cloth diapers, so without giving too much detail I will just say I was in the bathroom using the diaper sprayer on this thing over the toilet, with the door closed and locked, when the power went out again. I yelled a very loud and very emphatic, "HEY!!!", thinking that the boys had shut off the light on me. Then I remembered that this bathroom has the switch on the inside of the room. I knew I was in trouble then. How do you spray a poopy diaper off in complete darkness? I was able to reach back and open the door to let in a small amount of light. At that point the choice was between leaving it soaking wet and half done, or trying to finish without the benefit of the light to help me aim everything into the toilet. All right, maybe I gave a little more detail than I should have. Suffice it to say, I continued the spraying, and even though the lights came on before I was finished, the damage was done. Ew. Perhaps one of my grossest cloth diapering moments. I went on muttering for a long time after that about how it is worth it, even though there are gross aspects of it. I still believe that, but those moments are dreaded nonetheless.

So, that was yesterday. Today was equally busy, but not as deadly. I still was ready to go off like an atomic bomb by 10 in the morning, but somehow I held it together. Perhaps that was only because the piano tuner was due to arrive between 10:30 and 11 a.m. He came, and with the patience of a saint he listened to Cody talk for two and a half hours while he tried to tune the piano. And tune it he did. It sounds and feels wonderful once again.

Now the boys are in bed, with the exception of Micah, who is happily playing on the floor in the living room. He cut his very first tooth yesterday. Today he woke up with a yucky cough, and still he is the very sweetest person in this house! He has not slept through the night for three nights now, but I knew there was a tooth on the way. Now there is sickness too, but hopefully it won't get too bad.

I have nothing more to report for now. I hope to consume stovetop popcorn and watch a cozy movie later on. I doubt the movie will happen, but if not, I will be engaging in the world of Super Mario on the Wii. It will probably make me more mad than entertained, but that's all part of the video gaming world if you have my personality type. I'm off for now.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Boys will be boys.

I've made it officially half way through this week. The mornings have been rough because Cody has started coming in our room between 6 and 6:30 a.m. and doing everything he can to irritate us and wake us up. Usually this results in me feeling outraged before I even sit up in the morning and does not make for a positive start to the day. He is good at waking everyone else up too. I have been very tired this week and have been battling migraines, but I am making it through.

Jamie is determined to test my sanity and push me to my very limits. From the moment he gets up in the morning to the moment he is put back in his crib to nap or at bedtime he is on one continual mission to get into everything imaginable. Twice this week I have caught him wearing Cody's ice skates in the house, with no guards on them. Where he found them, I do not know. Fortunately, he was crawling both times so the blades did not get the opportunity to cut the flooring up. I'm sure he will find another chance. He dumps bins of clothing that I have organized in the closets on every possible occasion (which usually amounts to more than once a day) and then finds uses for the bins such as standing on them to reach inside of cupboards that are off limits. He is something like a torpedo, and is for the most part unstoppable. He does this all with a level of skill that is probably unrivaled anywhere, and he manages to maintain such cuteness throughout that it is often hard to keep a straight face...when I'm not pulling my hair out.

Micah has decided that he can't stand to be left behind another minute, so he is also honing his skills. He has spent the last two days crawling up to things and then pulling up into a standing position. Then he finds his balance and lets go. He stands for about one second and then falls over backwards onto his bum, sometimes all the way onto his back. Today he used the laundry rack and pulled it over on top of himself. Oh joy. I was sitting right there, so I caught it before they both hit the ground. He scared himself, but not badly enough to stop his craziness.

Anyway, that's all the time I have today for updates. I am too tired to continue, and Micah is crying now anyway so I must go feed him. I will try to do at least one more post this week if I can. Seems like I'm getting more busy now instead of less. How did that happen?