Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring break approaches!

I am sitting in my living room listening to the theme from "Bob the Builder" blasting out of my computer speakers. Woo hoo. At least it is a good song. This arrangement is catchy anyway. Micah is sleeping and the other two are acting kind of bored. They went outside this morning, but they both kept getting hurt and I decided to bring them in for once and for all. We are still reeling from this blasted time change. I can't sleep at night and the boys are all very tired during the day. Okay, so am I. I'm thinking in another two weeks or so I will be better.

This coming week is spring break, so we will get to have some fun family time. I'm looking forward to that. Anyone who knows me knows that every year in spring break I get very excited about the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair. I plan to go at least once, but possibly twice. We want to take the whole family, which makes me a bit nervous. We will have two in diapers to worry about, and one who is scared of public bathrooms. Combine that with a two year old who will miss his afternoon nap and a baby who will be confined all day when all he wants to do is crawl and stand up. Then there's the fun of trying to feed a baby in public. Yes, I mean nursing a baby. Not my idea of a good time, but I think I will make a new nursing cape for the occasion. We'll see how things go. It will be a challenge, but I hope the boys will have fun. We will miss the evening show, which is my favorite part, and that is why I want to go by myself another night. We'll see how things go. I have only missed the fair once since I was a little girl, and that was in 1999 when I went to California with six other girls. Even though we did a ton of fun stuff there that we could never do here I was still slightly sad to have missed the fair. Even when I was overdue with Cody I still spent a whole day at the fair.

Anyway, I hope that will happen and that it will be fun. Jamie just hit his head on the book shelf and then came over giggling. He said, "Funny. Je bonk ze head!" His language is hilarious.

Cody turns four in a week too, so that's cool. We have to arrange a day for a birthday party for him. I can't believe he is going to be four. I always said that four was my favorite age for kids. We'll see whether I still feel that way!

I was hoping to go see a horse in spring break too, but I think we have decided not to look at that one. He is beautiful, and has been taken care of very well. He has good breeding, and is a good price. However, he is only a yearling and we are now leaning towards getting something older. So, I'm probably going to have to avoid meeting him because from the sounds of it, I would probably fall in love with him if I met him. We have two others in mind that will probably suit our family better, but we'll see what happens. Part of me still wonders whether we will ever get one at all. I'm starting to feel like maybe it won't happen after all. I was so excited to go to the fair and see all the horses knowing that I will soon have my own too. I don't know.

Oh great. I'm being beckoned because "something is wrong with the toilet". Fantastic. I hope Jamie didn't stuff something down there. I just heard him say, "Oh man. Flush it? A yucky one?" Sheesh. Something to look forward to. I guess I better go check it out. Hopefully the day won't get too eventful now.

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