Thursday, March 11, 2010

An update on my week.

It has been a long week since my last post. Micah got sick that day with a bad cough and cold. I don't remember whether I mentioned that in here or not. Anyway, he is still quite sick, but I think he is finally on the mend. On Sunday I drove to town and bought a vaporizer for his bedroom, which we have been running non-stop whenever he is napping or down for the night. By Tuesday morning we were still very worried about him because he was so congested in his chest and he was coughing so hard that he was projectile vomiting afterwards. I called my clinic and his doctor just happened to be on walk-in that morning, so I dropped the boys off at their cousins' place and took Micah in. The doctor said he was concerned that Micah was going to get pneumonia so he prescribed antibiotics. Micah has never been on antibiotics as far as I can remember. I really think he has improved but he is still undeniably sick. He cut his first tooth last Thursday and his second one last night. The front bottom two teeth. So, soon his smile will be a more toothy grin instead of a gummy one. He is in a remarkable mood despite his terrible sickness and amazingly, he has also slept very well for the last few nights. I thought I would be up all night with him on Sunday night, but he has been sleeping right through.

Anyway, other than a sick baby, we are all fairly well in this house. My grandma has been very sick though, and even hospitalized, which is highly unusual for her. She is turning 96 this summer and is the most amazing woman. She lives alone and travels for probably 6 months out of every year. She is hardly ever home, even when she is not traveling, so for her to be sick enough to be in the hospital is a shock for us and obviously we have been very concerned. She is out now and staying with my parents and feeling quite well, but they still don't know what is wrong with her so she is going to have to have some further testing done. It has been an upsetting week in that regard. I'm thankful that she is feeling well now, and I am praying that it will remain so.

My favorite horse that I really want also got injured last week, so I'm really sad about that. She is swollen in one of her legs, so that may mean she is never going to be a good riding horse. It is hard to say at this point in time. This weekend my sister and I are going to another place quite close to here to look at some more horses. They breed paints, so it will be fun to see all the different colors. I'm really excited to go. Hopefully we'll have a good time. I even get a thrill out of just being around horses these days because it has been so long. I am having withdrawal symptoms, I guess.

As for my house-mom activities, my week has been both an adventure and a success. Well, not entirely a success. I guess what I mean about that is that yesterday I cleaned the house AND I made a chicken dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy. Okay, so Mike made the gravy, but by then I was busy feeding Micah so I could not finish what I had started. Mike also made the brussels sprouts. But, I also made an apple crisp for dessert. I really felt like "the man". Uh, "the woman". Whatever. So today I made a few more mashed potatoes and creamed them in with the leftover ones. Then I spread them into the bottom of a casserole dish and poured gravy over them. Then I cut up a bunch of leftover chicken and spread it over the top of that and poured the rest of the gravy over it. Then I cubed two buns that were going to go stale and coated them with melted butter and spread them over the top of the casserole. As a bit of a risky move, I sprinkled garlic powder over the bread cubes to make them more like garlic bread once they cook. Now I have a casserole in the fridge just waiting to bake, and it is my own original recipe. For some of you, that may sound very simple, but for me it is a daring endeavor. I'm not sure how the garlic bread top is going to turn out, but what the heck? It is an experiment. That will make two consecutive days that I have made meals for the family for supper. I know, that's pathetic. The truth of the matter is, I really don't like cooking. I will take it a step further and admit that cooking kind of intimidates me. I have no imagination when it comes to food. I also need a plan. If I have no plan at the beginning of the day, I freeze up and don't do anything. See? I am not very good at this domestic thing. But I'm trying. So I am inspired to do my best to keep it as clean in here as humanly possible, and to prepare meals at the same time. Phew.

As for the other aspect of my job here, let me just say that Jamie is getting scarier by the minute. Today I watched as he unlocked our patio door. Sounds harmless, right? Well, it is not. We have no deck as of yet, so if he gets that door open, he can fall and the drop is about six or seven feet. Maybe even eight, I'm not sure. No, I don't think eight. Either way, it is easily enough height to break a bone in the event of a fall. Maybe even the neck. So now I don't know what to do. I can't explain how the door is set up, but beyond the lock that Jamie penetrated today, there is no further way to keep that door safe. I hope he gets past this stage very soon. It's a miracle we have not been to the emergency room with him yet.

So, speaking of Jamie, he is now awake, thanks in part to his big brother barging into his room to see whether he was awake. He probably was already, but I was still not thrilled. I must go now, because when Jamie is up, there is no resting of any kind...physical...mental...I'm getting exhausted already just thinking about the next few hours. Hopefully Mike will get home on time tonight. If he does, I only have to endure another hour and three quarters. Bye for now.


Rox said...

Hey Cheryl good to hear you and yours are doing a bit better... Just a comment on you patio door... Is it a sliding door? If it is you can put a piece of wood to "jam" the door from sliding open... Hope that helps
;o) Rox

CAT said...

Yes, if only it were a sliding door. Unfortunately, it is a normal door (with a huge window taking up most of it) that swings toward the outside. I had the brilliant notion to put one of those door handles that looks more like a lever on it, instead of a regular knob. I thought it would look cool. That was before Cody was born. I had no idea about childproofing at that time. Now I can't even put a childproof door knob handle on it. Maybe we should just buy a new door knob and replace it for now. I don't know. Maybe we'll crazy glue the door shut. Or, better yet, we could crazy glue Jamie to his crib or something. Hm. I'll have to see if we have any on hand.