Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Back to the grind.

Spring break is over and I am once again on my own full-time with these three boys. All of us are sick with yucky colds, though Micah and I are much improved because we got it first. Jamie is in the thick of it, and Cody is at the beginning, as is Mike. Last night I was alone with them too, and I sat on Cody's bed with him and Jamie reading, "I do dot like greed eggs and hab, I do dot like them Sab I ab!" Thankfully, they both went to sleep almost immediately after I tucked them in, so it was down to Micah and I.

Earlier on, Micah got a new and exciting taste of life. I told Mike, who was preoccupied with his homework, that I was going to leave Micah in the play pen in the living room while I dashed off to the bathroom. I added that it was no longer safe to leave him in the exersaucer because Jamie likes to push Micah's face into the side like a face-plant. Grrr. So, I use the play pen as a safety zone if I ever have to leave the room without anyone else to watch the other two. When I returned, we prepared supper and I went to get Micah so I could feed him some cereal in his high chair. He looked weird. His chin was covered in drool, but it was tinted black. So were his clothes. I panicked slightly and said, "What do you have?!" As I bent over to grab him, I saw a black jelly bean in his fist. A jelly bean! Good grief! So, I quickly confiscated it and moved him to his high chair. Wouldn't you know it, he was still gripping a yellow jelly bean in his other fist. AAHHHH!!!! When I put the first spoonful of rice cereal in his mouth, he made a face and spit it out as if to say, "What is this slop you're feeding me? Bring on the jelly beans!" I asked Jamie if he gave jelly beans to Micah. He said yes, and then gave me a devilish grin. I didn't doubt him for one minute.

Today, I hope to get things in order around here a little bit. I have one load of laundry going at the moment. That, at the very least, will guarantee that by the end of the day I will have accomplished something. I would love to clean my bedroom, but we'll see. I can't take Micah in there because it is not baby safe, so I would have to wait until he is napping in order for that to be possible. The timing may not work today because it looks like once he goes down, the other two will be ready for lunch. Then, after that, Jamie will go down, and by then Micah will probably be ready to get up once again. If he is not, the trick will be mustering up the energy to tackle such a big job. It's a big job because the whole closet (walk-in) needs to be organized, not just the rest of the room. I find the prospect rather overwhelming, but one of these days I will take a deep breath and plunge in.

Over spring break, Mike did a ton of work on our basement. It was already mostly framed, but he did most of the wiring as well, and did a whole bunch of cleaning and organizing. He built shelves on the storage room walls and lined them with many, many boxes and items that were littering the whole basement floor prior to that. He rolled out my parents' old porch carpet in one of the family room areas so the boys can play down there now. When I say it is an old porch carpet, I don't mean one of those deep green, indoor-outdoor carpets. It is a berber rug in pretty good shape. It actually looks quite nice down there, other than the fact that it is more of an area rug because it does not meet any of the walls. It is the perfect size for Cody's Geo Trax though. I'm quite happy with it for the time being. We do not have the money to finish the flooring in our basement this year, and this is the perfect temporary solution.

Anyway, I just put Micah down for a nap and I must get ready to make lunch for the other two. Just as I predicted! Haha. I was on the phone there for a bit while I fed him. Now I better go do something productive.

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