Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beautiful Day.

It's a beautiful day here today and I am enjoying a quiet moment in the house. Micah is sleeping for the moment, though I suspect he will be up soon. Mike and the boys are outside doing some work on the play structure. Mike is also clearing more junk out of the bush. Will the saga never end?? Yikes. Anyone who knows us or read my other blog will remember the continuous cleanup that has been going on around here since we began building our house here. For anyone who does not know, this place was basically a glorified dump site when we bought the land. The previous owner hauled in all kinds of buildings and filled them to the very rooftops with junk. The bush all around here has junk spread throughout. I mean weird things. Check out this baby that we pulled out of the bush yesterday, right behind our house.

Seriously, what do you suppose this contraption is? Mike has a guess, but I'll keep it to myself for now, in case anyone else wants to comment or guess. Anyway, this gives you an idea what I'm talking about. I don't mean there are styrofoam coffee cups here and there. I mean entire vehicles, like the three we got rid of on Friday, or deep freezers, or hot water tanks...and so on. Not just a few small things to clean up. That's why even after four years of living here we are still picking things out and hauling them to the dump. Clearing the bush is especially important now that we are looking to keep a horse here. The last thing we want is to have a horse get injured stepping on some rusty metal thing, or worse, get caught in an old barbed wire or page wire fence. We have plenty of that laying around too. Sigh. Seems like we will never rid ourselves of all the old junk. We have made tremendous progress though, so hopefully it will mostly be gone soon.

The boys are playing outside right now. They have been riding their bikes this morning. Jamie has learned to pedal a tricycle and Cody can now ride his bicycle without training wheels all by himself. A week ago he needed one of us to start him, but now he can do it without help, though he does have some scrapes and bruises as a result.

Yesterday I went riding and today I am sore. Hehe. That's what happens when you ride after an extended break, like say, four years. Hm. Go figure. Andrea gave me a jumping lesson, which was fun, but a lot of work. I can feel it today in my ribcage, my shoulders and a little in my legs, but not bad. Of course my butt is bruised, and so is my stomach and my thighs because I was in a western saddle when we jumped. Probably not the best idea, but that's how it went down. Anyway, it was a fun day for me.

Micah is slightly improved, but I wouldn't say he is back to normal just yet. Hopefully soon. I have to sign off now. I might lay down for a bit. Feeling exhausted for some reason.

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