Monday, April 19, 2010

A Beautiful Monday

As I sit here in my chair with my laptop open, the gentlest of summer winds is blowing through my open living room window. It feels fresh, and just the right temperature. It is soothing and inviting. The sun is shining outside and only the very tops of the trees are swaying. Not a single cloud is visible in the sky. This is beautiful weather. It is very warm, but not hot. Anyone who knows me knows I hate the heat. Spring and fall are where it's at for me. Moderate. That's what I like. Right now I have my diapers hung on a rack on the front deck. I don't know why, but that feels comforting to me. In the house, the sounds of domesticity fill my senses. The dishwasher is sloshing and something in it is complaining a bit. The washing machine is spinning, shaking the floor under me subtly. And Cody is playing nicely, though not terribly quietly, in front of me with his cars. Yes, it feels serene in here for the time being, and I am loving it.

Micah is in bed for a nap. He is not feeling so great because he has not pooped since last Wednesday. Maybe too much information, but he's a baby, so these things are never out of bounds in conversations around here. Poor baby. He is mostly happy, but I'm still somewhat worried. I may have to take him to the doctor in the next day or two.

Jamie is also in bed, and he is doing fine. Cody is grumpy today again, but is doing fairly well at the moment. Not sure what has come over him since Friday, but I hope it passes soon.

As for myself, well, as I said earlier it's a beautiful day and somehow that lifts my spirits, even if I am not out there in it. Somehow I feel lighter, freer than I did last week. It may be because of a book I have been reading over the weekend. It's an interesting book and has changed my thinking in some ways. It may be somewhat controversial, however, so I am not going to mention its title in here. I took what I could from it and tossed the rest, but it was a very profound book. I say "was", but I am not actually finished reading it just yet. Whatever the case, I sense a change in myself that even started about a week ago before I ever got the book. And as Shrek would say, "Change is good".

So, that's it for my post today because I am getting very sleepy and if I do not get off this chair I will fall asleep for sure. In fact, it is tempting to do just that! Bye for now.

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