Tuesday, April 27, 2010


It is cold and foggy this morning and I am tempted to turn on the heat in this house. I won't, though. It's just a matter of principle. Once it has been warm for a month or more I can't justify turning on the heat, even though it is below zero outside and only 18.8 degrees C in my house. The sun is supposed to come out later, and when it does it will warm up the house. For now, it is chilly in here. Cody and Jamie are in the basement and Micah is crawling around in the living room under my watchful eye. The baby gate to the stairs is open, so I have to be extra careful that he does not breech the barricade and escape this room.

What's on the agenda for today? I don't know. I guess what I will probably end up doing is working on my homework in every spare moment that I have. (Oops, he is trying to escape. Crazy baby!) Maybe then I'll be able to stop thinking about horses. I have not found any more that are suitable for me or my family, so I am playing a waiting game, which is hard. Mike is doing a lot of work in the yard to get ready to put up a fence. Here it is almost May and we still have so much work to do. It isn't as though I didn't expect that. I figure we won't be ready for at least another month. Part of me still thinks this is going to blow over and I will never have another horse again. I hope not though.

Wow. The fog is literally billowing through our yard. What a strange day. Micah is nine months old officially today. He has taken to singing. Well, maybe it's talking, but he does it in this very soft, very high pitch. It's really adorable. He also just had his top front teeth poke through his gums, finally. One on Saturday and one yesterday. He is already trying to grind his teeth. Gross. Cody never did that, but Jamie did, and it nearly sent me screaming from the room every time.

I suppose I am just stalling now. I better go change my laundry. Lately I'm kind of blank when I post in here. I'm not sure why. I am hoping to do a few cloth diaper reviews soon, just in case anyone is interested. I think I'm in one of those times where I have a lot on my mind but don't necessarily want to post it for all the world to see. Not that all the world reads this blog, even if I wish they would! Hehe. So, I have been posting in my other blog again.

Oops, he's trying to escape again. I have to go.

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