Monday, April 12, 2010

Dull day today...I suppose that's good.

Monday is here, and with it some gloomy weather. It is not raining today, but it snowed overnight so it is a tad wet out there. It is also a bit chillier and the wind has picked up once again. All in all, it is not a big deal. It just means the boys are not as anxious to be outside, and I don't feel particularly inspired by it myself. It will be this way all week, by the look of things. I guess that means I have an opportunity to get as much done in the house as possible. I have homework due on Thursday too, which I am finding quite challenging at the moment. Mike has a major assignment due at the end of the week - a final exam, actually - so we are going to have to take turns watching the boys so the other can get their work done.

I just put Micah to bed, but he is blabbing in there, so perhaps I misjudged on my timing. I am not going to get him out right now regardless, because the babble sounds happy, not sad. If he's happy in there, he can stay there for the moment. Jamie just woke up, so he is now downstairs with Cody. (Did I mention we now have a safe railing on our staircase? I think I did.) They are a little loud down there, considering Micah is supposed to be sleeping, but oh well. I can't very well mute them when they are playing, can I? They are boys, after all, and playing quietly is not exactly their style. Not usually, anyway. I would love to have a nap right now, but I can't do it. If Cody were the only one awake, I could get away with it, but not with Jamie on the loose.

So, I shall attempt to do some more work on my homework, and if my brain shuts down part way through, I don't know what I'll do. I might force myself to clean some more, but we'll see. I did work all morning, so I have done lots today. I have one more basket of laundry to fold and put away, that just came out of the dryer. Exciting stuff, this housewife business. Truly, I do not have anything earth-shattering to share today.

I'll end with this quote from Cody. He spilled a ton of water in the bathroom this morning. I think it was an ice cream pail full. Anyway, he shouted to me, "I need some help in here!" So I went and checked it out. It was pretty extreme, so I grabbed a bath towel off the rack and handed it to him. I told him to go ahead and clean it up. He started wiping the floor, and grumbled like a teenager the whole time. He talked about how he didn't like it, and he finally said, "This is not my job." Well. I guess he told me, didn't he? I promptly informed him that seeing he was the one who spilled the water, it most definitely was his job. He has not quite grasped that concept yet.

Woo hoo! Other than tremendous noise coming up the staircase, it is quiet in here. Micah seems to have settled, and though the boys are loud downstairs, at least it is somewhat muffled, being on a different floor. Time for me to get at this homework.

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