Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hoping for another good day.

It's Thursday already and so far a quiet day. Micah is still sleeping and the boys are playing in the basement nicely. Micah was up this morning at about 6:30 a.m. to eat, but he went back to sleep relatively well. Now he is out like a light, which makes it easier to get the other two fed and ready for the day.

I am feeling fairly good today in terms of my cold. Yesterday I felt great, other than still having a stuffy nose. I got a lot done, and I'm hoping for the same today, though so far my energy seems to be a bit more depleted than it was yesterday. I must say, having the basement available for the boys to play in has made my week SO much more bearable than normal. The weather is also amazing, so they can go outside too. Yesterday I went out briefly with Cody and helped him ride his bike. He is riding without training wheels now, but he needs help starting up because his bike is a bit too tall for him. Not sure whether that's adjustable or not, but I'll have to ask Mike about it. Anyway, he was pretty excited, and he did well. No real falls yet. He just kind of tips over when he stops, again because the bike is too tall for him.

Oops. Sounds like Micah might be awake. I think I hear him talking in the background. Just before I go, I must mention that I went to town last night. Very unusual for me, but I have been wanting to buy a certain book and also a bedding set. I went in and met my sister, Andrea, and we went to the mall together. Oh, Micah came too. We didn't get there til 8 p.m., so we did not have a whole lot of time. I hit the book store first. My book was not there. Then the quilt store. I did not like the bedding. I did buy some dryer balls though, which I have always wanted to try. For anyone who does not know, they are these funny, rubber, spiky balls that you put in the dryer in place of bounce sheets. They reduce static and act as a fabric softener, and the lady told me they also decrease the time it takes to dry stuff. Well, that all sounds good to me. She said they were good for about two years and then they have to be replaced. I am excited to try them out.

Then my sister told me we were going to get me an outfit so I have something decent to wear in public. She didn't say it that way, those are my words. It is true. My wardrobe is pathetic right now. Maybe even worse than pathetic. We didn't have much time, but we did manage to get me a pair of denim capris and also a nice shirt. So, now I have one nice (decent) thing to wear this summer.

When we were done, Micah was fairly desperately hungry, so I went to Andrea's house with her and I fed Micah there. Then he crawled around and we played a little Super Mario Brothers on the Wii. It was fun. I had a nice evening out. I have had several in the last week due to spring break. Or maybe it just feels like it. I went to the fair in an evening with just Cody last Thursday, on his birthday, and that was fun. Somehow I thought I had gone out more than once, but maybe I'm delusional. I can't recall any other incidents, but I do feel as though I have had a little more freedom recently and I truly do appreciate it. Micah is on cereal now, and that helps.

Anyway, I have two boys on the stairs, which makes me very nervous because I don't have a railing yet. Phew. They are off the stairs now. But I also must check on Micah, in case he is sitting in his crib waiting to be rescued. Nothing else major to report today. Just a quick, cute little Jamie quote. When I got him out of bed this morning my hair was down (it is usually in a ponytail), and it was curly from having slept on it when it was wet. He said, "Oh. Je hair. Je peety." Jamie says "je" a lot. We call him our french boy. "peety" means pretty. I thought it was so sweet. That is a true compliment, when a very young boy says your hair or your shirt or whatever is pretty. They always tell the truth about these things, whether the truth is pleasant or not. Anyway, it was a sweet moment.

And now they are both playing on the stairs again, which is strictly forbidden. I'm off.

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