Sunday, April 11, 2010

A spring birth.

I am currently trying to work on my homework, but it is impossible due to the antics of Mike and Jamie combined. They are reading stories together which involve animal noises that are both loud and as realistic as possible. I can't just take my laptop to my room to work, because technically Mike is the one supposed to be working on his homework. Technically, his homework is more crucial than mine because it is for his Masters degree, and mine is just for me. However, I still have a deadline, and as usual, I am a little stressed about my current lesson.

Yesterday was a decent day despite continued gale force winds. It was not nearly as bad here as it was in Saskatchewan on Friday, but it was still ridiculously windy. I got out of the house twice, which has got to be some kind of recent record. Once I went to the farm to pick up a few supplies for Mike so he could put a proper railing on our outside stairs. Cody came with me, and upon finding out some of his cousins were there too, he opted to stay there for the afternoon without me. Later, we went back that way and got him and went to a barbecue for my sister-in-law's birthday. It was nice. I was disappointed in the windy weather because I had a strong craving to be outside, but I know that will come soon enough. I even got to see a calf being born, though from a significant distance. I am not really a fan of cattle, but I must admit I was oddly moved by the sight of this black cow, off by herself in the distance, laboring with no coach, no assistance, and possibly no idea what was happening. Of course, if she was not a first time mother, she likely knew what to expect. I wonder whether cows have long labors like people. I guess they just wander around until they are ready to push. Anyway, I don't know why, but I found the whole thing very amazing even from that distance and even though I don't really like cows. I think I personified her too much. I put myself in her place and wondered about her emotions. I don't know how emotional cows are. I always thought they were just plain dumb. I guess I will never know.

Okay, enough of that. I had something else to say, but surprise, surprise, I forget what it is. Yep. It's completely gone. After I publish this post, it will all come rushing back and I will kick myself for not remembering on time. I guess I am just overtired, as usual, and I am not functioning at full brain capacity. I am going to sign off now. It's lunch time anyway.

Oh, I was going to mention that yesterday was Oreo's birthday. Oreo is our bunny, for anyone who does not know that. He turned nine yesterday. Nine is old for a bunny. Well, they say rabbits live for 8-15 years, so I guess he is officially over the hill. Earlier this year he went blind in one eye. I feel very sorry for him. I determined to take him out for his birthday, so I dusted off the hold harness and leash and put it on him, intending to take him outside. However, the wind was so strong I wondered whether it would just scare him. Then, Cody and Jamie bombarded him and wanted to hold him, and by the time they were done he was very stressed out. His little body was shaking, and I was worried taking him outside might give him a heart attack. I didn't really want that for him...especially on his birthday. I put him back in his cage, for his own sake. Later I gave him a handful of baby carrots and some timothy hay. He ate the carrots.

I should also mention that Mike did build a temporary, but very strong railing for our basement stairs. Now the boys are allowed to play down there again. Phew. I am relieved about that.

I do have to run now. Time to make some lunch for these boys.

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