Saturday, May 8, 2010

Boys are crazy.

Saturday is here and it feels just like any other day. I am home alone with the boys, though Micah just went down for a nap and the other two are playing nicely in the basement, so I am having a bit of a break now. Micah seems to be out of sorts, and has what appears to be the beginnings of a cold. Jamie does too. It seems like it's hard to avoid getting sick these days. I do not have a cold, but I woke up with a very bizarre ailment. I seem to have injured my jaw in my sleep. It is so sore I can barely chew my food, or even yawn or sneeze, or move my jaw at all. How does this happen? Is it possible that I was grinding my teeth or clenching my jaw so hard in my sleep that I woke up like this? Anyway, I hope it goes away soon. I feel weird.

On the bright side, the sun is shining and the leaves are a brilliant green after all the rain we have had. Even though I am stuck in the house right now, it is sort of inspiring to see the leaves shimmering in the wind and the white clouds floating lazily by. It is not very warm out, but that's okay. I was going to go to a horse sale today, just to observe and check out all the horses, but I forgot about it until about half an hour ago. It started 20 minutes ago, and I don't know how long it goes, so I probably won't be going. Mike is off picking up a mowing attachment for the tractor so he can mow the little bushes out of our pasture area to get prepared for horses. He has to drive the tractor there and back, so it will take a really long time. He has been gone an hour, but I don't expect him back for a while yet. Sadly, this may thwart yet another dump day. That will make two in a row!

Other than that, it is a typical day around here. Jamie hit Micah over the head this morning with a hairbrush. Jamie has also developed an obsession with soya sauce. Multiple times this week he has snuck the bottle out of the fridge and attempted to drink out of it. Last night he took it during supper when both of us were preoccupied and he removed the lid and poured it into his bowl before either of us knew what had happened. Cody alerted us to the situation, but Jamie's food was already drowning in black liquid, like some kind of dreadful soup. There was about an inch of it in his bowl. We had to dump it and start his supper again. I guess he is much like his mother. I have always liked soya sauce. It's the salt. I like anything salty. Or a lot of things, anyway. This morning before I was even out of bed, Jamie came in my room and dropped the salt shaker onto me. It was in a solid lump, as usual, even though I had just washed the shaker and filled it with fresh salt. I can't even tell you how much salt I have dumped in the garbage in the last few months because Jamie has put his mouth all over the shaker and "drank" the salt, thereby desecrating all the remaining salt in the shaker. Ew. Oh well. Cody confessed to me this morning that he ate dirt outside. I asked him why and he said it was because he was a kid, and that's what kids do. I informed him that did not apply to four year olds, but he just grinned at me.

So, that is my Saturday so far, in a nutshell. Gotta run. Diaper laundry calls. Mike is back and is about to leave for the dump run. I can't go because Micah is sleeping. Maybe next time.

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