Monday, May 3, 2010

Containing Micah.

Today has been quiet so far. Jamie is exhausted after three consecutive nights of partying in his crib (and out of it) for two hours past his bed time. I can't blame him. He is excited about this new skill he has developed. Who wouldn't be? He can climb in and out of his crib, and that has opened unimaginable new freedoms for him. Poor Cody. He is not used to having a little torpedo shooting around his room, slamming the door repeatedly and bouncing off the walls while he is trying to sleep. Serves him right. He does the same thing to Jamie in the mornings. Maybe they will finally get on the same sleep cycle so someone isn't always grouchy. For today, Jamie is out of sorts, but he is napping which should take care of the least until he goes back to bed again tonight! Silly boy. The whole thing is annoying, but at the same time we do find it quite funny. I'm so glad my boys are getting along so well, even if they are misbehaving a bit! That's part of what sharing a room is about, and I'm sure it is a big part of having brothers.

I have reinforced my living room barricade in order to keep my other maniac contained. Micah is continually escaping and bolting down the hall on all fours as fast as his wiggly little body will take him. Don't get me wrong. He is my third baby, and I have long since given up the belief that it is not possible to let a baby have free access to a good portion of the house. The problem is, the other two (one in particular) leave things on the floor in every room, and unless I strapped a vacuum to each of them to suck up the dirt and debris behind them as they went, I am hard pressed to keep the floor safe for Micah. Hence, the barricade. Sadly for me, the barricade makes my house look perpetually messy. Okay, right now it IS perpetually messy. The thing is, I have done lots of laundry lately, which is nothing unusual, but I have been using those laundry baskets as part of my barricade. The problem is, without anything in them, they are too light to stop Micah, so when the laundry is clean I leave it in the baskets to weigh them down a bit. As a result, the living room has had three full baskets of laundry in it for over a week. It isn't always the same laundry. I am continually washing new stuff and rotating it, but still, it just doesn't look pretty to have all this laundry sitting around, even though it is folded in there. So, I have finally moved the baskets out (except for the one I currently need to fold) and I flipped the coffee table onto its side to use as a nice, solid fence. It joins up with the play pen and effectively blocks the whole living room from the rest of the house. Even though it looks kind of funny, it actually makes the living room feel cleaner because I was able to get rid of those laundry baskets, oh, and the cardboard box of toys that was also part of the previous barricade.

Anyway, looks like I better go. Cody is up here now, and Micah is still doing his best to eat every tiny fluff, crumb, or anything else he can find on the floor. It doesn't matter how recently I have vacuumed. It's never enough with a baby at this stage! I'm off for now.

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