Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm actually alone...almost.

I am enjoying some much needed time and space at home. Micah is with me, and he is happily hanging out with Cricket by the windowsill, but Mike and the other two boys are at the farm celebrating a birthday for one of my nieces. I spent all of yesterday and some of today on my homework, which I am happy to say I submitted a few hours ago. Phew. The sun is shining and a beautiful wind is blowing and this place feels cheery once again after such a dark and stormy day yesterday.

I suppose it is bittersweet, being here almost alone. Cody desperately wanted me to go along, but I just couldn't do it today, and amazingly I feel quite guilty. However, I simply needed some space and I am beginning to feel relaxed, even though they have been gone nearly two hours already!

Earlier today I decided to dub Jamie "Bug Boy". He has developed an obsession with bugs similar to the one Cody had at the same age. Cody's thing was flies. He loved them. They were funny to him, and they were his pets. He called them "Bees". Anything that buzzed and flew was a bee. For Jamie, they are all butterflies. He brings them in the house, usually squished between his thumb and his index finger, and says, "Butterfly! Je cute butterfly!" at which point he inevitably attempts to bring it to me for show and tell. I'm not especially fond of bugs, and I can tell you the insect in question has never been a butterfly yet. It is often a small moth, which he usually attempts to deposit inside a mixing bowl in the cupboard. Today, he also brought in a very large ladybug, which he dutifully deposited in the bathroom. I found it, alive, and I sent it outside with Cody. Cody later reported that Jamie was toting around a caterpillar, which means either a canker worm or an army worm. Either way, ew. It is a real challenge to keep my house bug-free, though it is not always Jamie's fault. Today I found a mosquito in our cupboard, which I killed, and then another one in the fridge, which I also killed. They were some of the biggest mosquitos I have ever seen. I believe they will thrive this year after the amount of rainfall we've had over the last week or two. I hope it will not get too unbearable.

I walked down our driveway earlier this afternoon and believe it or not, it was covered in snails. I find that very odd, seeing we have no pond or even a ditch with water in it. But there they were. Tiny ones, smaller than my thumb nail. I wondered where they came from, and where they thought they were going. I know snails are just slugs with shells, but all the same I found them quite beautiful with their glistening shells and their tiny heads looking this way and that, as though pondering their dilemma. More than a couple were crushed in the tire tracks from our vehicles. The reason I was out walking was to check out the work Mike did today on our fence. He pounded a lot of posts and only has about half the fence left to do. It won't take him long to put the rest of the posts in, so that's exciting. Our ground is so sandy that even though we were floating in a lake yesterday, today there are only a couple of puddles left, and with the sun and wind it was drying very quickly. I walked around where there was no grass and it was just soft sand. I liked it.

Tonight I will be alone again, but this time with all three boys so it will not be as stress-free. I will probably face some issues with trying to keep them in bed. I am going to have to call Mike now to see whether they're on route, as the boys' bed time is in 15 minutes. I'm off for now.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like a teriffic time to your self. Tonight I suggested that my hubby go to Mac Donald's with a friend of his to have some good guy time. I bathed the boys and they actually went to bed pretty good. I had to rock them though, something I do on rare occasins and it was really quite sweet. But then I had 2 hours to myself and it was really relaxing and refreshing. Sometimes you just need to be alone.