Monday, May 31, 2010

Jamie is busy!

Jamie's capacity to find trouble continually amazes me. This morning he had chocolate all over his face before we even got out of bed. Wouldn't you know it, he had eaten many of the cookies that I baked yesterday when I was home alone. He shared them with Cody, of course. Normally I make sure to put them out of reach before we go to bed at night, but last night I forgot. Oh well.

Not long after that, Mike asked, "Where is the bunny?" Cody asked which bunny he meant and he said, "The bunny who is not in his cage." I said, "Where's Oreo?" Jamie walked over to the broom closet and opened the door in a "Ta-DA" kind of motion and said, "Oreo. Cute!" Poor rabbit. That closet is very small, though there was a stuffed rabbit of Cody's in there to keep him company. Mike removed him and put him back in his cage.

Later I was on the phone with Mike, close to lunch time, and Jamie kept bringing this toy out of the bathroom and drinking out of it. I tried not to freak out as I asked him over and over again where he got the water from. He just kept saying the boat. Finally he confirmed that he got the water from the sink, and sure enough I heard the tap running when he went in there. I just know he's the kind of kid who would drink out of the toilet bowl, or serve toilet water to someone else. Not this time though, thankfully.

Then, when he came to the lunch table and climbed into his chair, I saw that his wrist was covered in white goo. It looked like lotion or cream and when I smelled it, it was quite minty. At first I thought maybe he found my foot cream, which I rarely use (in fact, I don't even know where it is!), but then I realized what it was. Toothpaste. Of course. I ran to my room and sure enough, he had my toothpaste on the bed, a big dent in the middle of the brand new tube. White paste was all over my bed spread, as well as my toothbrush, which was also on the bed. I could tell by the texture of things that it had been used. It was brand new. I had only used it for one day. Jamie's clothes, arms and legs were covered in toothpaste, and my black sweats are too. I wonder whether it will bleach our clothing. My guess? Yes. Very likely.

That was my morning with Jamie. I had my habitual fight with Cody, but then decided not to take any of his obvious bait, and after a while he gave up and has been pretty good ever since. I also stepped in cat barf this morning, which was a nice touch. Did I mention Cody's carpet was very wet beside his bed? When I asked him what it was, (which I did at 3 a.m. when he got me up last night), he said he spit water there. Yep. That's what the boys do in their room at night when we put them to bed. Today I decided nobody gets water at bed time anymore. I can't handle it anymore.

So, now Micah is complaining because he is stuck in the exersaucer. I put him there a short while ago while I put up the living room barricade for him, but he was so happy in there I left him for a while. He is in nothing but a diaper, so he looks naked. It's really cute. He is just dying to play with Cody, so I will let him out now. Jamie will be up any minute, I am certain. I'm tired, but the day is going not too badly. This will be an interesting week as I have an ophthalmologist appointment as follow-up to my eye problems that I had from August to about December. I really don't want to go. I have no one to take Micah, and so far no one for the other boys either. Hopefully I'll remedy that soon. Gotta go.

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Anonymous said...

These stories are AWESOME. We went to Florida this weekend and my son got into one of the bags while we were driving and smeared toothpaste allover his hair and face. Then when I asked him "Why son?" He said mmmm delicious!!!! I love your stories and I think your boys are very cute adn funny.

Love Candy