Friday, May 14, 2010

No naps today...

Oh boy...I am going crazy today. I don't suppose there is any special reason for it. I mean, the boys are the same way they are every single day. It's just that today I am trying to finish up my homework and I don't want to leave it for the evening because this evening I will be taking Cody to T-ball for the first time ever. I'm nervous about it, believe it or not. I know that's kind of pathetic, but I have never done the "soccer mom" thing before, and I don't even know exactly where I am going. Add to that the fact that I have been assigned as a group leader for tonight and I don't know what I am doing. I'm sure it will be fine, and Cody will probably have a blast. I am just nervous, that's all. I'm kind of a recluse, so this is a major step out of my comfort zone.

Let's add fuel to the fire, shall we? I'm not letting Jamie nap today. Oh dear. I hope that does not backfire on me horribly. The basement is off limits because they found and smashed a light fixture which we were saving for our outside lights on the back of the house, and I have not been able to clean it up yet due to baby responsibilities, so I have temporarily locked them out of the basement.

Now, they are outside, which is great, but they are intending to initiate me into one of the rites of boyhood, by the look of things. They are attempting to bring bugs into the house. I know not all mothers are like me, but I can say with honesty that I am really very strongly against bringing bugs into my house. Yesterday Cody brought in a "butterfly", which was in fact a poor moth that he had pinched very tightly by the wings. He brought it in and took it to his room briefly, after being strictly instructed not to let go at any cost. He did take it back outside, but just now I caught Jamie trying (at his brother's urging) to bring in a grasshopper. Mere words cannot describe how much I despise grasshoppers, and though it is irrational, yes, I am scared of them. I stuck my head out the window and called out, "Whatever that is, do not bring it in the house." They showed me the offending grasshopper through the window and I was grateful that I had been able to intercept them.

Now, Micah is crawling toward me full tilt, wailing loudly and exuberantly to let me know he is angry with me for removing the piece of packing tape that I had found in his mouth. He was disassembling a book that I had repaired with packing tape, and then I guess the logical next step to him was to eat it. It gives new meaning to devouring a book. While I do want to foster a passion for books in this house, I took it away from him, and I have since taken a break from this post to change him and attempt to feed him some solids. He was not very interested, so I put him to bed. He did not like it, but he has settled very quickly. He still has a cold and his eyelids are puffy and purplish, so he looks awful. Hopefully the nap will help.

So, enough is enough. Now that I am kid and baby free, I must grab this opportunity to work on my homework! Maybe a miracle will occur and I will finish it before this evening. I hope so! Bye for now.


Jo said...

Give the boys a little "bug house" that can sit under your steps outside. They put their bugs in there and can see them whenever they want and catch and release too!

candy said...

You had no naps, I had a day of no dishes. Do you ever get entirely frusterated with your house that you just feel like it's even pointless to begin cleaning. I have done no dishes yesterday and today, my laundry is overflowing, and I actually walked into the kitchen and threw garbage onto the floor out of frustration. AHHHHH!!!!!! Where do I begin! I think I will try to tackle mount everest in laundry and then I might try to scrape dried mac and cheese off the floor, then a litte mini attack on the dishes and I will possibly feel like it will be not so daunting.

Look forward to hearing from you girl!