Sunday, May 2, 2010

Snow in May and Jamie's great escape.

It is the second of May and outside the snow is pouring down out of the sky as though it were the second of November instead of the beginning of summer. Our boys are begging for Freezies. This morning they left the front door wide open, so it is a balmy 17.5 degrees in our house. Lovely.

Last night was an all out adventure too, as Jamie discovered his proficiency at climbing in and out of his crib, shouting, "Watch this!" and "I did it!" There was much raucous laughter coming from the boys' room, and endless thumping as they stampeded from one side of the room to the other. Occasionally I would see a small pajama-clad body run in a blur across the hall into our room. The merriment continued until nearly 9 p.m. when we finally had to lay down the law. The problem was, neither of us were up to the task prior to that because we were laughing so hard. You have to see Jamie, but the thing is, even when he does something bad or mischievous, he is so stinking funny that it's hard to keep a straight face, let alone look angry. I took one look in their room, saw his body in a vertical position with his head down in the crib and the legs straight up against the rail before he flopped triumphantly back into his bed and then flashed me his famous Jamie grin. Oh boy. I pivoted back around in a 180 and bolted out of there, but not before he saw the smile break out on my face. Mike didn't even make it into the room before he lost it laughing. I just tried to find a picture of the Jamie face that I am referring to, but I discovered that I have not captured that look recently. Time to pull out the camera! I have lots of good smiling pictures, but I'm talking about the kind where he has that look in his eye. Words cannot describe it.

Anyway, I suppose I better sign off for now. Just couldn't resist a post to document the fact that it's snowing right now. I hope it doesn't snow all day. The leaves just turned green this week. Snow looks completely out of place right now. Hopefully it does not accumulate on the ground. There are white patches here and there on the green grass. I do NOT want to have to pull out my winter boots again! That's craziness!

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