Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Work, work, work!

Today is a quiet day so far, but could be a challenging one nonetheless. Mike is off in the big city today for a work-related conference, and he does not know what time he will arrive home. That means I may be on my own with these boys right through bed time, and that is always the biggest challenge. All three of them have colds, and they have had two very late nights in a row so they have been very grouchy.

I started this entry hours ago. Still the day is going well, which is something of a miracle. Mike confirmed in an email that he will not be home until well after the boys are in bed, so I am truly alone. I am having a good day though. I have been quite inspired because I got the kitchen really clean (except for the floors, which need washing), and the living room too, and even the laundry room which was previously quite cluttered. Now I feel much more inspired to clean because I am not overwhelmed. I have done a lot of laundry today, and dishes too, and at lunch time I made a casserole for supper. It's in the oven now, and I just baked cookies with the boys. Even still, the kitchen looks awesome and it makes me feel like I can face the day. Maybe it just feels less chaotic when it looks less chaotic. I know, that's probably pretty obvious, and I guess I knew that, but right now I just feel so good having this part of the house clean. Hehe. I didn't mention anything about the bedrooms, but one thing at a time, right? Micah's room needs an overhaul because I don't have anywhere to keep all of his clothes. I need to go through and purge everything that is too small, which I have to do every month or two. Once I do that I'll be able to put all his clothes away. Yikes. Just feels like I can barely keep up around here. Or I guess more like I can't keep up around here at all. I told Mike on Friday to give me a job description for the day so I could think of this more like an actual job. I asked him if he could choose one thing for me to get done that day, what would it be? He chose getting the kitchen cleaned, so I did. Somehow, it makes me more focused if I have an assignment. Yesterday it was the living room. Today, survival. Hehe. But I've done much more than survive. Here's hoping the next two hours are not too horrible.

Signing off for now as supper will be ready in a few minutes.

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candy said...

Me again. I am comenting on all your posts due to the fact that I have fallen in love with your blog. What a relief it is to have you in my life, a real mom out there that knows the realities of raising kids. An hour ago I had a complete melt down, the tears were actually quite relieving, I feel better now. I just want to be the best mom I can be, and some days I am like, I KNOW I could have reacted more patient. I am too hard on myself. I must really give paience to myself, I am just a girl, not a super human!
Your blog is a breath of resh air!